The World Decided To Gratuitously Hate Jews. What To Do?

By Lenny Hannah

I still haven't understood how such a small people can be vexed by all mankind, with no exception, and in an unprecedented scale. Therefore, I won't beat around the bush: Jews are definitely a hated people; what now?

Some say Jews are hated because they are greedy and control the world's finances.
Hmm...maybe...except in China, India (representing both 38% of the world population), Pakistan, Russia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Japan etc etc...

Others say it's because, after WWII, Jews demanded compensations from the world.
Oh, I see! So, Swiss Banks weren't supposed to return the deposits to the descendants of those who were roasted in Auschwitz, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibór, Treblinka, Jasenovac and Chelmno?

Others defend that because of the stupidity of one lunatic, supported by the German people, Germany was forced to compensate the countries she attacked.
What a shame, right? Nevermind that the Nazis took Jewish hair to stuff pillows, Jewish skin for lamps, Jewish golden teeth to melt and increase German reserves, Jewish books and intellectual property, Jewish art and Jewish dignity – Germany shouldn't have had to give back the spoils to the survivors and their relatives, for although the atrocities were insidiously committed against the Jewish Ethnicity, we have to admit they were part of the nations that received a compensation package.

Others say it's because they only care about themselves.
I see! So you mean to say that:

  • After having been uprooted from their country and enslaved by Rome and other domains (with G-d's permission)
  • After they were expelled from Europe, in the 15th century, out of sheer envy; and massacred in several Pogroms (Imperial Russia, 19th century; Poland, 19th century; Ireland, 1904; Wales, 1911; Argentina, 1919; Hebron, 1929; Iraq, 1941; Aleppo, British Aden, 1945-47, under the British Mandate; Tripolitania, 1945; Oujda and Jerada, French Morocco, 1947; Arab Pogroms during Arab-Israeli civil war, 1947-48)
  • After having been prevented from settling in their historical homeland by Hitler's collaborators (i.e. Arabs, in the person of the Mufti of Jerusalem)
  • After having witnessed the reduction of their homeland to historical proportions by the Americans and British (to access Arab oil)
  • After the Russians invented the “Palestinians” and put the Egyptian terrorist, Yasser Arafat, in charge of hijacking plains, murdering Israeli athletes (in Munich 1972) and civilians...

...Of course the Jews just had to swallow everything up and shut it!
According to wicked elements, even if for a question of survival, the Jewish people should have never had the prerrogative to exclude others and trust only themselves, they should have never had the right to strengthen themselves through unity; but above all, they should have never had the margin of manoeuvre to create a Country/Jewish State in their homeland (i.e. a complete Israel).

Then you have those who say the Jews always play the victim. 
Yes, because after all the persecution, massacres, the ovens, they should just strip themselves of any claiming right over that territory and simply hand it over to the Arabs in Palestine (as Nasser, an Egyptian leader, described them). They should also accept to live under the rule of Hamas and the PLO – a.k.a PA; for Jews are Europeans, they are anything but Middle Easterners – and let's be honest, Europe and the United States of America agree with this Arab Narrative.
Mel Gibson, movie actor and director, let politics get the best of him (certainly because of a money feud with either a Jewish agent or financier), and under the influence of alcohol he accused the Jews of being the root of all problems: which ones, I ask? No one gives me a proper answer; the only thing they all say is “ know...!” but no, I don't know.

The only thing I know is that Jews are “damned if they do and damned if they don't”:

  • When an Arab stabs people in a Synagogue, it's a desperate act cause Jews are occupying Israel, the “land” of the Arabs in Palestine – so the attack is not only understandable but also justified
  • When Hamas provokes a war, it's justified because it's fighting for the liberation of the land occupied by the Jews
  • When Arabs decide to attack Jews on a whim, it's an act of faith cause Jews are heretic and oppressing the poor Arabs in Palestine
  • When the Arabs decided to beat up and murder 3 Jewish kids, coming home from school, it was an act of resistance cause Jews are occupying Arab territory in Israel; When Arab youth attack the authorities and are greeted with rubber bullets, or even real ones, it's Shin Bet's fault, the symbol of occupation and usurpation. 

I also know that the successive Israeli governments are to blame for this situation...
Even though they know the borders of their country, since these are explicitly described in the Bible, they continue to act as if they were the eternal slaves of the Europeans and Americans. But I ask, how about growing a pair and annexing their territory? What will the world do exactly? Sanctions? Like Cristiano Ronaldo told CNN “Bullshit”!
I can guarantee that Israel would never starve, would never lose a war, nor would ever see her GDP go down. If the International Community would align itself against Israel, perhaps the Evil Left – in Israel – would throw themselves into the sea because they wouldn't have means to express their idiocy before foreigners, nor chimaera with which to lullaby the Arabs in Palestine.

I know that if Israel would annex what's lawfully hers:

  • The Arab judges who don't respect national symbols, with the Israeli left's support, but wish to benefit from the Israeli system, would depart to Arab nations
  • The so-called Israeli-Arab MKs would think twice before testing the State of Israel during conflicts with the Arabs in Palestine
  • The Young Arabs, who benefit from the Israeli National Health and Education Systems, would have to decide whether to continue carrying out counter-productive Intifadas, and be eventually forced to migrate to Jordan, or to set aside their misguided hatred so they continue enjoying the benefits and prosper in the land they were born in. 

I know if Judea (land of the Jews) and Samaria would be annexed, each time the Jewish Far Right's latent hatred would manifest itself, under the form of a vicious attack to Arab Citizens: with the argument of “disputed territories” out of the way, the world would know that in Israel justice is served; with no need for the Israeli politicians' stupid talk and without the abominable compassion of the international community and the tendentious Media.
In states properly governed by the Rule of Law, people cry over a child of any colour (white, black, mixed), of any faith (Christian, Muslim, Jewish), of any nationality (Arab, Indian or Pakistani), because that child is a human being. A Human being.

Human Life, and its consequent loss, should not be used as a political instrument. 
Especially when it's so easy to manipulate children and young people. Tragedy demands reflection and contention: howls, empty incitement and noisy diplomacy à la minute are highly inadvisable since they are a fuse to more violence.
Young Arabs should accept the fact that there are young Jews who are as violent as they are, and if they allow themselves to be orchestrated by and to do evil, lives will be scythed on both sides.

The International Community and the Backwards Media should lose their destructive partiality.
Mainly because the Brown Arab Boys are not as innocent, not as unfortunate, not as oppressed as they want us to believe; and the “diplomacy of commiseration” will only arouse, in the young Jews, the monster of hideousness that so far has been under control of the Israeli authorities: but until when?
Young Israelis don't know any other land, and certainly it is their desire to live and die in Israel; and if the world thinks that it can demonise them while appeasing the young Arabs in Palestine, they don't know what they are doing: the leaders of the international community who love to be on TV, and open their mouths to say du n'importe quoi (like blaming Israel for anything and for nothing), should know they are awakening a sleeping volcano, and causing explosions of unimaginable consequences in radical young Jews.

The Jewish People were chosen by G-d, whether you like it or not.
This fact alone is a reason for any Jew to be proud of being one. But it is also smothering because the world, in its narrow-mindedness and pettiness, will always come up with reasons to try to decimate and finally annihilate the Jews.
But I ask: will the Children of Israel allow people to attack, threaten, them just because they don't want to understand that the existence of Israel is G-d's Will and Design?

Am Yisrael Chai


  1. We need to stop focusing on our need to please others too much. We want to be loved, embraced, we want people to know we are not bad folks and we do so much good. It's all very well, however despite our best efforts they still do not like us; so I say let's move on and ascend. Thanks, Lenny.

  2. I'm all for annexing Jewish land once and for all. If they let the west interfere more, Israel will be in a security turmoil of Biblical proportions, but again the same Bible predicted this persecution, this hatred, and we know what we have to do to stop it! It's all there. Am Yisrael Chai!

  3. To me it's very simple, Jewish People must do like the Chinese and the Russians, do they give a crap about what the world say about them? NO!

  4. This reminds me a bit of when Elijah complained to God that he was the only one left. As a fundamentalist Christian, I am compelled to be a fan of the Jews. The Torah says, "you shall be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation". This hasn't happened yet, but it is what we hope for.

  5. I don't even blame the world, I blame us Jews. We are ashamed of who we are and I don't understand when this all started. Suddenly everything is antiSemitic, even the truth is antiSemitic, come on! We went through the unimaginable for centuries and centuries but we are still here, so why aren't we proud of it, why do we spend more time apologising than anything else? Just stop it. Our enemies will stop stepping on us once we stop feeling sorry for ourselves and stop accommodating the bloody world. We give too much power to bullies. Todah, Lenny.

  6. Hi Lenny,

    I had already left a comment on the Portuguese version of this article but I will repeat the general idea of my thoughts on this: we are indeed an amazing people - we have time to play the victim, to feel sorry for ourselves, to be cowards and yet make so many technological contributions to the world and build the only democratic nation in the Middle East; we are simply amazing.
    If the world wants to hate us: go ahead cause I don't give a damn about what they think and how they think about us.

    "I'm dancing in the rain, I'm dancing in the rain, what a glorious feeling and I'm...happy again"


  7. I'm a supporter of Israel and the Jewish people and I'm not apologizing for it! The Jewish people survived all this time and we're talking about thousands and thousands of years despite the many attempts to kill them, this is admirable, I admire them!
    I'm not Jewish but I fight for the Jewish cause, not all gentiles are against you. In fact many of us are with you and we bless you, cause God blessed those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel.

  8. I say the answer to the question is simple: tell the world to fuck off and leave us alone.

  9. Lenny, thank you for this beautiful post! I'm sick of the world their biased behaviour. They should just leave us alone once and for all, but I guess Arab money is too sweet to do it.


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