Comment: The International Socialist Organisation

By Lenny Hannah

The International Socialist Organisation (ISO) is a group skilled in deceit; an organisation that creates agents led by incessant rhetoric. When critiqued, the agents of ISO trigger their web and a thousand explanations are born juxtaposed by stunning justifications: ISO is the mother of the essencial sheep mentality.

The Left is composed by brilliant yet absurd, astute yet imbecile, daring yet frivolous people. Due to its ideology, the Left is proficient in the satisfaction of a small group's ideals in detriment of the collective; the Left advocates humiliation and public execution of the dissidents' honour; the Left is shameless for it makes statements that are almost humanitarian; the Left is false because it is insidious, it is nefarious because all the biggest barbarities committed against mankind were carried out by the Left.

The International Socialist Organisation's motto is “C'est du n'importe quoi”: the observant Catholic members of this organisation are encouraged to say they are so in public, and to reject profligacy. I recently read that the Power is held by the Catholic Left, whatever that means; and how do they do it? By taking over power. The Leftists do not have to work hard to get there; all they have to do is lose elections and then forge alliances with the most meaningless yet thirsty for power parties, in their respective parliaments. This was the trick used in Portugal and so:

  1. The whole country just learned that 500,000 pensioners will be subjugated to misery.
  2. The nation is watching in stupor the politicians' ability to lie without a cause, assume a political position, and spit on his family name for nothing. 
  3. Look at Minister Centeno's (the Portuguese Finance Minister) ignominy “My budget may be bad, but yours [the previous government's – Ed.] was worse” that is “I'm dumb but you were first”.
  4. And finally we understand the extent of the mathematical ignorance of the ministers of finance and economy; and that of their respective secretaries and office. 

When I was a student, my Math teachers used to say that mathematics was an exact and universal science because the solution to a particular problem was the same both in Mozambique and in the Metropolis; or the same both in Africa and in Asia. So, why do the numbers of the Portuguese budget do not add up when different people, from different countries, analyse it? I wonder if it is implicit that, in the popular vote, the manipulation of numbers is licit every now and then. If, by voting for Political Parties, the members of parliament were chosen by the people, then what is the problem of sharing the whole information that first generated this data discrepancy? Even if, for ideological opportunity reasons, one wishes to temporarily evoke the electorate, what will happen to the country and to the people, later on, if they are not able to untie the knot that was intentionally inserted into the accounts? Who will be held liable for concocting such a plan of disloyalty against Portugal?

It's true that the Left is proficient in lack of transparency, but it is also true that the Right Wing allows them to operate freely because there's always someone making rivers of money from the Left's stupidity. 

The little women from the Leftist Bloc (BE – Bloco de Esquerda in Portuguese) may want to screw the “rich” and derivatives; but the People knows one thing or two, and they are quite entertained with the little chicks who clearly know nothing of how the Money World really works. I love watching the idiotic MPs – from the compulsive aggressive, to the theatrical misses, and to the rehearsed sweet-deep voices (i.e. MP Mariana Mortágua). I have fun with the postures of absolute surprise before Mortágua's chutzpah; I'm enchanted by the paso-doble carried out by António Costa who is in power just to be able to say that once upon a time he was Prime-Minister of Portugal, because in truth no MP – both in the right and in the left aisle of the parliament – holds any power or makes any decision: they are simply there to survive at the expense of taxpayers (not at the expense of the Little Guy, because that one is exempted from direct fiscal contributions).

This is how the hemicycle of St Bento (the official address of the Portuguese PM) entertains itself:

  • One gives an idea, and another rises against it
  • The fat man threatens and the hysterical woman yells “kill!”
  • The premier insults the leader of the opposition, who smirks
  • The minister of finance is in denial and Maria Luís Albuquerque (Portugal's previous minister of finance) throws some jabs at him to wake him up
  • The foreign affairs minister got kicked in the rear by Iraq, yet he's still mulling whether he should have Paulo Portas' courage (when Mr Portas, serving as the minister of defence over a decade ago, stood against Spain's Aznar and France's Chirac when they tried to send a leaking oil-tanker to pollute Portugal's coast) 
  • The Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, regarding his incompetence and deliriums, made us laugh with his ridiculous explanations (ref: half the government either has stocks in, or is in the payroll of, companies that are now in dispute with the Internal Revenue – talking about conflict of interest)
  • The socialist Mayor of Lisbon is involved in a scandal because of an aide (who received funds from former PM Socrates' friend [Carlos Silva] to laud the government of PM Socrates, back  in 2005-2010, in his blog)
  • The international socialist organisation must be thrilled with this government who told the military top brass to take a hike, when it appointed a guy to serve in some office against the recommendation of the military corps. 

Dear readers, António Costa does not have any power: he is a puppet who allowed a bunch of disloyal people, who are just after having fun, to govern Portugal.
It's time for ordinary citizens to wake up to the fact that there is a war going on against our way of life. It's not about special interests, racism, homophobia, islamophobia, or whatever phobia they can dream up. That is just smoke and mirrors. The fact is socialism has declared war on democracy and our western values and beliefs, and we need to fight back now or our children will lose everything that we hold dear  - Jonathan W. Penn

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  1. Lenny,

    The ISO tries to protect its own: for instance, until recently Portugal was on the brink of collapse because of the government's suicidal policies, but now Brussels has given the ok to a dubbious budget (in the name of political stability). There are indications there's no money in national coffers, but who cares? Socialism must prevail at all costs.

    I feel sorry for PM Costa. Put him and Justin Trudeau together (since both of them travel and take pics more than actually ruling) and you have a fine show of puppetry.

    Jonathan said it all and his words complement yours to a tee: war has been declared.


  2. Hahahaha a clear declaration of war against the left.

  3. I will need to take a deep breath the next time I hear a call for ISO 9001 compliance. Another area where I will need some help is in figuring out in what aspect Ghengis Khan and Tamerlane were similar to modern leftists, beyond the killing. It seems to me that their public declarations of what they intended to do were in line with what they did, whereas true leftists must engage in the basest of behavior while simultaneously wrapping themselves in the most sanctimonious, holier-than-thou attitudes that mankind is capable of.


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