Turkey: The Flow of Arms Through Nigeria

By Scott Morgan

One of the most underreported stories of 2014 was this item: Elements within the Turkish Government chartered an aircraft laden with weapons, flew it to Nigeria and reportedly armed Boko Haram.

At the time of this release (which was coupled with a YouTube video that documented a conversation between an Official of Turkish Airways and a close ally of President Erdogan), the following was made available by the President: this was a vile fake put together by his political enemies. At that time, Turkey was in the midst of a Presidential Campaign.

But after recent events in Turkey, should this story be looked into again? We all know of the failed putsch by the Turkish Military that failed last month.It has become clear that the MIT (the Turkish National Intelligence Service) has gone out of their way to support ISIS affiliated groups in Syria and Libya. African business outlets actually reported that the Erdogan Government is holding a Nigerian Bank responsible for financing the failed event. So should this information have a new review by Western Intelligence Services? Or in another twist, does the recent resurgence of Islamist Activity in Mali and other places have a new patron in Ankara?

Boko Haram, which has morphed into the West African Province of the Islamic State, has to this date remained elusive (from not only the Nigerian Military but also from other forces from around the Lake Chad Basin and even some Western Special Forces). But are they the only entity creating problems in the region? Another question can be: is the Nigerian Military taking this problem seriously? Its neighbors seem to be more willing to take on these militants than Nigeria currently is.

We need to turn back the clock to 2010 when an Iranian Vessel was detained in Port Harcourt. That vessel was laden with Mortars and Rocket Launchers and were identified in the Manifests as farm equipment. The Iranian Foreign Minister had to travel to Nigeria to gain the release of the ship and its crew to resolve this diplomatic row.

One thing appears to be certain at this juncture: regardless of where the Arms originated from it appears that Nigeria is being used for a twofold purpose. One as a transit point to arm other Terrorist Groups in West Africa and the second point is to destabilize the Nigerian State itself. The timing of both of these incidents during the Jonathan Administration suggest that there could be a Anti-Christian Focus in these shipments.

Another focus is geography. Nigeria does sit at the eastern end of the  Gulf of Guinea. The region has been known for years as a transit point for Human Trafficking, the narcotics trade, arms trafficking and other nefarious crimes. Therefore instability in Nigeria will be good for certain business opportunities. It also presents a golden opportunity for one actor seeking to draw forces from an outside actor into either a proxy war or set up a base to conduct regional opportunities to create mayhem.

Adding the MIT as a potential partner to the IRGC should worry Intel Specialists and CT Specialists not just in Africa but also in Paris and Washington. Turkey tries to pass itself off as a partner in the War on Terror. We know how the IRGC and other Iranian Elements operate in the Middle East. Watching them exploit Africa in different operations is chilling. But the fear of their possibly working together in other areas Should raise alarm bells in various Capitals.

(Image: AK 47 - Wikipedia)

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  1. Hi Morgan,

    "Elements within the Turkish Government chartered an aircraft laden with weapons, flew it to Nigeria and reportedly armed Boko Haram."

    How did this information pass undected two years ago? This is a vital piece information and I'm "surprised" that the EU, probably knowing this, made a deal with Turkey to stop the flow of a situation created by the Turkish. Shameful.

    I also read reports that Boko Haram is sending trained operatives (men, women and children), through Libya, to Europe among the "refugees" to eventually perpetrate attacks on Euro soil. http://dailym.ai/2aJarDz

    So, it would be interesting to know what repercussions Erdogan will suffer from the world, especially from the US.

    Good job, Morgan.



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