US-Israel Defence Aid Package: Political Blackmail or Strategy to Buy Time?

The United States will provide Israel with $38 billion over the next 10 years, officials said on Tuesday, the "largest military aid package the U.S. has ever pledged to another country,"  - Israel Hayom
What is the political price tag of this military aid package? We already know its military price:

Under the agreement, Israel's ability to funnel some of the funds to local military industries would be gradually phased out over a five-year period, eventually requiring all of the funds to be spent on American military industries. Israel's preference for spending some of the funds domestically had been a major sticking point in the deal.
The new agreement apparently also eliminates Israel's ability to spend a fraction of the funds on fuel for its military. - idem
I am not sure Israel should continue to seek signing this sort of agreement with the United States of America. Instead, the government of the Jewish State should seek the ability to fund its own military programmes in order to avoid political blackmail, like the one we have been witnessing since the 1970's.

The US State Department feels more emboldened now after writing this 38 billion-dollar check:

  • Israel will find it more difficult to proceed with any annexation plan for Samaria and Judea
  • America will continue to repeat the same worn out mantra “settlements are illegal under International Law (even though they're not) and they get in the way of the peace process (even though that's not really the issue)”
  • America continues to have Israel by its balls – pardon my French
  • Israel just put another set of shackles around its left foot
  • America guaranteed that Israel will behave properly for the next 10 years, giving itself time to think of how to proceed next (in case there's a major change in the ME in the next decade)
  • Israel deludes itself into thinking that this aid package “sends a strong deterrence message to our enemies”...Iran has already received $33 Billion in cash from the US, this year alone.

Government aid packages are not for free. They do not come cheap either. Therefore, Israel keeps putting its political independence on the line – unless, it is doing so to buy time.

The United States have been watching Israel's meeting with Russian President, with the Chinese President; Israel's rapprochement to African countries, to Saudi Arabia and Egypt; a high profile invitation from Australia (i.e. for the first time ever an Israeli PM is visiting the country in an official capacity, next year) – in other words, Israel's profile is increasing. In a way, this goes against Henry Kissinger's 1975 doctrine regarding the Jewish State – therefore, America may have asked Bibi Netanyahu to offer assurances that Israel is not thinking about distancing itself from its “best friend” and work against its interests when seeking to expand its influence around the world. The answer? A military aid package.

The 10-year time frame is important. The Rabbis have announced that the Mashiach is already here – though it has not been detailed whether this means the mother is already pregnant or if he has already been born. It is said that after the baby is born there will be a 7-year period of conflicts that would result in a deep change of the world order. This would mean that America is already guaranteeing its place in the world order to come. However, there's an interesting detail to take into consideration: when the Mashiach is revealed, will America continue to be able to keep Israel under control? The world's indulgence regarding the ex-nihilo Palestinian issue have already shown us that Pacta Non Sunt Semper Servanda. In due time, the rectification process will begin.


Even though I'm not too keen on any aid packages that American may grant to Israel – since I know what comes with it – I'm not panicking either, because I know that nothing will stand in the way of what will happen.

The American Jewish pro-Israel lobbyists are looking at this agreement as a sign of the continued good relations between Israel and the US. The American Jewish anti-Israel lobbyists are looking at this agreement as a sign that the State Department will continue to keep Israel under a tight leash. I look at all of it and see strategy. I also see a huge opportunity for change we can believe in.

(Image: F-35 Fighter Jet - Yissachar Ruas)

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  1. I'm pro-America but Israel has to take heed of these agreements. The price of this aid pack is the demand to get back to the negotiations table!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      I agree. Especially now that Russia is in the race too.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. You said it all: Pacta Non Sunt Servanda, especially when the co-signatories try to hamper the national interest of sovereign states.

    1. Hi Cristina :D!

      That is also true, but it's up to sovereign countries to decide whether to follow or not the advice of their "mates", right? Let's see how Israel will behave when the US puts the first roadblock in their way.

      Cristina, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  3. It's rather interesting that the world order is the main concern of the leaders addressing the UNGA so far. You speak of the Messianic age but if true then I wonder if these leaders know about it for them to worry so much about this topic?

    1. Hi Bernie :D!

      You ask a very good question. Rumour has it that they know about it and, therefore, worry about how things will be in the future. There's a cloud of uncertainty hovering over their heads and you know countries do not deal well with uncertainty.

      Bernie, thank you so much for your comments :D.


  4. I doubt that in my lifetime a permanent and lasting peace settlement will be seen in the vicinity of Israel and in our borders here. I however think that there is every likelihood that you, in your lifetime will see that emerge. And that will happen despite the pro and anti lobbies in all the countries involved.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Are you planning to disincarnate any time soon, my friend? I agree, however, that we might only see a definite solution to the problem in a decade or two. It will take a fair amount of time and money, that's for sure. The Indian case is more complex though because of Pakistan, but I think there's a solution to that as well (maybe India will one day hire us lol lol).

      "And that will happen despite the pro and anti lobbies in all the countries involved."

      Hear, hear!

      Rummy, thank you so much for your comment :D.



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