The Best Political Things: German Banks Crisis, Media and Idol Worshipping

Most may not realise it but the political arena right now is one of the most interesting sources of entertainment ever. As I write this piece there are three best things going on that captured our attention:
  1. German Banks are in deep trouble and may need a bailout
  2. The mainstream Media is fighting hard to place the “right” people in power
  3. The Sheep mentality and Idol Worshipping is the new thing in politics. 
But before we start, I'd like to offer my condolences to the family of Shimon Peres and to Israel: a fighter has finished his pilgrimage on earth and has now returned home. Peace upon the soul of a great Jewish man. I didn't always agree with his political positions, however I recognise there was a humane spark in him. Z"L

German Banks and a prospective Bailout

Two German banks, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, are in deep financial troubles and if they fall: the Eurozone may fall with them. Therefore, experts are saying that they need a bailout from the German government. There's a problem however, as Alex Brummer explains: European Union's rules prevent states from subsidising private companies. Moreover, even if Chancellor Merkel would decide to go ahead anyway and bailout any of the banks, she would have to ask permission to the European Central Bank (ECB), which is ironic when Germany did everything it could to prevent the ECB from bailing out Greek banks and Southern European countries.

Germany was so adamant about the strictness of Euro rules that when Cyprus' banking system had a crisis, a bailout was out of the question; and the wealthiest depositors saw “up to 10 per cent of their money seized and used to rebuild the capital of the banks”. In other words: the rich paid the middle class bill.

I wonder if Germany will now do the same: will the wealthiest have to see 10% of their deposits being taken away to rebuild the capital of Deutsche Bank? Will this become a trend in Europe? I bet that just the thought of it makes the Euro-leftists have huge orgasms.

But then Germany’s banking predicament is surely proof that the one-size-fits-all Eurozone doesn’t work – Alex Brummer

The European Union risks collapse. Its policies do not work. We had already suggested a reformation of the project – i.e. going back to the initial spirit of the European Community – but we were all ignored. As Lenny Hannah, one of our contributors, said “The EU focused too much on Human Rights, instead of focusing on job creation” well, Human Rights do not pay the bills – unless you're the likes of Cherie Blair and Amal Clooney, of course; but they do not represent the majority of tax payers anyway.

So what does the future hold for the Eurozone? I continue to suggest that the EU finds a way for Member-States to have autonomy over their Euro currency (i.e. interest rates, monetary policy etc); particularly now that Brexit showed us the advantages of having a national currency – e.g. Britain was able to stabilise its financial system precisely because it was not bound by the Eurozone, so it had more space of monetary manoeuvre – or face the demise of the Euro all together (as countries may prefer to go back to their former currencies).

Mainstream Media & Power Allocation

I feel sorry for the conglomerate of leftists who are convinced they control public opinion. This conglomerate believes to hold so much power that not only they shape the hearts and minds of their audience/readers, but they also induce them to vote for the candidate of their choice, regardless of her/his criminal and corrupt history.

This may have been true in the past. But now, in great part thanks to the social media, the electorate's decision is no longer subject to what they hear or read on the news. The Power thirsty conglomerate just did not keep up with the times – voters are more informed, they think for themselves nowadays and no longer get hypnotised by whatever trashy, bias, out-of-context crap the media throw at them.

Mainstream Media is such in a bad state that, after the first US Presidential Debate, they all repeated the same “analysis”. They all defended that the democrat who deflected more than addressed policy, that the democrat candidate who had a terrible body language (with the grins, the fake humour, the little woman posture etc), had won over the perceived wacko candidate. The truth of the matter is that the Republican candidate won where it mattered the most to the US electorate: the economy, jobs and racial issues. Period.

Since when one-analysis-fits-all became so trendy? Since when intellectual laziness became so fashionable?

“People are sheep. TV is the shepherd.” - Jess C. Scott

Political Sheep Mentality & Idol Worshipping

Upon the demise of former President Shimon Peres, someone called Erez Sasha was quoted as having said “there's less hope for the future of peace now” - loss is not excuse to say such a ridiculous thing. Shimon Peres was around till he was 93, there was no peace in spite of his best efforts; and now that he died there's less hope, why? Sheer nonsense. President Obama also spoke of Mr Peres' work of peace, President Clinton spoke of peace and dreams – both referring to the Oslo Accords that brought more war and bloodshed; and others repeated more or less the same platitudes. But whom are these people mourning: Shimon Peres, the Jewish man who fought for his people; or Shimon Peres, the man who subjected an entire people to their Oslo illusion? The latter, I suppose; so, right now Mr Peres is the world's idol [G-d Forbid].

Two weeks ago, the idol of the moment was Barack Obama. After he spoke at the UN, people cherry-picked the parts of his speech they liked the most and quoted him from New York all the way to Spain. It was very common to hear any left-leaning politician attacking capitalism and then saying “even Obama said so” (even though he said nothing of the sort). The Portuguese President went as far as saying that “even Obama acknowledged the importance of Portugal regarding the refugees issue” - so if Obama said so, does it mean it's a good idea; does it mean it's mandatory to follow?

“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” - George S. Patton Jr.

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  1. Max, secretly I wait for the EU to fall, I'm honest. It's not working and soon the politicians will say it too. The media is run by a hand full of people with special interests and ideology that want to control the world without being elected! But they are not brainwashing me anymore, no. Idol worshippers, well yes, it's true we all have them, no point lying about this. My condolences to Shimon Peres' relatives, he was a good man.

    1. Hi Pietr :D!

      I would be content if they'd simply proceed with the reformation of the EU (i.e. going back to the initial economic integration project). EU's fall will affect thousands of people's life, as they will lose their jobs; but perhaps that's what needs to happen in order for people to open their eyes? Let's see.

      I agree with you on the media issue.

      Pietr, thank you so much for your comment, my friend :D.


  2. Brexit will change EU in ways that we cannot now completely foresee. Germany and France will have to find new ways to survive the aftermath. The left or what is left of it deserves our sympathy. A spent force in its last throes. And I think that while Peres may not have seen his dream come true, in our lifetime we just may. And, no, it is not mandatory.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      I confess I'm extremely excited about Brexit. It was the best thing that could've happened to Britain (the economy is booming, exports are increasing, people trust the government again, the housing market is going well too etc). The EU could've avoided the hassle if they had listened to the Wise People.

      Will we have a Frexit soon? Le Front National is already talking about it and working to bring it about...

      "A spent force in its last throes"

      Amen, my friend!

      "And I think that while Peres may not have seen his dream come true, in our lifetime we just may."

      It depends on which dream we are talking about: the one expressed in public or the private one? :)

      Rummy, thank you so much for your comment, my friend :D.



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