You are NOT Pro-Palestine, You Are Just Anti-Israel

Many people claim to be Pro-Palestine but they are not: they are simply Anti-Israel. In this piece, I will show that among those who claim to be Pro-Palestine, most do not think the whole subject through and in fact they harm the Arabs in Palestine more than they actually help.

Assumption:  the Arabs in Palestine did not stem from Egypt and other Arab nations. They truly have a Palestinian Identity (i.e. not fabricated in May 1964) and they are entitled to territorial claims.

Fact: The Palestinian leadership does not intend to build a state; instead they drag their cause in order to continue receiving funds from international donors. If any of you is finding it hard to believe, please take a minute to read this piece by Khaled Abu Toameh. Therefore, when the international community insists on the establishment of a Palestinian State they are in truth getting in the way of their plans and thus they sabotage any chance of success lest they actually have to invest the funds in the human development of the Palestinian People.

A Proper Friend Critiques

To be Pro-Palestine is to truly care about the common Palestinian People and the so-called Pro-Palestine camp doesn't care about them at all. They only care about bashing Israel.

These people know what Hamas and Fatah do is wrong. They know they are terrorists, they know they incite against Jews, Christians and Hindus; they know they are racist, they know they are homophobic, they know they exploit women and children, they know they violate the human rights of their own people. Yet, they bash Israel: a State that defends itself from terrorist attacks, that has rules against incitement, against discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation and religion; that defends the human rights of all, a state where gays are free; a state where women and children are of paramount importance and protected.

Palestinian Terrorist groups violate the international humanitarian law by, among other things, using civilians as human shields and caching weapons in civilian objects. But accusing Israel of war crimes is much better (even though this country has set the bar higher when it comes to abiding to the rules of military conflict).

What did sticking the head in the sand actually do for the Palestinian People? Nothing.

If the so-called friends of Palestine would have the decency to criticise Palestinians where criticism is due (instead of solely turning them into eternal professional victims in order to justify their aggression, negligence and idleness) they would've exerted pressure on their leadership to put the human development of their people first, in order to show they can build a viable state.

The Suicidal Plan

Moreover, a divided country can never be strong. If a state is not strong, it can be easily reconquered next time it starts a military conflict. History has shown it time and time again. Therefore, it makes no strategic sense (other than to seek the destruction of the Jewish State) to establish a divided Palestinian State in both Gaza and Samaria & Judea.

The so-called friends of Palestine are, once again, showing us all they do not care at all about the common Palestinian citizen welfare when they obsess with their hatred for Israel instead of thinking of the true consequences of what they demand. They show they don't want peace and, therefore, they may be being used as Foreign Policy instruments by certain countries – because I want to refuse to believe they can be that stupid.

The Pro-Palestine Camp = Opportunism

The Pro-Palestine Camp is just like the Palestinian leadership itself: a bunch of opportunists. They are all in the cause for the money, for political gain, to express their frustrations, their hatred, their bitterness, their spiritual void. And what is sad is that they are willing to use Anti-Semitism to achieve their opportunistic goals.

The Pro-Palestine Camp hate Peace, otherwise they would actually work to achieve it. As members of the Professional Humanitarians Camp, they call for peace and love while calling for the death of Jews, they call Israelis terrorists but they defend terrorist groups and leadership, they call for the end of the Jewish Occupation of Jewish Land but support the Arab Occupation of Jewish Land and so forth.

These people are a bunch of nonsensical opportunists and what is worst: Politicians follow them.

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  1. The so called pro Palestine camp doesn't give a damn about Palestinians. All they care about is bashing Israel, it gives them the rush. They are all anti-Semitic pricks, it's that simple. But the worst are the Jews who help the anti-Israel camp, why?

  2. Obviously the world wants Israel to be destroyed and that's why they insist on this stupid two-state solution plan! If the Arabs want a state so much then take Gaza and leave us the fuck alone. I'm done with these so called pro-Palestinians losers who pretend to love them so much when they don't, they hate Arabs but hates us Jews even more.

  3. The so-called pro-palestinians are clueless people. They don't know what they are doing and that's why I ask God to forgive them cause they don't know what they are doing! Still they do a lot of evil in their ignorance but we will always be here to fight them!!!


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