The Communist Party and the Portuguese Homeland Security: Impending Danger?

The Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) seems to either be integrating dangerous elements in its ranks or drawing dangerous supporters. Last week, the PCP organised their annual event (Avante Party) and during their leader's speech, it was evident that a party member/supporter was wearing the Hamas Scarf around his neck. Is the PCP aiding and abetting Terror and is it jeopardising Portugal's Homeland Security?

Communist Keywords

  • Imperialism (i.e. US, European Union, Israel – leaving out China and Arab League)
  • Colonialism
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Capitalism
  • Oppressed vs Oppressor
  • 1% vs 99% (i.e. concocted stats to produce social drama and divisiveness)
  • Government Aggression (i.e. Fiscal Discipline)
  • Gender Equality (when equality is a fallacy)
  • Wealth redistribution (i.e. take from the high middle class to give to the “poor”)
  • Fight Poverty (even though their proposed policies foster misery)
  • Fight Racism (even though Left Wing parties are the most racist parties on earth by promoting the arrested development of minorities)

The Communist Party is composed by ignorant people (regardless of their age), lost in their own ideological fantasies, who repeat outdated clichés against the capitalists, the neo-liberals (in the true sense of the meaning, not the American one), the banking system (from which they benefit), against the government (even though the PCP is now in some sort of national unity agreement with the present administration) and against anything that doesn't agree with their warped view of the world. Ignorant people, some of whom can hardly write their arterial language, have no intellectual instruments to understand they are being manipulated, that the party has no interest whatsoever in defending their interests, that no solutions are ever offered, that they are being fed populist and instantaneous nonsense and that they are victims of DoubleThinkers and Newspeakers.

The PCP and the Palestinian Cause

Communist Newspeakers have a predilection for the Palestinian Cause because they are under the illusion that the Palestinians are victims of the usual buzzwords: occupation (even though this is not true, according to the International Law), apartheid (another lie) and oppression (indeed, Palestinians are being oppressed by Hamas and Fatah).

As we have demonstrated, the Palestinian Cause is intimately related to the Global Jihad effort. Therefore, supporting this fake cause (since the so-called Palestinian identity was concocted in 1964 as a political weapon to wage a war of attrition) is tantamount to supporting Global Terrorism.

PCP is a Liability to the Portuguese Homeland Security

As you can see in the picture below, PCP welcomes Hamas elements/supporters. We will excuse ourselves from building a racial profile of the circled individual but if you examine closely the scarf he's wearing around his neck, it is easy to identify its representation.

PCP Leader addressing Avante Party, Hamas element/sympathiser (circled)

When a political party welcomes terrorist organisations, it is basically helping them to settle down in its country, and to build the necessary nodes that will eventually expand their network. Portugal has had diplomatic relations with the Palestinian Authority/PLO for a long time, however, given the present security conjuncture and having been informed that the PLO/PA has not only put its network at ISIS/AQ's disposal but also activated cells in Europe, Portugal should assume that it may be targeted any time soon.

ISIS has already issued threats against the Portuguese Republic and Spain, having for that effect placed ads to hire Portuguese and Spanish translators in order to initiate the process of recruitment in Portugal and deepen that process in Spain.

Osama Bin Laden always said that one of Global Jihad's objective was to reconquer Al-Andalus and ISIS reiterated that same goal (as further evidence that no matter how many names and different groups they come up with, all Islamist groups work towards the same end). Thus, it is not understandable, nor acceptable, that the Portuguese Communist Party is bent on ignoring the present security context and jeopardises Portugal's Homeland Security with absolute impunity.

ISIS Expansionist Objectives by 2020
What is the Portuguese Security Establishment doing exactly? It is time to put Left Wing parties in their place (and there are ways of doing this without violating basic legal principles) lest a terrorist attack is carried out in Portuguese soil, prepared within Portugal - a country that thus far has managed to stay safe. Yes, the leftists will invoke the memories of PIDE/DGS (the Portuguese Second Republic's Secret Police) but the safety of civilians is above any political squabble.

Important Note: ISIS is targeting the Catholic Church (symbol of Rome, as a way to speed up the coming of the Mahdi). A French Priest was decapitated inside a church; an Indonesian Priest was stabbed inside a church; and a car was found in front of the Notre Dame Cathedral packed with gas cylinders. Next year, it will be the 100th anniversary of the Apparition of the Lady of Fátima: this is a very high profile event and, therefore, attacking it would be equivalent to putting a dagger in the Catholic Church's aorta (being the Vatican its heart). Big terror attacks are always preceded by small ones to test the time of response, the population's resilience levels and to recruit more local operatives. 

We must not ignore the signs.

[The views expressed in this publication are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Dissecting Society]


  1. Uh-oh it seems Portugal is navigating in dangerous waters.

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      I'm inclined to agree with you.
      Thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. Julius Caesar sai of Lusitania, a people who won't govern, nor allow governance.

    1. Hello John :D!

      Welcome to DS!

      Well, did they change after Rome had Viriato killed by his own friends? Today, the Lusitanos allow governance, only the wrong kind. And now they may be in danger.

      John, thank you so much for your comment and I hope to see more of you here :D.


  3. Left wingers view Islamic groups like friends cuz the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Christians and Jews are hated by leftists so ushering in our society Islamist terrorists is like using them as foot soldiers to change everything, the status quo. Communists, socialists are evil and will kill us all!

    1. Hi Pietr :D!

      Ah, I see what you mean. So they want to use these people to change the world order and then what will they do with, and to, then after they get what they want?

      Pietr, thank you so much for your comment, man :D.


  4. Are we going to see a terror attack in Portugal soon?

    1. Hi Jake :D!

      I would say that yes, we will. The signs are there, unfortunately.
      Mate, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  5. Max, one interesting detail: after the Festa do Avante - more or less two days later - a Portuguese police officer was stabbed by a man wielding an axe and a knife in Barreiro, in broad daylight. The authorities covered it up by giving a very poor explanation - to any analyst's standards - but it's obvious what happened there, isn't it? This should raise several red flags and I'm now curious to see how Portugal will proceed from now on.
    One piece of good news though: the Commando training will not be suspended. And I commend President Marcelo for it.

    1. Hi Cristina :D!

      I remember that "incident" and yes, the explanation was very very poor. You know my opinion on this matter and as I imply in this piece, Portugal will soon suffer a couple of security setbacks.
      I'm glad the President did the right thing. Suspending the elite unit's training would send a dangerous message to the enemy.

      Cristina, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  6. This is some serious shit! Hamas is already in Portugal? And what is SIS doing? Sharing!

    1. Raquel, Hi! :D

      Yep. I believe SIS is monitoring the situation closely. Thanks, for sharing and thank you for your comment :D. It's good to see you back.



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