Splicing the Terror: Characterizing the World's Relationship towards Israel

By Caleb R. Newton

   In the days following the Debate at the United Nations 70th General Assembly (UNGA 70), at the beginning of October 2015, attacks on Jews in the land of Israel increased considerably. The leadership of Hamas has declared a Third Intifada and Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas’s group, has proudly taken responsibility for murder.

    The world’s response in the time of danger for the Israelis is, well, “distant” to put it nicely. United States Secretary of State John Kerry pathetically admonished Netanyahu and Abbas to put an end to the violence in Jerusalem and in Samaria & Judea. The problem, of course, is that such a statement by Kerry asserts that Israel somehow has something to do with the violence and the terrorists are absolved of any responsibility; for they’re just “frustrated, peaceful demonstrators” responding to the unreasonable Israeli government. Of course not.
    The United States Government isn’t the only state issuing such a response, as approximately every state that has reacted has condemned Israel and supported the terror. The question, though, is why? Additionally, what can be done about it?

    I propose to dissect the motives of the world in terms of monetary gain and its correlate, cronyism. Cronyism here means something distinct from economic cronyism, the initial thought. Cronyism, as I define it, is a society that is not person centered - or, more accurately, every person centered. A few exercise control and centrism through a system of ideals to which the masses are dedicated. Nationalism, development, partisanship, and democracy - the ideals are many.

    No one has ever showed me a living and breathing ideal. Ideals are ink on paper and words in thin air. People are behind everything. The consequence of people being everything means that personal goals and dynamics push the gears of the world as we know it. The system therefore exercises self-preservation, in the same way that people do. The World System, through its true self of those who run it, seeks to thwart any threatening entity. Think Statecraft - that is basically what I am characterizing. My concept applies the ideas of realist statecraft to interpersonal relationships and vice versa.

    So, what is the Interpersonal Statecraft World System, and what does it have to do with the terror in Israel? The World Order could be termed a social cronyist axis, and includes the United States, the European Union, and the Arab Countries in varying degrees. The cronyist axis seeks to preserve a social order that puts the will of the few above the will, and often lives, of the many. It is the same force behind the Shoah, like Leonard Peikoff wrote about decades ago. This axis, furthermore, is the force that opposes the State and People of Israel, as they are not in the circle of those who live apart from everyone else at the helm of the centralized society.

    For example, the Arab countries’ speeches at UNGA 70 sounded awfully westernized. Why? The Emiratis and the Saudis, and the Jordanians to a lesser degree, what do they have in common? Money. Money makes them like the West. How so? Money separates their ruling classes from the general population. Money and its elitism of concentration pits them against the Israelis and the Jews, just like the West.

    Why does the world system - the elitist Americans, Emiratis, etc. - support the terror? Israel promotes human development - the quantification of the opposite of cronyist idealism. The world system seeks self-preservation, and Israel is threatening to that sick goal.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu understands the problem. “Terrorism comes from a desire to annihilate us, not from Palestinian frustration,” he said at the opening of the Winter session of the Israeli Parliament on October 12, 2015. I extend that desire to the rest of the world. The Israelis are threatening to the power politics of the rest of the world. Sick, but I feel that it is true, and it is what I have begun to explain in the last 650 words.

    The intellectual ricocheting of the ideals of the Western world system supports the terror in the Holy Land. The terror can only carry on when the world system backs it. It doesn’t go on in a vacuum - either the world provides for the terror or it fights it. Legitimization like Kerry asserted is but one example of the world’s provision for the terror. To fight the terror’s cause, one must fight the war against the domination of cronyist power politics that seeks nothing but its own preservation as opposed to the development of every man.

(Image: The Scapegoat - William Holman Hunt)

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  1. Nice piece. It's outrageous the world's response to Arab terrorism, the trend is to blame the victim! I bet John Kerry also blames victims of rape and domestic violence, it's their fault they provoked the frustrated abuser. It's sickening. This gentile here stands with Israel and the Jewish people. Thanks, Caleb.

  2. Caleb, I think you are attributing far too much rationality to the behavior of the West! Some people do not need a motive to promote or engage in destructive behavior. Destruction is an end in itself.

  3. Hey Newton,

    I like the money circle vs human development angle. But you know what? Cristina was right in her post, yesterday, it's on Israel: the more it bends over to the world, the more the world will disrespect it. So, it's about time for Israel to stand up and give them the diplomatic finger (now I recalled Ben Gurion). Time to show strength in unexpected ways. Play smartly, use the law.

    And Israel should tell Sec. Kerry "this is not the appropriate time for you to visit Israel, sir. We cannot vouchsafe for your security" and come up with a new plan.

    As you said in your blog (Global News Breakdown):

    "(John Kerry's) words are meaningless. They are propaganda. Settlements, by the way, are synonymous with Occupation- some foreign colonial force coming and dominating you. Sound familiar? I'll tell you- the Nazis considered the Jews to be a foreign race infiltrating the Germans. Same old murderous lies."

    So what he and the world says are meaningless to us. Or they should be, at least. Let's stop the outrage and move on in silence (that will freak them out).

    Good job.


  4. The axis of jealousy and evil! Mr Caleb, you are right, the west supports terrorism against Israel and you may be right about the axis of money and their sick goals. But how can we stop that axis and shouldn't Israel change her behaviour and response to those countries?

  5. "the Arab countries’ speeches at UNGA 70 sounded awfully westernized. Why?" - yes, they could've been reminding the West of who indiscriminately injects large sums of funds in their countries and where their loyalties should lay, however it's a flawed attempt cause money alone doesn't do much, as their case proves. Arab countries temporarily buy the hearts and "minds" of western politicians and activists but it won't last. Arabs don't get it, they don't truly understand what makes Israel so special: they think it's money, and try to follow that path but they are wrong.
    The West is clearly supporting terrorism in Israel while claiming to be fighting terror in Syria and elsewhere - her legitimacy is decreasing by the minute, and with her behaviour that of Russia's, whose behaviour is less hypocritical (though not optimal), is increasing everyday in the eyes of the world. The West obviously hasn't learnt anything from history and keeps making the same mistakes. A bit of political creativity wouldn't hurt them.


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