Promises of Change: From Marxism to Barack Obama

By Lenny Hannah

When politicians are running for office, they often evoke the slogan of change. The most iconic one, till now, was Barack Obama's “change we can believe in”. 

Marxism was a political manifesto that proposed a change in the designs of nations through the change of control of the means of production. People themselves, in their day-to-day life, make a thousand of life-changing promises. 

“Change we can believe in” is a slogan coated with specific nuances
  • Change we can believe in: was he thinking of a change in the American white mentality, who voted in a mulatto labelled as Afro-American?
  • Change we can believe in: with Obama's election, would the United States of America be ready to, together with the Congress and the Senate, make significant changes to the system?
  • 'Change we can believe in' should rather be “the change we can be living in”: with Obama's election white, black, Latinos, Asian, Orientals and Indians could finally live together, upholding thus the realisation of Reverend Martin Luther King's “I have a dream”. 

Marxists knew perfectly well that Marx's and Lenin's Manifesto was a farce

Regardless of how obtuse the proletarian was, he would eventually realise that the exclusive control of the means of production by one entity, that the equal redistribution, the equality in intellectuality and the social formatting (through the replacement of the capitalist domination with the domination of the workers class) were an extrapolation of the Never. Notwithstanding, a petty and vile worker allowed himself to be manipulated and supported by a pernicious Union, composed by hedonists and nihilists who organised a club called Socialist International – a global off-shore that has misappropriated the reactionary bourgeoisie's assets only to satisfy the lifestyle of the Marxist Caciquism's leaders. 

Whomever would dare to contest the Marxist doctrine would be stomped by the proletarian class, whose blind envy contributed to the slaughter of millions of people – the common graves around the world await to be discovered by explorers, in a thousand years. 

Although humans beings have the power of free will, they are not capable of changing their life: 
  • because they are chained to a political system that hampers their life
  • because they are prisoners of their own fears and ghosts
  • because they are slaves of their own intellectual inconsistency 
  • because they are simply adepts of laxness

So, what enables change; what is the reason for this eternal status quo? 

The change announced by the slogan “Change we can believe in” is neither tangible nor convincing. President Obama did not receive the valuable cooperation he needed from both the Senate and the Congress, since members of both houses work and legislate according to the interests of the State that elected them; and thus from 2008 to 2016 it wasn't possible to converge the ideas to serve Federal (national) interest. 

Then, President Obama's Foreign Policy confused the world: during his 2008 campaign, he stated that Jerusalem was indivisible but as soon as he was elected he joined the herd in their usual dysmorphia regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict. He then was too lax when dealing with countries overwhelmed by internal conflicts; and like a good leftist he excessively focused on that hideous dichotomy called Human Rights: he interfered with the Filipino domestic politics and inflicted a posthumous embarrassment upon his mother. He wasn't frontal when dealing with Islamist terrorism (showing us how he completely deviated from his position, in 2009, when he accepted his Nobel Peace prize). And for someone who wishes to be G-d's soldier, he absolutely failed CAR's Christians when they were being slaughtered by a Muslim minority. He wanted to lead from behind, and what was the result of it? Syria belongs to the Russians now, Libya belongs to ISIS and the European Union is becoming a ship overflowing with crazy people.  

The Failure of Marxism

Marxism was a catastrophe, because the Left in its pathetic attempt to control the uncontrollable (to be able to relish itself in the political lust) dedicated itself to corruption (i.e. acceptance of dirty Muslim money) and to the plunder of the wealthy citizens' assets. Today, we are before a failed pretentious multiculturalism because our politicians were bought out by Muslim Arabs, and when the Left obliterated the Christian religion in our schools, they allowed Muhammad's soldiers to permeate the West - now subjected to Muslim customs and to the subsequent Islamisation of vast areas of its territory. 

Another swindle by the Left were the so-called Human Rights, whose invention facilitated the use and abuse of western laws in favour of Muslims. Western citizens, subjected to constant brainwashing sessions, were forced to gag their lifestyle – since any protest against Islamic terrorism equals racism. Marxism helped to cement the idea that religion is the people's opium, and guess what: now you don't even find a priest in places of worship; instead you get to see these individuals in robes, and other fakes, masked as priests - more red than the Socialist International rose - raping kids, and gravitating around universities to indoctrinate the youth on behalf of the Global Left. 


Unfortunately, people do not change because change is frightening, it is painful, it is combative and besides demanding a lot of acrobatics it also demands a lot of  reflection. How do you tell “reason” that she is wrong? Can a being dare to contradict a hysterical majority, to say that the course of events is rigged, when the system is drunk with idealistic promises, fabricated by insidious people on behalf of reason? How can we bring about change if fear is a dissuasive element – not in the sense of prudence, but in the art of limiting the will of the being?

But...for example, politicians are people subjected to the same vulnerabilities as everyone else, so they must know that nothing will change and despite it all they choose to deliberately lie to voters, only to grab power and, based on a false premise, aspirate taxpayers' money to fill the Socialist International coffers. 

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  1. Obama was the biggest scam in US history.

    1. Yes, Anonymous, we have all heard that one before. But it would be great if you could explain us how President Obama was the biggest scam in US history?

  2. But we did get "change" and I really do "believe in" the reality of the change that has been accomplished. For example, we now have the "War on Cops", where the police are the bad guys that the government wants us to shoot, and the hooligans that run around robbing, beating up people and raping are the good guys who are being encouraged by the same government to be fruitful and multiply. So isn't this "change we can believe in"?

    1. Looney, I'd say that stark reality is "change we never thought we'd believe in".

  3. Hi Lenny,

    Well, President Obama did not live up to the expectations, certainly; but he did bring about some change: Donald Trump. If Barack Obama hadn't been elected, America would've never elected a person like Mr Trump. If Obama hadn't gone overboard with his PC and his ambiguity, Pres.-elect Trump would have never received any support from the American voters (I mean, just look at how his campaign was mostly conducted). So, if we have an anti-PC president in the US, today, we have to thank Barack Obama for it.



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