Politics: Art or Artificiality? What, Who, When, Where and How

Politics is a fascinating subject; however, unfortunately, from being an Art it has degenerated into Artificiality. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many of us have started to question the whole thing and to seek concrete answers to: what's politics, who should be in politics, when did it go sour, where is it going and how can we change it?

By definition Politics means:
“The art or science of government or governing, especially the governing of a political entity, such as a nation, and the administration and control of its internal and external affairs.” 
“The activities or affairs engaged in by a government, politician or political party.”

Once upon a time, it was indeed an art; but as stated above, today: it is not.
Nowadays, politics is nothing more than a suppressed pharyngeal reflex: by suppressing the reflex contraction, anything can pass through (within a political context this should be construed as anyone being able to just get in). Even though a scientific term has been used to make the analogy, there is nothing scientific about the way most politicians (who have accessed power through the process of suppressing the gag reflex) govern or conduct their affairs – it could be said that they do it in a rather bulimic fashion.

Example A: a politician who comes from a humble background and uses politics as a means of self-enrichment. This individual either uses his/her current position to build a powerful network of contacts (to later on be used in his/her company, foundation etc) or it uses it to pass laws that will benefit him/herself and his/her cronies.
Example B: a politician who comes from the upper-class and uses politics as a vehicle to ensure that his/her elite group (of whichever colour) either obtains or retains power in key sectors.
Example C: a politician disguised as a concerned citizen, or as a NGO employee. This individual is the most corrosive example of politicians because he/she wasn't elected by the people, so his/her corrosive actions are not held accountable before the electorate (even though they are not immune to liability).

Politics, today, is all about the “either we all eat from the same plate or nobody will” ideology; being the “same plate” the wonderful thing we call Demokratia. Have you ever stopped to think why are leftists (mainly) so antagonistic of “Political Dynasties” and “Monarchies”? It's not that they fear elites (since they form their own), it's because they feel that if the afore mentioned are allowed to exist they may not be able to “eat from the same plate”; they may stop being invited to the Feast and money may stop rolling in their direction. But of course, that sort of people (with that sort of thought) is rather thick because the Art of Governing and of Conducting Affairs is not linear. It is not simplistic and assuming so reveals one's intellectual impotence and rules him/her out as a suitable member of the political class.

So, who should be in politics? Only people who put their nation above all things, who advance the supreme interests of their People and who respect the mandate bestowed upon them by them (in any form or shape); while at the same time understanding the complex webs woven to support the system.
Individuals who join politics to corrupt the political wheel (in an utter disregard for the welfare of the majority) should be prosecuted after the fact – and by Jove the day will come when the world will see such a system in place. No wicked deed must go unpunished.

Politics began going sour the day the concept of the People's Revolution was contrived.
Let's be honest, it's never the People who make revolutions – they are mere instruments. Revolutions have always been planned, organised and implemented by the Aristocracy (the planner), the Bourgeoisie (the organiser and the bank-roller), the urban poor (the puppets who make the noise and cause chaos) and the peasants (the loyal followers of the upper tiers, who in the end always pay the price for it). After the “monarch” is deposed, the Aristocracy and the Bourgeoisie reward the urban poor with contained power, who then turn against the peasants.
Once in power, the former-urban poor distribute government jobs among other former-urban poor and then spend years thinking about how to undermine those who placed them there in the first place – the aristocrats and the bourgeois; who in turn spend years regretting having given any amount of power to their protégés and, therefore, spend as many years reminding them where they came from (a most disagreeable thing to do, in the minds of the pretentious former-urban poor).

This vicious cycle deviated the real focus of politics and, hence, transformed the political arena into a horror show: no ethics, no order, no true purpose other than producing money (even if false) to escape the influence of the patronage (who in turn does everything to never lose that influence).

So, if the cycle is not interrupted where will politics head to? Chaotic destruction.
My most respected readers know exactly what I'm talking about because we are practically there:

  • Pacta Non Sunt Servanta – countries re-interpret the International Law at will and many don't even bother to abide by it. 
  • International Institutionalism is a failure – yet many cling to it because despite their inefficiency they remain a job machine (but for how long more will the people continue to allow their tax contributions to pay salaries of self-serving individuals?)
  • Lies, cheap Propaganda and Jew Hatred are the order of the day
  • Historical counterfeit is the trend – countries, cultural identities and claims of self-determination are counterfeited and all the protégés do (in order to release themselves from the Patronage) is to follow Hitler's example "Make the Lie Big, Make it Simple, Keep Saying it and eventually they will believe it". 
  • Journalistic Ethics died: we are back to the Nazi and Communist Eras. The Press today doesn't inform, the Press makes propaganda. It engages in libels. 
  • Religious leaders are creeping back into politics, trying to fill the void. But we have been there before and it wasn't pretty. 
  • Etc etc...

How can we change all this? We need a new breed of politicians with the following qualities: Financially independent, Free of both the aristocratic complex and the complex of interested subservience, Fearless (i.e. if needed be, he'll go against his/her own), Corrosively Incorruptible and Unconditioned (NB: we'd add innovative, but it is clear that political liars and thieves are the most innovative kind of them all; therefore mentioning it wouldn't be an innovation). The new politician turns to the people, because he knows that they are any nation's main asset; he will not make vain promises, he will be as honest as possible; and as a result the people will hear his war cry and rise up in his support since they know that his cry equals their cry when they suffer for their nation.

But hélas...where hides such a leader?
And when will the people be prepared to receive such a politician?

(Image: Gracia Nasi - Agnolo Bronzino)


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    1. Hi Ray :D!

      Welcome to Dissecting Society!
      I checked the filter and your previous comment wasn't there; so, I think that what happened was that when you left a comment you were not logged in to Blogger (i.e. your account name was not in the "Reply as:" box) and so when you clicked 'Publish' is makes it disappear in order to log in - unfortunately this happens a lot. Sorry.

      But thank you for your comment. It is a pleasure to see you here with us :D. I hope you come back, and now you know: make sure you are logged in before typing that comment. :)


  2. You have disqualified most of the political class, Max! The majority are liars and thieves and they begin to confess it too 'Lying MPs should not have to quit because ALL politicians lie'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3097164/Lib-Dems-insist-party-s-remaining-MP-Scotland-not-quit-lying-politicians-lie.html#ixzz3bGHrqVlE
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    There you have it!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      I'm advocating change, after all; so, absolutely, I disqualify most of them.
      Thank you for that link. Can you believe it how brazen they are getting? Incredible.

      Anon, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  3. I disagree with those who say that lying MPs should not quit, they should cause we are tired of liars! We are also tired of self-serving politicians cause that's not what we elect them for, damn it! Besides, leftists think that they can use us for their benefit, but in case they forgot I have the pleasure to remind them that: THEY WORK FOR us, not the other way around!
    And BTW, Obama just became the liar of the year by forcefully pushing the lie of the century: the "Palestinian Problem"!

    1. Hi Raquel :D!

      You made some good points.
      President Obama is becoming rather disappointing, isn't he? I have to look at him more, from now on.

      Raquel, thank you so much for your comment, darling :D.


  4. Congrats MAX it has been interesting following you here during this time! Keep on with your good and tasteful posts! Oh the Politics circus there should be a prize for that , "clown d'Or" but it would be very insulting to the actual artists...... Nevertheless, citizens are (more than ever) milking cows tagged by numbers .... this will finally lead us to the question: what is (or should be) the true role of the citizens nowadays? What do people really look for? Should they (we) be enforced to be more politically active?

    1. Ciao Gallardo :D!

      Thank you, my friend *bowing*. You were one of the first readers, so again: thanks for following us for so long :D. I will.
      LOL "Clown d'Or" I like that! LOL
      Good questions, indeed. You are right, we need to start focusing on the role of citizens as well. I don't think that they should be enforced to be more active (it wouldn't work anyway); I think they need to be inspired by proper leaders. They lack inspiration and trust in these politicians...

      G, thank you so much for your support and comment :D.


  5. Happy anniversary, Max and Cº! You guys do a terrific work here and I wanted to congratulate you for it. Plus, I have a really great time here and I can't forget that I only created a google account cause of you, thanks for that too.
    Politics is my industry so I can say in all honesty that this article is a good reflection of reality. Yeah, it is corrupted in ways that I never thought I'd live to see but I have hope! I hope that one day things will change. I don't want to seem bias but there's only one politician that I really think loves his country and his people, and that's Bibi! I thought many moons ago Obama could be that guy but he fooled me.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Cêcê :D!

      Thank you *bowing*. LOL indeed, but Google ended up by not enforcing us to change the comment section (thank G-d). Either way, you did well to create the account cause that way you kick butt on G+ :).
      Quite an honour for PM Netanyahu, eh?
      President Obama is disappointing (I wonder if there's a second term curse in the US?).
      We will.

      Cêcê, thank you so much for your comment and support :D.


  6. I don't agree that the people don't do revolutions! Of course they do! The revolutionaries, the progressives, they create change the real change! That's the only way to finish the absolutism of the greedy bourgeoisie and the lazy aristocracy!

    1. Shut up, you fool! Your ideology brought my country to ruin! Communism, socialism, ruined the lives of millions in Africa! So I can tell that you nurture this romantic ideology cause you never lived under its rule, you fool.

      PS: Max, like the new header, my sister!

  7. It is artificiality of course. We need new people in politics, decent people with decent values! I'm fed up with this left-right thing but I don't see how we can go past it either, I don't. I'm ready for a great leader but where is he, Max?

    1. Hi Leila :D!

      There will always be two political camps, it's natural; however the rhetoric and the behaviour must change. Good question, where?
      I'm glad you liked the banner, love :D.

      Girl, Kanimambo for your comment :D.


  8. That wasn't quite what I was expecting from Maxiavelli. More like Maxistotle.

    Since I am teaching through the book of Judges, it should be pointed out that we also live in a time when "Everyone did what was right in his own eyes". The people tried to appoint Gideon as their leader, and his response was, "I will not rule over you, and my son will not rule over you; the Lord will rule over you". So the problem is that the perfect leader will refuse. And if he doesn't refuse, he will probably be assassinated.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      lol Maxistotle...I like that :). It's Maxiavelli with a Maxistotle zest lol *nodding*.

      'we also live in a time when "Everyone did what was right in his own eyes"'

      So true.

      "So the problem is that the perfect leader will refuse. And if he doesn't refuse, he will probably be assassinated."

      How ironic, isn't it? Perhaps one day Maxiavelli will write about how the perfect leader can circumvent that dilemma.

      Looney, thank you so much for your comment :D.



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