The Discredit of the So-Called Prestigious

Words have definitely lost their meaning. For instance, there is something curious about the word “prestige” - what does it really mean?
In the good old days, when the definitions of words mattered, prestige equalled to “great respect, honour and good reputation”. Men with such a standing were rewarded, men who lacked such reputation were reduced to their insignificance. Yet today, the opposite often occurs because, to start with, the notions of “respect, honour and good reputation” have also been perverted.
The examples of individuals who are deemed prestigious for the wrong reasons are rife; however, there is one particular man that has been on my radar for quite a while: Martin Indyk.

Martin Sean Indyk served in the Clinton Administration and is now the Vice-President of the Brookings Institute, which is the same as saying that he acts as Qatar's agent in the United States. People describe him as a prestigious individual, running an equally prestigious Think-Tank.
After investigating the subject, I would rather describe Mr Indyk as a professional individual who has worked a lot and accomplished plenty over the years:

 1. He started as a deputy chief researcher in AIPAC (a predominantly right wing pro-Israel lobby group)
 2. He led a successful academic life, teaching in several universities, including the Tel Aviv University
 3. He served as special assistant to President Clinton
 4. He served as a senior director of the US National Security Council
 5. He served as an Ambassador to Israel (having had his security clearance stripped from him)
 6. He sat in the board of NIF (New Israel Fund, a Jewish radical leftist organisation that militates against Israel)
 7. He was appointed as a special envoy to resume the ME Peace Talks between Israel and the Arabs in Palestine (all the while the Think-Tank he runs received funds from Qatar).

Looking at Mr Indyk's career, it is clear that he loves the Middle East: but does he love it so because he wishes to solve the problems in the region or does his love exist because dealing with that region yields large amounts of funds, the most media attention and diplomatic spotlight?

From what I have observed so far, men who start in right wing organisations but end up plotting with left wingers and their groups, are not trustworthy because they only serve their own interests (i.e. learning all he could in AIPAC, where he made the right connections that opened doors to the American Academia [where he was introduced to the leftist universe] that yielded a spot in the government, that yielded a more direct contact with the ME, that yielded more contacts with other leftists [since right wingers tend to be more suspicious of people who shift colours], that yielded contacts with Arabs, that yielded contacts with wealthy Arabs who needed a voice in America, and so forth). The subject lacks consistency and seems self-serving – nothing prestigious about that.

Martin Indyk is Jewish, by the way. A Jew who stops at nothing to undermine Israel. A Jew who knows that his patron, Qatar, fuels the Arab conflict against Israel and still believed that he was a suitable element to mediate the 'peace talks' – to which obscure purpose?
Mr. Indyk knew very well that the Arab Palestinians intended to sabotage the talks from the beginning, yet when the peace effort failed (as expected) he rushed to accuse Israel of intransigence.
Now that the specimen needs to fawn President Obama, he felt the need to impeach a nation's character:

"Israelis are ungrateful to this president. (..) You are an emotional nation, not a rational nation. You work from your gut and not your mind." (read more here)

What has Ayn Rand called creatures who use this form of argument? Intellectually Impotent.
So, why should we, and the Israelis, even listen to the lackey of a country that sponsors Radical Islam, and Islamic Terrorist Groups? I have 14,5 million reasons not to feel compelled to listen to whatever this specimen has to say.

Definitely, prestige means little today. And if people like Mr Indyk are the prestigious ones that I'm supposed to aspire to keep society with or even be like, then I rather be with my own and remain being who I AM.

(Image: Martin Indyk - Google Images)


  1. Just another opportunist, Max. Nothing new under the sun! As for his opinion that we are emotional: he must be thinking of his Arab friends for sure, not us. Self-loathing Jew!

  2. I have wondered at times whether there are more and less prestigious appointments to be obtained in Hell. In the end, I don't believe so, but some may strive based on that hope.

  3. Well, Well Well! Well said.. And to think we had a Prophet in our midst. Marcie M


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