Note: To the Chagrin of Many, PM Netanyahu Was Re-Elected

Congratulations to PM Netanyahu for his re-election. It was well deserved.
The Israeli electoral campaign was a tough one, but the activists of HaLikud Party worked hard and well to achieve victory against all odds. Why against all odds, you may ask?

First, many around the world were wishing that one single man, fighting for the survival of his country and people, would be deposed. It's interesting how they “prayed” for Bibi's downfall, however they don't “pray” for the fall of leaders like President Bashir (Sudan), President Cristina Fern├índez (Argentina), President Maduro (Venezuela), President Erdogan (Turkey), President Zuma (South Africa), President Mugabe (Zimbabwe) etc who are suspected of using their political position to commit acts of corrosive corruption, of all sorts.
Second, rumour has it that elements from the Obama Administration sent golden boy (Jeremy Bird) over to Israel to “destroy” Bibi Netanyahu. Bird failed greatly. Now, the Obama administration's State Department is being investigated by a Bi-partisan subcommittee for having allegedly given taxpayer-funded grants to an NGO to oust the Israeli PM. Unlike many,  we will not accuse President Obama of being directly involved in this, but if indeed some elements in his administration did it, he needs to take full responsibility for it because as he once said “the buck stops with me”.
Third, fama est that even the EU sponsored NGOs to support the Zionist Union Party (Left) in its efforts to bring PM Netanyahu down. If true, how about investing the same amount of time and effort on the Security and Stability of Europe?

This obsession revealed one thing: the world wants to stop the inevitable – sooner or later, Israel will be a Regional Power and Bibi Netanyahu may be the man to start the process.

In 2013, we advised PM Netanyahu not to include Tzipi Livni in his coalition – he did not heed our counsel and suffered the consequences.
In 2015, we reiterate that neither Tzipi Livni nor Isaac “Buji” Herzog should be included in any coalition deal – what Israel needs is a strong, stable, nationalist government (for four years) so that the right policies will be implemented in order for us to have the Land of Israel in its entirety, once and for all. Enough of dilly-dallying.

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  1. The left is so damn desperate about Bibi's victory that they will say the most stupid things ever "oh now a Palestinian state is impossible!" "Obama will now turn to the UN to force a peace agreement" "New Israeli government fascist" "Poor Palestinians! What now?" and shit like that.
    I read an interesting article about some of the classy things the Israeli left wrote prior and after the elections:

    Haaretz columnist Yossi Verter: "The public feels it has had its fill of Netanyahu"

    Yedioth Ahronoth columnist Nahum Barnea: "Israelis have grown tired of Netanyahu. They have had enough of him and he has had enough of them. After nine years as prime minister, and after 22 years in the headlines, the magic is gone"

    Media industry website Ice: "Has Netanyahu's reign come to an end? Doomsday V15 video burns up the Internet: Bibi's negative momentum"

    Cultural figure Yair Garbuz: "Superstitious amulet kissers are running this country. How is it that such a minority controls us?"

    Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid: "Netanyahu will not be prime minister again. It is over"

    Channel 2 commentator Amnon Abramovich: "It looks as if Netanyahu has grown tired of the people, and the people have grown tired of him"


    Author and cultural figure Alona Kimhi: "Every people has the leadership it deserves. Long live stupidity, maliciousness and false consciousness. Drink some cyanide, f---ing Neanderthals. You won. Only death will save you from yourselves"

    Haaretz columnist Gideon Levy: "The people need to be replaced. We don't need an election to choose the leadership of the country; we need a general election to choose the new Israeli people. [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu deserves the people of Israel and the people of Israel deserve Netanyahu"

    Channel 10 commentator Raviv Drucker: "The [election] results landed on me like a ton of bricks. It is possible that the polls that predicted a victory for the Zionist Union on Friday shifted by nine to 10 seats in the span of three days. But if so, that is half of Netanyahu's power. Perhaps this was in fact the trend and we just didn't see it because we live in la-la land"

    As for the US state department: $350,000 to defeat Bibi? Really? How do you feel now, loyal friends of Israel?

    1. Hi Ana Raquel :D!

      Quite disappointing, isn't it? Thanks for the link.
      Why is Gideon Levy still talking anyway? He lost all credibility last summer, as far as I'm concerned (and mind you, I used to read his articles before I boycotted Haaretz). He's so sad.

      If proven to be true, then the State Dept has gone back to its old ways; that's all.

      Ana, thank you so much for your comment, girl :D.


  2. I for one am and many other friends of mine from India are too, delighted.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      I know, right? I saw PM Modi's congratulatory message to PM Netanyahu (both on Twitter and G+) :D
      Long live Indian and Israel.

      Rummy, thank you for your comment, my dear friend :D


  3. Perhaps Netanyahu should invite Obama to give a speech to the Knesset? ;-)

    I have a suspicion that Jews gave far more money to Obama's election campaign than $350,000. As for the polls, I try to ignore them since the pollsters themselves are invariably partisans who load the questions with the deliberate purpose of creating news that they think will sway opinion in a particular direction.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      LOL I wouldn't be surprised if he would be ;)

      You may be right about that one. But State Dept doesn't care.
      I so agree with you on polls. I never pay much attention to them but somehow they were turned into this huge industry...and a phony one at that.

      Looney, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  4. Congratulations to PM Netanyahu. To me this was a historic moment, unbelievable!
    Thought of the week: the left is bit by bit becoming irrelevant. These elections in Israel proved it cause I have never seen such a botched concerted action against one man, one party. They failed big time, Max. I'm glad they did.

    1. Hi Carl :D!

      It was unbelievable.
      Agreed. I'm glad they failed too.

      Carl, thank you for your comment, man :D.


  5. Indeed it was great and amazing to see a person getting re-elected fighting against the strongest and many hidden and unknown adversaries but I believe there is a greater lesson in all this is that you can't fool all the people all the time and the common man in the street knows their priorities better than any other and time and again we have seen nobody could predict public mood in the ballot perfectly as the mass mood knows the truth irrespective of what politicians think about them.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      It really was.
      Exactly: the people know best. Politicians are becoming irrelevant but at the same time they seem irreplaceable...what a conundrum.

      K, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  6. Congratulations to Bibi! One heck of a victory. Congratulations to Israel for having elected a decent government for once.
    Let's pray that they do a great job.

    1. Hi Michael :D!

      It was, wasn't it?
      Yes, let's pray, brother.

      Mike, thank you for your comment :D.


  7. If Netanyahu could be eligible to run for president here, I'd be promoting him everywhere and voting for him.

    1. Hi Allan :D!

      Welcome to Dissecting Society!

      I know how you feel. I'd do the same...

      Thank you so much for your comment, Allan :D. And I hope to see more of you here.



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