The World Is as it Is, but We Are as we Want to Be

By Stephen Cheney

Perhaps much of the inefficiencies of our times are due to the mind-sets of our leaders. Lawyers who become politicians tend to think in terms of arguing for the sake of arguing, and what concessions can they make on behalf of others to achieve an end. They view the public as being the clients of their opposition; opponents of themselves needing not exactly honest manipulation. With this there is no real trust or loyalty and so with this type of thinking (that not all lawyer types have of course), they see political life as if they personally and the public are in a constant civil war with each other. A civilian war.

Scientific personalities, or (non-dictatorial) military minds unfortunately do not tend to go into democratic politics. Their personal thinking is more along the lines of what Action, rather than what Talk, can I do to achieve an end. They view the public as being their colleagues, or their comrades in arms against the problems in life. They see it as that they personally are with, not against others; that they and the public are a family that extends throughout all the nation; or are as a team of bonded warriors who look out for each other and are equals who simply do different tasks in a hierarchy structure. Some generals, I hear, by choice have slept in the same type of cot as their men. Such a general is more than a general, for such Actions note a man of honor. Honor is the best medal. With self discipline you can afford more love. For these types of minds there is no civilian war, the only war is against an enemy that attacks the ones they love or those under their care. Soldiers care, which is why they risk and sacrifice, even if they cannot articulate it; they are unselfish and honorable, and they lay their life down so that others can grow upwards. Soldiers who do not care, are not soldiers, are not worthy of the name 'soldier' and may be only the equals of criminal civilians.

This world is not without its own magic.  It has its angels and demons.  Every one of those though, not in dreams but in this world, is a man.  Children are as the light elves and fairies of this world, new and radiant.  They have not as yet chosen their path, their way to power or dignity.  Their own choices and the choices of those who guide or torture them, decide their ascendency into being adults: human adults that are humane like unto the conception of angels, or human adults that are humorless like unto the deception of demons.  Who does not stand and choose their own path, gets dragged and their path is chosen for them.

Power feeds on and festers in selfishness, always has, always will.  Leaders need to be men and women of honor first, and leaders second.  For honor is the noble base that anchors the flag of the soul that is whipped in the wind.  Honor restrains the mind from being torn away by the winds of a chaotic world, away from humanity and into a demonic night.  Eagles need to dive direct upon their prey, not squabble like seagulls over scraps in a garbage dump.  Each chooses their own sword, their shield, and the way that their hand caresses or depresses a child.

(Image: Portrait of the Lawyer - Jean-Baptiste Perronneau)


  1. liked the poetic tone....! Humans are just capable of the best and worst.... freedom gave us responsibilities that not everyone are aware of it.... oh well humanity .... can be really a pandora box....! all the best!

  2. The trick is in finding the magic/s and abiding in it/them. The most difficult thing to do when reality swirls around with horror!

  3. Not the power to conquer others but the power to become one with others is the ultimate power. Keep honor bright, so says the bard. You will not find it easy-indeed it will be hard, But honor is rewarding, in a thousand ways, it will be of great comfort in your final days. Keep honor bright-and guard your tongue with care say no ill of any man-always be fair.

    With this I take a bow, listen listen leaders, what the lady has to say, for thou shall not repent at the words but atleast salvage the lost glory for the child, if you can.

  4. 'they see political life as if they personally and the public are in a constant civil war with each other' I didn't understand this, Mr Stephen...they see political life as if they...personally?
    At this point I think we need politicians with a military background cause these civilian ones don't know what they are doing! We have some good examples of this and the civilian ones want to depose the others out of fear that if proven the correct formula, the people will not vote for the likes of them! Good article, very good article, Mr Stephen.

  5. Leila, you are right in that “they personally” are a duplication of meaning. You can leave out the “personally” altogether. So what is it doing there? It is a refining double stress. The “they” is not to be taken to mean that the viewpoint is that of a small ruling group who administers a nation, but that it is a view that is of the person who rules; a very self-centered viewpoint. Self-serving instead of Government- or people-serving. For a government, or even a company, as an entity, it is not its buildings or even its structure, it is a mixture of coordination and competition of human individuals. Discord in an ordered environment, for organizations that are in internal harmony, such as hierarchy with their workers, are rare.

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean, in Africa we have had plenty of those self-serving rulers. Thank you for taking the time to explain, Mr Stephen.

  6. Hi Cheney,

    Yes, the world is what it is but we are the ones choosing to be what we are and how we behave (the responsibility is ours, not the world's).
    The message behind this post is very important as it points to the need for a new breed of leaders; leaders that know what power is and know how to handle it without getting lost or becoming greedy.
    Certainly, a lot of food for thought...thank you, Cheney.


  7. I don't know about you guys but when I read this I saw two particular US presidents who happen to be lawyers too. And now a third one, married to a previous president, wants to be president too...may G-d Help us all!


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