Did You Know the Refugees are Actually White People?

By Caleb R. Newton
    On Mar. 14, 2016, Russia Today reported on thousands of refugees attempting to cross a river near the Greek village of Idomeni. Their twitter feed shared a link to a Youtube livestream of the refugees plight, so, interested, I turned it on.

  The plight of the refugees was shocking: poor, well-dressed white people with their expensive boots off in preparation to cross the three inch deep river were all huddled around in teeming masses. Some even had their camera with them, a relic of the life they left behind in their poor country in the Middle Nowhere.

  Not really. I turned on the livestream and I immediately saw that there were more cameramen than so-called refugees. And don’t forget the police force with their sticks and shields to fight the dogs -er, I mean people.

  I think that the livestream underscores a huge component of the so-called refugee crisis and, probably, just about every other so-called crisis of the modern political world - it’s all a show and a game. Nobody makes any sense, but RT, along with every other major news outlet, broadcasts it anyway.

Promoting law and Order or Disrupting it?

  Neither side makes any sense. I mean, honestly, I'm nearly speechless. If the so-called refugees and their allies were really interested in promoting whatever they happen to mean by human rights, why do they force themselves on those who they are in conflict with? And, if the European countries experiencing the inflow of refugees were actually concerned with protecting law and order in their respective societies, then why do they chase children around in the woods with sticks?

  If the European authorities were actually concerned with promoting law and order, then they would crack down on the refugees at every point in which they violated the law at the expense and to the danger of the respective nations’ citizens. But, they don’t. They just allow those with potential terrorism ties to stream into the country while pretending they have no way to stop it and, like the former German police chief on New Year's Eve 2015, they simply write off the rape and related crimes carried out by the migrants.

  The whole thing is a show, and none of it makes much sense. In my perception, the nature of the show has to do with that the governmental system is a lumbering and corrupt maniac. So, in order to end the show and actually get on with life, one should not address the system as it is, so to speak. Going and standing before any parliament and convincingly banging on a podium for hours on end will not do much good.

Should  the People Solve the Problem?

    Rather, we, the people of this planet, who are the only real source of any and all political power, are in desperate need of comprehensive political reform that dramatically reduces and streamlines global governance to serve our interests. I am even willing to suggest that the present organization of respective people groups under respective governments is incredibly disastrous. What I see as the best option is the end of nationalism, the end of legislatures trying to legislate the people of the country into adherence one to another, and the institution of a standard wherein people are actually rightfully acknowledged to have the inherent value that they possess. This new/old way of doing things would be organized in a web of Emirate-style localities across the face of the planet.

    Now, that’s drastic. There is a different step that is, perhaps, more quickly attainable, and that step is the institution of a compulsive treaty system that oversees matters of human development as they arise in the nations which do exist at present. Each legislature would sign on to this treaty and would afterwards be compelled to operate according to strict standards - if a matter affected human well being in any way, it would not be up for debate.

    Under such a system, the crimes and potential for crimes among the migrants in Europe, from rape to terrorism, would not be tolerated like they are at present. Also under such a system, governments would be forced to practice measures to protect the lives of innocent children etc., as top priority. After the adoption of such a system, this ridiculous show would finally come to an end.

(Image: Idomeni, Greece - en.protothema.gr)

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  1. Hi Newton,

    I agree with you: this migrant issue is starting to become a freak show. Look at the Calais situation.
    I also have an issue with the way the media covers the whole affair, focusing on the children playing with mud-covered toys, as if these green-eyed children were suddenly more important than the African children in war zones living in worse conditions.

    I agree 100% with the entire Law and Order section.
    I also agree that human development should be on top of leaders' agenda, however I don't see how the people can solve the problem when they elect the wrong leaders who promise the impossible and proved failed policies.

    This world is going bonkers.


  2. Tired of this whole issue of migrants, refugees and shit like that. It's become an industry too.

  3. Certainly we agree on the symptoms. I think the cause is fundamentally spiritual, which is causing much of western civilization to systematically commit suicide. The modern, scientific, rational brain is only an illusion.


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