Terror in Europe: the PLO Activated Cells & Contributes to Global Jihad

President Abbas was allowed to activate cells in Europe and the European Parliament applauded him. The EU Parliament has the blood of innocent people in its hands: the Nice lorry attack (July 14), the axe and knife attack in Germany (July 19), the French knife attack (July 19), Munich shooting attack (July 22), German machete attack (July 24), Suicide bomb attack (July 24), Knife attack in a Catholic Church, in Normandy (July 26). Until the political class officially recognises the link between the Palestinian cause and Global Jihad, Europe unfortunately will continue to see a string of terrorist attacks.

The European Dilemma

Europe (and the Obama administration to some extent) is facing a true dilemma: to drop or not to drop entirely the Palestinian issue.

Ever since the Palestinian cause was created to serve as a weapon against the Israelis, the Western world also adopted the Arab Plan (concocted by Egypt) to keep the Jewish State in check, in order to prevent the Jews from becoming a regional, and eventually a world, Power. So far so good, it's sheer politics. However, the West not only misinterpreted the mission statement of the Palestinian secular movements but also underestimated the importance of the Islamic identity and their expansionist ambitions. What starts in the Middle East never ends in the Middle East: history has shown us that over and over again.

Europe (and the US) supported the Two State Problem Solution, as a  political weapon against Israel, having thus invested huge amounts of money to “bring the plan into fruition” under the form of diplomatic recognition of a ex-nihilo state, of smearing campaigns against Israelis, terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, incitement attacks against Jews, occupation of disputed land (the European Union even funds illegal Arab housing in Judea and Samaria), and the successive wars of attrition against the Jewish State. Meanwhile, the PLO (the “sole representative of the Palestinian People” as per President Abbas' mantra) was allowed to build and cement strong networks throughout the world, mainly in Europe and Latin America. Those networks are now being very helpful in the Global Jihad efforts.

So, now it would be a great embarrassment for Europeans and Americans to come out and reject the solution for the “Middle East Peace” without admitting their initial mistake. Doing so would imply an apology to all the victims of the Black September (i.e. the PLO), of Fatah and Hamas and everything in between. Thus, who will have the courage to admit to this mistake and correct it before more European and American lives are scythed by Islamic Terror? We thought Barack Obama would be that man, but he resoundingly failed.

President Abbas Activated Cells in Europe

On the 23rd of June, the head of the ex-nihilo Palestinian State delivered a speech before the European Parliament. His words were a copy-paste of his 2014 and 2015 UNGA statements and of statements made ever since the “third intifada” started in October 2015. Didn't Europeans find it odd? Didn't European Security agencies find it strange that Mahmoud Abbas repeated the same beat up speech as if there had been no political changes around the world? He didn't discuss how the Brexit would affect UK-Palestine relations, he didn't address his role in the incitement against Jews, he didn't address ISIS, he didn't talk about how the Iranian deal was repositioning Middle East players and how it affected the Palestinian issue, nothing...instead, he repeated the same fallacies: the so-called grievances that are part of the Global Jihad Notebook, so much evoked by Bin Laden when he wanted to recruit elements for Al-Qaeda. This is basic knowledge.

So, what was President Abbas doing at the EU Parliament? He was activating cells. And he succeeded as the July attacks have shown us:
  • Nice lorry attack: Palestinian signature (recall the Car Intifada that started last October against Israeli civilians). Mohamed Bouhlel (Tunisian) had no apparent links to ISIS (even though Daesh claimed the attack). Suffered from Psychological issues. Reported Motive: Islamic extremism. 
  • Wurzburg (Germany) axe and knife attack: Palestinian signature (recall the brutal axe attack on a security guard in Israel). Muhammed Ryad (Afghan) seems to have been an ISIS terrorist. Reported Motive: western airstrikes against ISIS. 
  • Garde-Colombe (France) knife attack: Palestinian signature (recall the Knife Intifada that also started last October against Israeli civilians). Mohamed Boufarkouch (Moroccan) has no apparent links to ISIS. Suffers from Psychological issues. Reported Motive: religious (didn't like the way the female victims were dressed). 
  • Munich (Germany) shooting attack: Palestinian signature (recall the June 2016 shooting attack in Tel Aviv in a restaurant). Ali Soboly (Iranian-German) opened fire against young people and families in a restaurant and Mall. Suffered from Psychological issues. Initially thought he acted alone, but now there's a suspected accomplice (an Afghan friend). No apparent links to Islamic violent groups. Reported Motive: N/A. 
  • Reutlingen (Germany) machete attack: Palestinian signature (recall the October 2015 car and machete attack at bus stop in Israel). A 21-year old Syrian refugee attacked a Polish pregnant woman with a machete in broad day-light. Suffers from Psychological issues. No apparent links to Islamic violent extremism. Reported Motive: "crime of passion". 
  • Ansbach (Germany) suicide bomber: common Global Jihad MO. Mohamed Daleel (Syrian), 27 years old, blew himself up near a music festival. Suffered from Psychological issues. Pledged allegiance to ISIS. Reported Motive: Islamic extremism. 
  • Normandy (France) knife attack: ISIS signature. Adel Kermiche (French of Algerian descent) and Abdel Malik P. (French) slit the throat of a priest and knifed a nun. Kermiche was said to be psychologically frail. Not many details at the time this piece was produced. Reported Motive: western airstrikes against ISIS. 


Can these attacks be all an unfortunate coincidence? No. And just because many of the perpetrators show no clear links to ISIS, it doesn't mean they didn't/don't work with other Islamic terror groups who contribute to the Global Jihad effort.

Can't President Abbas just be getting old and thus just repeat the same conversation? No. The fact that president Abbas came to Europe to repeat keywords and then this string of attacks started cannot be ignored. There are no coincidences.

What should we do then? We should investigate all PLO elements in Europe, trace their activities, verify their true involvement in terrorist attacks perpetrated in Europe, America and the rest of the world; ask ourselves how much support does the PLO network provide to Global Jihad; and then review their status.

How many more innocent European lives need to be sacrificed in the name of the Palestinian/Islamist Cause? Is ideology, or even special interests, truly worth it?

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  1. It didn't even cross my mind that Abbas could be activating cells. Perhaps cause I and much of the world really have been brainwashed into believing Abbas and his cronies are victims, but they are not. Good points and I will think about this and see what can be done. Cheers, Max and welcome back!

    1. Hi Bernard :D!

      It's natural for, after all, the victimisation of the so-called Palestinian people has turned into an industry over the years. Something must be done, indeed.

      Bernard, thank you so much for your warm welcome and for your comment :D.


  2. Not surprised but when will the Euros get it?

  3. Obama never the intention of solving the Palestinian problem and he has no intention of solving the Muslim problem either! So he and his buddies will continue to ignore the truth and kill us all in the process. And make no mistake, Hillary Clinton won't be any different!!

    1. Hi Anon :D!

      Pres. Obama never had the intention to solve the Palestinian problem or the whole issue was way beyond his pay-grade? There's a difference. I do agree, though, that Mrs Clinton won't solve any problem either.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. This post is so desperate! Now that Black Lives Matter joined us in denouncing the Apartheid State the Zionists want to attack the PLO! Such a stretch. I expected more from you, Max!

    1. Why are you here, troll? I'm black and I reject BLM cause they don't care for the lives of Black people, ha they only care about making noise and riots! So who cares about what they say? Not this black woman.

    2. Hi Celia :D!

      Is it desperate now? So why did you even bother to comment, dear?
      Black Lives Matter!? LOL LOL LOL you support that racist group? Who's desperate now?

      Celia, thank you so much for your...words :D.


  5. The PLO should be investigated and kicked out from most countries but are politicians listening? I don't believe they are that dumb, but I do believe they want these terror groups around for some reason! When you guys manage to convince governments of this obvious fact, the PLO is as good as dead! Welcome back, Max. :-)

    1. Hi Leila :D!

      Oh, you trust we'll be able to convince Govs? You are too generous *bowing*. Thank you for your faith in our abilities :)

      Leila, thanks for your welcome and for your comment :D.



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