Whom do the Left Bloc's Women Really Work For?

By Lenny Hannah

The hypocrisy of the fool...

I studied at Cidade Universitária High School, in Lisbon (Portugal), and back then I had a classmate called Eduarda who told me that she was dating Francisco Louçã. At the time, I told her that if her boyfriend would found a cultural association I'd be more than glad to join in, but I'd refuse to join a political party founded by him. As expected, she disinvited me from a social gathering taking place at Gelateria Pindô, one that her boyfriend would attend. I wonder whatever happened to her, cause I don't see her in BE (Bloco de Esquerda/Left Bloc)? Ah...it doesn't matter cause even he grew tired of his own party and handed it over to other women.

I read an article by José Manuel Fernandes (in a Portuguese online news site), in which he stated that “the party members of BE are urban, educated people with wages way above average”. I see, so the radical leftist club is mainly composed by young city kids who earn wages above average just because they have an undergrad degree, or even a Masters, without being necessarily educated since they are void of political culture.

And to top it all, the BE is directed by three little women: someone called Catarina Martins, a dramatic actor from Porto; another one is called Mariana Mortágua, an economist; and the other is called Marisa Matias, a sociologist. What do these three have in common? They are a bunch of hypocrites who pretend to be someone they're not, who defend improbable and collectively impossible ideas.

Cheap and inflammable rhetoric is their flag; cause their mouth spews the same old and worn out ideas (quoted from BE's website):

“BE receives inspiration in the convergent contributions of citizens, in the forces and movements that throughout the years have committed themselves and commit still to the intransigent defence of freedom and in the search of an alternative to capitalism.”

But what the hell does this even mean? These lasses are thriving under capitalism, they get a monthly big pay check, they live in absolute freedom to say whatever they want and to throw sand at their ignorant-college degree-followers; so could they really want to obliterate the system that feeds them? Think.

"An ecologically healthy world..."

Yes, yes, yes! A song comes to mind “You make a fool of me, tell me why?” cause phenomena like the ones we're seeing now are cyclical, ok? The hole in the Ozone layer, that caused so much brouhaha among the Left and was for a long time their baby, is closing. So, let's just keep the planet clean; avoid toxic waste, stupid laws and environmental corruption. Let's use green energies, though not even those are a guarantee to whatsoever. My friends, relax; the Creator of Nature knows what He's doing and He's in control of things.

“The Bloc defends the combat to all forms of exclusion based on discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, opinion and condition (?).”

Paroles, paroles...oui, comme il est bon the montrer (loose translation: talk is good). Well, we have people living in deplorable conditions, in Damaia (outskirts of Lisbon), and I don't see one single BE party member doing whatsoever for those folks.

"The Bloc promotes the civic culture of participation and democratic political action as a guarantee to social transformation and the socialist perspective as an expression of the emancipatory fight of mankind against oppression and exploitation."

What? Socialism was tested by all the movements of oppressive liberation in Africa. I, in Mozambique, experienced in person that practised ideology and the result was: hunger, food stamps, civil war, delays in human and national development, plunder and corruption. Socialism doesn't emancipate whomsoever, by the contrary, it crushes, humiliates and destroys human dignity. Social transformation is acquired through education, health, jobs, family, freedom of expression and of thought.


Women were arrested and fed by force in their fight for the right to vote; in May 68, during their protests, women burned their bras: in the name of what?
  • women conquered the right to equal job equal pay
  • women conquered the right to political power in all fronts
  • women conquered the right to be protected against sexual harassment
  • women conquered the right to single motherhood
  • women conquered the right to do abortions
  • women conquered the right to be protected against domestic violence
  • women conquered the right to have several sexual partners just like men
  • women conquered the right to contract STDs
  • women conquered the right to be offended by male chivalry
  • women conquered the right to castrate men
  • women conquered the right to be openly gay
  • women conquered the right to change their gender
What else am I missing? Oh perhaps the right to conduct themselves with prudence...well, that's a
duty actually...so, give me a break, ok?


Is Portugal sure this is what it wants? To follow three crazy women who, in their resume are this and that, belong to this and that, and in the end (after all is said and done) it's all worth less than dung?
  • Why did the Portuguese allow these insane lassies to introduce themselves in the State machine? 
  • Why did the people allow them to govern Portugal through António Costa (the new PM)?

Appearances are deceiving: although they are really ugly, spiritually poor and with their pockets full due to capitalism; here's a question – whom are they really working for? To all the dumb people who follow them, and give them coverage, I must tell you that there's no alternative to capitalism and you know it! But apparently you like to listen to empty and deceptive voices...so, go ahead.

(This article was originally published, in Portuguese, on Etnias: O Bisturi da Sociedade)

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  1. Hi Lenny,

    I will leave my complete comment on the Portuguese post, but I wanted to say that these women don't work for the people, that's for sure. Mariana Mortágua favours an increase in the fuel tax without thinking of the ramifications of such measure, and she calls herself an economist. And we are talking about a country that already pays 5 types of fuel taxes: what is wrong with these leftists? They act as if they worked in a country other than Portugal.

    As for their salaries: when it was suggested that the Portuguese MPs would lower their salary, the leftists were against it. This says it all.

    Yes, the provincial Portuguese do this and that, belong to this and that but they don't actually do something that truly impacts the lives of the Portuguese people. They don't do stuff that actually changes the dynamics and the spirit of the People, of the country as a whole. They just feed themselves off the illusions of the ignorant and off our tax money.

    Good job.


    1. Lenny, one more thing: you have done more for Portugal than they have. You, at least, changed how people write about and criticise public figures; how they look at politics and criticise political leaders. Mazal Tov!

  2. Hahahaha I love this author's writing style. Very entertaining. Why are all leftist chicks ugly?

  3. In Mozambique these little women would be put in their place by their comrades from FRELIMO! Hehehe would they be feminists there? I doubt it. And to talk about socialism to people who starved because of it is evil. These people are evil, my sister.


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