President Obama: Duplicitous or Presumptuous?

By Lenny Hannah

When he ran to be the Democrat Party's nominee to the US Presidential elections, we learned that Mr Barack Obama had two college degrees, that he had been a college professor, that he was a voracious reader, a natural born communicator, well spoken with a sharp sense of humour, that he possessed an unmatchable cold mind, that he had been a Senator for the State of Illinois and a community organiser. But as far as I'm concerned, what I admired most about the man was his brilliancy and the fact he thought before answering a question – such characteristic, made me infer that not only was the POTUS intelligent but also an intellectual.

For several reasons, the world cheered when Senator Barack Obama became the President, and of course in his country, land of the movies and the imaginary, the young president was deemed a Messiah: American megalomania.

I know that in the US, black people's endogenous insecurity and fear made them practically spiritually immature, so they think that everything that happens to them – good or bad – is something extraordinary in a sense that it's inherent to blacks. To me, there's nothing more pathetic than a black American demanding to be called “Afro-American” instead of Black-American; nothing is more cynical than an American mulatto accepting to be a “Afro-American” (never mind the stupidity of the “one drop rule” created to diminish the rights [inheritance] of the offspring of slaves and their owners) instead of m├ętisse.

President Obama and the Jewish Dilemma

Last week, I read that President Barack Obama had said that the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, had been uncordial and condescending towards him during a “private conversation” where the Israeli leader was trying to explain him the Jewish dilemma. The American President surely imbued with the Black Lives Matter spirit, as the typical smart-arse, retorted that because he was black, raised by a white mother and having ascended to the White House, he had the ability to understand the Jewish sentiment.

I admit that I had the nerve to think that this man was an intellectual, but since intellectuality implies a certain degree of Culture: I was disgracefully wrong about him!

  • President Obama, no, you do not understand it because slavery is gone, but if we were still leaving in those days, perhaps you would: because fear freezes the spine and paralyses the body – fear has no colour nor ethnicity. 
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand because even in the peak of slaughter and persecution of black people, especially in the south of the US, black citizens could look for a refuge in other tolerant and shackle-free States.  
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand because still today Jews have to overcome fear in order to survive, everyday of their lives. 
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand because Jews in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania, are surrounded and threatened by hateful Muslims who inconsequentially and gratuitously terrorise them.
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand because you are incapable of understanding that Israel (called Palestine by the Romans) is the only true Jewish country for the Jews. 
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand the Jewish Cause because from the top of your pedestal, and in your small mindedness, you think you can plan, negotiate and partition just like a coloniser without scruples the life of a people whose history (and you claim to love history) you know nothing of. Do you really think that a people who lost 6 million of their own in little over 70 years will fall in the trap of ignorant mediators? 
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand when you said, in an interview, that the most disappointing leader in the Middle East was the Israeli PM – well now, we didn't know that Bibi executed people for opposing his government, that he flogged bloggers or killed Shiite religious leaders like they do in Saudi Arabia; we didn't know that he launched rockets inscribed with threats to wipe off the countries he dislikes; we didn't know he incited hatred against other countries like they do in Qatar; we didn't know either that women in Israel were second class citizens by decree etc etc.
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand when you are actually thinking about giving the Land of Israel to the Arabs in Palestine who are the real occupiers, vandals and murderers (as someone who loves history you should read the Peel Report).
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand when you haven't yet realised that the UN soldiers, during the so-called peace missions, rape girls and boys just like the Arab and Muslim migrants are doing throughout Europe (some days ago I read that an Arab girl in her thesis defended that the IDF soldiers were racist because they didn't rape Arab women in Palestine since they are repulsed by the poor souls: could this be a cultural pattern? You tell me, Mr Presiden,  since you are the expert in Islam...)
  • President Obama, no, you do not understand when now you want to use the UN for one more silly prank: to force the Jews into giving East Jerusalem to the Arabs in Palestine; when in 2007 I heard you saying that Jerusalem was indivisible. Well, we know there are people who change opinion as often as normal people change their underwear - “So no, Mr President you won't get it, ever”

President Obama and the Brexit Campaign

Ah, by the way, please do not come to Europe to embarrass those of us who are proud of being mulatto, intelligent, intellectual and rational; because if England wants to leave the EU that is up to the British people; the same way when the colonies wanted England out of what today is the USA, the people did it without minding whomsoever.

I can already see you getting here, delivering one of your speeches, and when the time comes for Q&A there will come the sacrosanct Arab-Israeli problem and you will print your agenda, that of the European Left, of your BDS mates, of NIF, of J-Street; and once again we will hear that “Israel has to sit at the negotiations table, freeze the construction work in the occupied territories blah blah blah...”

Mr Lawyer President Obama, the territories are not occupied since they do not originally belong to the Arabs in Palestine, so they are at most disputed territories: so much for a Law Degree, Mr President.

Plus, the PA/PLO officials say they do not want to negotiate with Israel any more, they also say the USA are not a credible mediator; now they want Brazil (oh please, laugh at this! It would be Lula da Silva's slogan if he'd ever return to power), Germany (Merkel is letting German girls being raped by Muslim migrants), France (Hollande silently honoured a Saudi Prince with a medal), China...well, she would study the proposal for 60 years.

Mr President, you definitely do not understand a thing about foreign policy, which was the stain of your administration in my opinion. Leave the Arab-Israeli subject to the Middle East folks, they are a bit crazy but certainly the Arab League and Israel will be able to reach a consensus if they so wish. Westerners must not be the Trojan Horse who will help the Arabs who think that by using the first will be easier to prepare the destruction of the Jews – do you understand, Mr President?

Till next time

(This article was originally posted, in Portuguese, on Etnias: O Bisturi da Sociedade. Translated by our Editor-in-Chief) 

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  1. Obama is duplicitous just like any lefty. Loved the irony of calling an American black man a "colonialist" which is true of any American, black or white, they want to colonize other countries now.

  2. I also heard Obama saying Jerusalem was indivisible in the campaign trail but then he retracted, like they all do. He's a puppet in the hands of an elite whose identity we don't know yet but time will eventually reveal them. Poor guy, he could've done great things but he is a disappointment. Lost opportunity.

  3. Americans are arrogant both black and white! Obama was dumb in antagonizing Bibi instead of making an alliance. What would Reagan be without Thatcher? Just another US president, but she helped him to be great! Bibi could have done the same thing for Obama but Obama chose to be an idiot on a high horse. Well, people fall from horses!

  4. In my opinion, there was no need for Obama to come to Britain and lecture us on the benefits of staying in the Union when his country doesn't suffer the effects of being in a union in a first place. Besides, his campaign is intended to defend the TTIP deal, one that quite frankly benefits the Americans more. No, thank you, Mr President.
    Regarding Israel and the Arabs, I'd say it's about time we all leave the subject to them. Lenny is absolutely right about this. And we also need to stop pretending we know what we are talking about or what's best for the Middle Easterners, it's ridiculous and we are only making a complete fool of ourselves. Lenny, brilliant!

  5. I would comment on this, except that I must keep in mind Exodus 22:28 - "You shall not revile God, nor curse a ruler of your people." Thus, I must keep my mouth shut regarding Obama.

    1. Looney, you do well to follow the commandment, it's not good to curse people. :)
      I don't curse, but I criticise the new Portuguese PM who is ruling despite not having won the elections (by recommendation of foreign forces, as it appears to be the trend nowadays). When he ruins Portugal for good, we'll be here to "exercise judgement" upon the Left.


    2. OK. I will save all my rhetoric for when he is out of office!

  6. But Obama is the 'historic moments' president, aren't you being a tad harsh? :-)
    Let's see the consequences of his historic moves and strolls. Today he is in Cuba, lefties worldwide are rejoicing at yet another victory but the Pope mediated the whole thing, a religious man! I thought these people hated religion! It is all so extremely confusing. Well done, lass.


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