France's Tunnel Vision: Using Israel To Obscure Her Failures

By Cristina C. Giancchini

France vows to not “spare effort” to end violence in Israel and by this she means adding more fuel to an increasingly deadly fire "This new worsening of the situation also confirms the urgency of restarting political efforts," - in other words, the urgency to empower the PLO by using the UN to pass a resolution to force Israel to do away with bits of her historical homeland. 
France is, once again, using Israel to hurtle herself back to international relevance.

France has suffered quite a few setbacks in the past couple of years: 
A. Operation Serval had an initial success but when considering the French Operation's three main objectives (1- stopping the Jihadist advance; 2- reconquering the north and 3- clearing the rebel sanctuaries), and look at the reality on the ground, it must deemed an overall failure: Jihadists recently attacked a village in central Mali and they are moving south; “Northern Mali has become a jihadist front, with Islamist militants flowing in from around the world” (source) and elections, scheduled for October 25, were postponed due to the insecurity crisis in the North. 

B. Operation Sangaris wasn't that successful and French soldiers even raped young girls. It took France long enough to respond to this crime. Consequence: CAR is not stabilised, Muslims still murder Christians and a viable political solution is not in sight because France lacks political courage (Ref: be part of the transitional government until the country is stabilised and rebuilt, as part of her historical responsibility to a former colony). 

C. France took long to respond to the Ukrainian Crisis; and her weakness was exposed.

D. The Mistrals deal was a flop: breaching the contract with the Russians and reselling the warships to Egypt “cost the French taxpayer between EUR200 and EUR250 million,” (source).

E. France is more vulnerable to terrorist attacks and to a civil war, due to a feckless foreign and domestic policy.

F. The UNSC flunked a French-supported Palestinian resolution that violated past agreements (Ref: regarding unilateral moves). 

G. The French lost influence in Lebanon and in Syria, a country that is preparing herself for a partition under the auspices of Russia. These two countries are derivatives of the Sykes-Picot Agreement, so in other words a French political legacy is being shred to pieces. This is quite a political failure. 

So what's left for France to do? She can only do what the rest of the world does: use Israel as a diversion tactic. 

France, the UK, the US, and many others, proved that UNGA sessions are simply an excuse for diplomats and world leaders to travel to New York and shop cause they obviously didn't hear that President Abbas renounced the Oslo Accords and activated Fatah Cells to kill Jews; but above all they didn't hear PM Netanyahu reminding the world what happened to every single nation that tried to either destroy the Jewish People or get in their way. 

Worse than the tunnel vision and failure of the French leadership is the Israeli leadership's cowardice.
PM Netanyahu was not re-elected to be afraid of “diplomatic damages” inflicted by losers. He was not put in power to deliver nice speeches at the UN and the US Senate. We did not support Bibi for him to shy away from doing what he was mandated to do. He wants assurances? Am Yisrael is his assurance, the International Law is his assurance. Bibi Netanyahu said "For a hundred generations, the Jewish people dreamed of returning to the Land of Israel. (..)" yet the dream is not entirely fulfilled; so now it's the time to make the legal move. Isaac Herzog is as much a coward as the Israeli government for this is not the time for self-serving populism or even internal sabotage, this is the time for Jewish Unity. Only a strong and united Jewish stance will stop the violence in Israel – not French mercenary political moves that endanger Jewish lives.

Finally, Al-Qaeda confirmed the relationship between the Palestinian issue and Global Jihad:

"The issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the occupied Muslim lands in the vicinity of Bait al-Maqdis [the full Arabic term for Temple Mount, ironically taken from the Hebrew original 'Beit Hamikdash' - ed.] is an issue concerning the entire Umma," 


"Know that the blood and wealth of every Jew on the face of this earth today is permissible and there is no protection for his blood or wealth [unless they convert to Islam or accept third-class dhimmi status]"

And France truly believes that giving Al-Qaeda & Cº what they want will appease the French Muslims? French Muslims are part of the Umma; and as far as the Umma is concerned, Israel and Jerusalem would only be the beginning – France and Europe are next.


  1. Yeah, France and the US have this delusional idea that they can stop terrorism in Israe! By Jove, where were they all these years when Jewish blood was shed by Arab terrorists? Ah wait, they were giving nobel prizes to their leader, bloody Arafat!

  2. Hi Cristina,

    That is exactly what they all do: they use Israel to either deflect the attention from their failed politics or to bring themselves back to the international spotlight. It's cheap, it's contemptible.

    Governments insist on ignoring the obvious: the more they support the Palestinian cause, the more power they give to ISIS, AQ and all the global jihadists they are supposed to be fighting against. But at the same time I wonder whether this obsession isn't based on the fact that France, US and others may be behind these terror attacks to push Netanyahu out.
    How do you explain that Herzog is now calling for Netanyahu to resign after he met Kerry in London recently? We need to ask ourselves these tough questions.

    Is the government ran by PM Netanyahu coward? I wouldn't use that term but I'd say it lacks something. Anyway, I have said time and time again that Israel has all the legal tools to annex Samaria and Judea, and PM Netanyahu ordered the Levy report so he should implement it now. Now is the time for it.

    President Obama has the obligation to come out and speak against the Arab Terror. Failing to do so, would prove US involvement in this whole mess.

    Good job, Cris.


  3. That's what I'm talking about! What the fuck does France got to do with anything? She is going to stop the violence in Israel by enabling the Arabs? Kerry is going to stop the terror in Israel by telling us that the Arabs are frustrated with the settlements? Who the fuck are these people?
    Israel must stop listening to them and listen to Am Yisrael. Us, the children of Yaacov we want a permanent solution to this problem and by this we mean total annexation of Samaria and Judea! Abbas renounced Oslo: let's take the opportunity granted to us by G-d! For heaven's sake, Bibi!!!!
    Buji is drunk: how much did he receive from the Americans to sell his brothers and sisters out, huh?

  4. Israel has the opportunity to settle the problem once and for all. Bibi, do it! France can screw herself.

  5. France just wants to join the bandwagon! America is criticizing Israel so must France. America wants to be the saviour of the Middle East so does France. Obama and Kerry want to be an idiot so do Hollande and Fabius. Israel should just forget them all! My prayers go to the Jewish people and to Israel! God is with you!

  6. France: how about returning Corsica back to their owners, huh? And what about Pays-Basque? Before meddling in other countries affairs you should mind your own. We never know when the liberation front of Corsica will wake up again.


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