Another Islamist Group on the Verge of Splitting?

By Scott Morgan

Earlier this summer we heard that the Nigerian Islamist Terror Group Boko Haram might be on the verge of splitting into competing factions. This raised concern in Abuja due to the fact that competing factions would not only target those who don’t adhere to their rhetoric in the Population or the Government but each other.

Now there are reports that this scenario may be playing out as well in another part of West Africa. This time the Country in question happens to be Mali. This country has suffered from a Military Collapse that resulted in the overthrow of a corrupt Government before an election, intervention by France and several West African neighbors that sought to prevent the anarchy that was occurring from spreading further into the region before electing a new Government.

Ansar Dine has sought to exert its influence with more than 60 attacks against Civilians, UN Peacekeepers and the Malian Military being attributed to them being carried out in Northern Mali since May of this year. That is an astounding feat that shows how they have been able to permeate society in Northern Mali for their goals. In fact, within recent days the group recently attacked a UN compound and damaged three helicopters without inflicting any casualties among the peacekeepers.

What would cause a division between the commanders of Ansar Dine? Believe it or not it’s regarding whether or not reports of one leader entering discussions about whether or not to agree to a cease-fire. A Prominent Malian Cleric announced he was in possession of a letter from the group stating that it was declaring a Cease-Fire. The same group released a statement expressing utmost surprise that these statements would be attributed to the cleric. The statement also said that "God Willing" the Jihad will continue.

Malian Security Forces noticed that the date on the document was September 27th and the group has carried out several attacks since then. So does the cleric have an agenda of his own currently in the works? It has been more than a month since the letter was released, so why release it now? Ramadan and the Eid Holidays have passed already.

The Actions of the Malian Security Forces and the Peacekeepers in trying to assess the accuracy of the letter actually gives them a short period of breathing space. They have a short window to rest, reequip and plan new attacks against their opponents as they seek to spread their influence further South in Mali which happens to be their goal…..

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  1. Another jihadist group splitting? Bad news.

    1. Why is that bad news? It would seem to me that a divided enemy is better than a unified one, and a cease-fire is no where near an end to the war.

    2. Looney, it may be bad news because when we look at it from a Gremlin perspective: one Islamist group is like a mogwai who then spawns other small, destructive, evil monsters after getting wet and being fed. That's what happened with AQ's alleged fall: it spawned other small, destructive, evil Jihadist groups that spread around the world.


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