By Stephen Cheney

We try not to intrude
Into each other’s domains,
But we are born to intrude.
We try not to look into darkness,
Into mystery more than our own,
But we are the eyes in the dark.

Sensing mysteries,
Breathing rhythm,
Our footprints pressed to sand;
Washed away by the tide of time,
Swept into a forgottenness,
By the changing churning wind.

(Image: Hacker Grenade/Google Images)


  1. Hi Cheney,

    Even if we don't want to intrude, even if we want to mind our own business, some people (through their actions) force us to intrude into their domain. Most of the times intruding is the only way to protect our countries.
    Looking into darkness is a requirement for many of us.

    Beautiful poem, Cheney. Perfect.


  2. Intruding may be a bother but it is also crucial to protect and serve. The law is there to prevent us from crossing the line of course, but many times we are prevented from doing our job because of laws, so we need to ask what's more just: to respect the rights of the perp, of the intruder, or to respect the rights of the victims and potential victims? Tough.

  3. Beware of those lurking in darkness and that's why sometimes it is great to just disappear into the fog; just like King Arthur, right? Powerful poem, Stephen.

    1. Olá, Stephen!
      If one is a woman/mother by nature tend to intrude/pry on other's domains.
      And through manipulation of feelings, one squashes the deepest fears; but stark reality forces upon awakening

      "Swept into forgottenness, by the changing churning wind" - yet one still has the remains of remembrance: right?

  4. Words have many meanings and poetry seeks to manipulate that and weave meanings wanted to share.

    Max: it is a defining characteristic of all living forms to reach out and explore the local environment. Life is made that way. To sense what is out there, to touch, to obtain nutrition and survival benefit. Plants reach for the sun in the air and in the dark ground weave their way to water, minerals and stability of structure. Then there are the destructive forces that must be known and avoided or conquered if individual life is to have any freedom at all, especially the freedom to exist.

    Anonymous: in the realm where laws rule laws must be obeyed although evil men do not obey and even thrive. There are other regions where the law does not rule, in the gutters of humanity, with no law and the presence of evil men it is you who must decide what is to happen next.

    Celeste: one can disappear in the fog and avoid evil; but going, some prefer to drag evil down into the dark waters, as evil is not the only power in the world. King Arthur the king magnified by myth, faded into the fog together with Merlin in 537 AD. As the plague at that time as it removed populations and thus civilizations, removed records, so much was lost. As a monastery however did record the event that one of the Kings who fought against Arthur in the last battle as having later died of the plague, if he was real: then perhaps so too was Arthur. So, as always we only have fragments of history, many falsified by victors. But each fragment has a story, if we can unravel it. Often it is the small things that archaeologists find that reveal truth.

    Lenny: “the remains of remembrance”. Your saying is powerful, steeped in meaning, very poetic, beautiful. Yes, no matter what is fragmented or lost in the tides of time, something still remains. We do so dearly hold on to fragments from the past, our myths, our heirlooms, our traditions, our past loves, our memories. As the Japanese say “Fallen blossoms leave their perfume behind”.

  5. Yeah, everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever, does it? So our footprint is washed away by the water...
    Very beautiful poem.

  6. In family it is important to intrude in the right moments, a life can depend on it.


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