Sheikh Al-Thani's UNGA Speech: Threats to Israel and Confessions

Sheikh Tamim Bia Haÿad Al-Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, delivered a very interesting speech before the UNGA, this year, as he admitted what we have all suspected a long time ago: Qatar sponsors two major conflicts preventing peace in the Middle East today. Why doesn't Qatar want Peace in the region? From his whole speech, what caught our attention the most was Sheikh Tamim's Foreign Policy Confessions:

Confession # 1 – the Palestinian Struggle will continue

A considerable part of the Emir's speech was dedicated to the Palestinian issue. Tamim Al-Thani threatened the Jewish State with continued support for a dying struggle and for diplomatic efforts near the UN Security Council. Meanwhile, he expressed his despair at the signs of rapprochement between Israel and some Arab States.

The Emir chose to play autistic and demanded the UN Security Council to establish a Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital. In simpler words: while the rest of the world recalled for both parties to resume negotiations and reach a mutually agreed solution; Qatar went against the tide by declaring the negotiations a waste of time and demanding one more nicely wrapped Arab State offered by the Security Council - who “bears a special responsibility to impose international legitimacy” over a suicidal plan.

The whole section, dedicated to the ex-nihilo Palestinian issue, bears tones of threats:
What could Israel do with the millions of Palestinians living on their own land and are increasing in number and resourcefulness? So, the options are narrowing...
Translation: we will do everything to ensure that Arab countries will not accept to take the Arabs in Palestine back, that they will not integrate the “Palestinian refugees” in their societies; Qatar will pay them wages for them to reproduce more than Jews and we will sponsor every intifada for the rest of Israel's existence till the Jews get tired. We have money for it. 

And the options are narrowing, Emir Tamim said. Indeed, they are narrowing to the hostile Arab States. Moreover, is Qatar's position a concerted one with the present Saudi's national interests? This apparent Qatari dissonance can only mean one thing and one thing alone: they want to distract the world from what they are doing right now. And that could be:

  • Qatar is procuring nuclear weapons
  • Qatar is proceeding with their terror sponsorship
  • Qatar is funding the destabilisation of African countries
  • Qatar is trying fill the vacuum left by Saudi Arabia in the funding of Mosques and cultural centres in the West
  • Qatar is re-activating Hamas and funding a new war against Israel
  • Qatar is defying the GCC

Note: Qatar did not condemn the “Palestinian” incitement against Jews, it did not urge them to make concessions to establish a viable State, it did not tell them they have to compromise in order to reach peace. Why? Because Salafi Qatar shares with Abbas the same anti-Semitic Islamic view of Jews (i.e. they “descend from apes and pigs”) and shares the same plans with Haniyeh (the whole of Israel is Palestine). 

Confession #2 – We will continue the struggle in Syria

Emir Tamim tried to portray himself, and his state, as the only “loyal friend” that is truly concerned with the Syrian people. He even criticised the United States of America, in particular President Obama, when he said “Red lines were set for the regime who has violated them, yet those who demarcated those lines have not felt provoked to raise a finger.”

The Emir made a point of lingering on the Darayya city issue, recalling the world the massacre that took place there; not to arouse our sympathy, not that doing so would make the world act quicker; nay...he did it because one of the rebel Salafist groups that lost the city to the Assad regime was sponsored by Qatar: Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union (al-ittihad al-islami li-ajnad al-sham). This loss is stuck in Emir Tamim's throat.

You can tell throughout the Syrian section that Skeikh Tamim wants to kick Bashar al-Assad, that kafir (in his opinion), out of power badly. Therefore, he went to great lengths to portray the Syrian President as the evil root of all the Syrian problems, as if Qatar and other Islamic nations had taken no part in the present violent chaos. Just like Hamas, Emir Tamim had to stress Al-Assad is the aggressor in order to justify his illicit foreign policy measures (i.e. aggression) in Syria – after all, he is a good and pious Muslim.
Syrian crisis, and in the aftermath of the destruction of the majority of Syrian cities by the regime. As a result the numbers of refugees have doubled, and seeking refuge has become trans-continental.

Interesting how the Emir spoke of the Syrian refugees but did not offer to take any of them in his country.


Knowing what we know about Qatar (a Salafi nation) we cannot take its Emir seriously, when he stands before the whole world and speaks of Human Rights, of Counter Terrorism efforts, and achieving Peace for the “Palestinians”. The threats in his speech, and the reality on the ground, annuls much of the apparent good intentions read out loud before the United Nations General Assembly.

Empty words that veil deception.

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  1. Screw them. Who cares about Qatar? They flash out their money, but they're loosers and terrorists.


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