President-Elect Trump: the Long Announced Victory

Donald Trump is 45th President of the United States of America. Dissecting Society wishes him all the best in his tenure and may he fulfil most of his promises with wisdom.

Most of the world seemed to have been shocked by Mr Trump's victory. I can't possibly understand why when the signs were all there to indicate his win:

  • There's indication that Hillary Clinton used a private server to transmit classified information to Heaven's know whom (inclusively, her maid would print out secret content for Mrs Clinton perusal).
  • There's indication Mrs Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin, would access that same classified material from a laptop she shared with her husband, Anthony Weiner. 
  • Hillary Clinton suffers from poor physical and political health.
  • Hillary Clinton has yet to explain her role in the Benghazi affair – did anyone really think the American people would forget about that one? Donald Trump didn't even have to mention it often during the debates.
  • The Clinton Foundation uses a fair amount of its donations to fund its own expenses and the family's lifestyle (including Miss Chelsea's wedding, as Wikileaked). 
  • The Pay-to-Play Plan was bound to raise eyebrows near the electorate. 
  • The revealed promiscuity between Hillary Clinton's campaign and CNN; and the plot to knock Bernie Sanders out of the race raised even more eyebrows.
  • The strategy chosen to go after Donald Trump was so poor that any intellectually honest person knew the lady was not fit to serve in the Oval Office (i.e. instead of focusing on the issues, she decided to treat Donald Trump the same way Bill Crosby was handled). Deflection indicates there's something being buried, which raises even more eyebrows.
  • Hillary and Bill Clinton's close monetary relationship with the Saudis and the Qataris (two countries suspected of funding Global Jihad).
  • Hillary Clinton's obsolete political rhetoric and shtick. 

The fact that some prominent people, and the media, were more than willing to elect a candidate with these credentials is worrisome; but what is more alarming is the amount of fear people have of stepping out of their comfort zone.

It has been the norm, in international relations, to protect the status quo with all one's might (since in human minds the unknown can bring instability, which causes fear, which in turn generates conflicts); however, keeping an eternal status quo often yields similar results to those of long periods of peace: enervation and decadence. As Poggio suggested 'a love of peace is sometimes a threat to liberty'.
If freedom and self-governance are to be upheld against the encroachments of tyranny, it may sometimes be necessary to fight for liberty instead of insisting on peace at any price. - Gisela Bock and Quentin Skinner (in Machiavelli and Republicanism)

Having said this, in order to keep the “peace”, the Status Quo, the world would've preferred to have a blatantly corrupt woman in power just to make them feel comfortable and proceed with “business as usual”. The result would've been: enervation, degeneration and destruction.

The American people showed a tremendous amount of courage in reclaiming control of their country. Those who for years refused to vote, went out and voted for the first time – Donald Trump inspired those citizens to fulfil their civic duty, why? Because they understood his message; his simple worded message – regardless of how outrageous it may have sounded. The American people told the world they are tired of the Status Quo (that only benefits a small group of people – who vainly call themselves “elite”); they are angry at the establishment that doesn't serve their interests at all; and they have had enough of the same old empty promises.

The rest of the world should take heed. The engine is just getting warm.

Donald Trump's victory exposed the following:

  • Whites are not a minority yet. They were simply silent. 
  • Women don't fall for the feminist nonsense any longer.
  • Black and Latino voters no longer accept to be manipulated by Democrats.
  • College people are no longer an assured vote for DNC.
  • Mainstream Media is a pernicious machine that believes to hold more power than it truly does. They no longer influence the actions of the masses. 
  • Pollsters have been discredited. 
  • The International Socialist Organisation's fall has began. 

Yes, a businessman won the most coveted of positions in the world. Now, we will wait and see which campaign promises will be fulfilled and which ones won't. We will hold him accountable for every single viable broken promise – we will not be as lenient as we were with President Obama because we are in a different phase of the reconstruction of the World Order.

We congratulate Ms Kellyanne Conway for a brilliant campaign strategy: we noticed that, in the first presidential debate, Mr Trump used the same tactic as President Obama's (in his first debate with Mitt Romney):
"Pretend to be weak, that [your opponent] may grow arrogant"
"Force [the enemy] to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots" - Sun Tzu (in The Art of War)

Wisdom works all the time.

A message to the young people who protested against a democratically elected candidate: you are pathetic. Get knowledge. Get a bloody life.  

(Image: Donald Trump and Mike Pence - Google Images)

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. God bless the United States of America! And I'm mighty glad Donald Trump is our new president cuz he will make America great again, I have no doubts about that, no sir. It will be beautiful!

  2. What I like the most about Trump's election? 1- Hillary Clinton lost, 2- the leftists are wetting their pants! That woman could never be president, ever and I'm glad the American voters saw right through her. It's a shame though that the so called artists were all pushing to have a damn corrupt politician, the ones they criticize, as president just because she was a woman! Well, well, well ideology above all decent things, right? Shame on them!

  3. Quite how the new POTUS will evolve is yet to be seen, but I have enjoyed the show so far and wait with bated breath for his actual actions.

  4. I'm curious to see President Trump operating but, like Rummuser, I enjoyed the whole show. It was one hell of a campaign and one that will possibly remain on the books for centuries to come. It's quite a case study. 2017 is set to be a most interesting year. Brexit, Trump, leftist meltdown and a possible Italexit: do we need to say more?

  5. Certainly Trump's victory is to be savored for a few seconds. But I expect the Left to pick itself up and double down on all of its previous tactics. So little time. And so much evil that must be done ...

    1. 'So little time. And so much evil that must be done ...'

      Hehehehe that's the leftist mindset for sure.


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