Paedophilia: a Scourge of Society

Inferno, Virgil pointing out to Myhrra - Gustave Doré 

"The child shall be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation. He shall not be the subject of traffic, in any form." -- Art 9 of the Universal  Declaration of the Rights of the Child

Paedophilia is a scourge of society.
We have all recently read or heard about the several sting operations - around the world - that saved hundreds of children from paedophile rings and, I would like to take this moment to commend forces like the FBI (working with local law enforcement units), Europol, Interpol, and every single police force in the world, for their dedication in fighting this horrid crime. 

"The child shall enjoy special protection, and shall be given opportunities and facilities, by law and by other means, to enable him to develop physically, mentally, morally, spiritually and socially in a healthy and normal manner and in conditions of freedom and dignity. In the enactment of laws for this purpose, the best interests of the child shall be the paramount consideration." -- Art 2 idem 

The law must go deeper to ensure all children develop in a normal manner and "in conditions of freedom and dignity". Paedophilia is an assault to children's development and dignity. There should be a legal provision to grant the authorities the power to carry out pre-emptive measures against paedophiles, for example:
  • Taking pictures of children in school yards, without parental consent and out of a criminal investigation context, should be illegal.
  • Participating in online fora discussing what they would/could do to children should be considered evidence of intent and conspiracy to commit a crime (because in such venues people are encouraged to either commit crimes [i.e. possession and production of child pornography, which involves many other crimes like kidnapping, sexual assault, torture, drug & human trafficking etc] or fulfil their fantasies [i.e. kidnap, torture, sexual molestation, assault etc] and then share their experiences and recordings online).
  • Disseminating literature on how to abuse children while circumventing the law should not be protected by the right to freedom of expression, inasmuch as doing so will result in the violation of the right to "in all circumstances be among the first to receive protection and relief." (art 8 idem)
It is understandable, however, the difficulties of preparing pre-emptive legislation due to the presence of paedophiles in the political, judicial, legislative and business universes, who often lobby against drafting such bills in order to protect themselves and their deviant associates. Notwithstanding, other people present in those very same spheres should strive to protect children with their utmost might, so that the world knows that society doesn't make an utter mockery of the Declaration of the Rights of Children. 

Paedophilia is not trivial. Paedophilia is abuse. Paedophilia is a hideous crime. Paedophilia should be compared to murder because paedophiles kill children inside, they pervert their soul forever. 

A question to those who like to invoke the bill of rights when discussing these issues: in order to protect the rights of a paedophile should we violate those of a child? 


  1. The timing of this article is amazing! Today this piece of news was published:
    Pedophilia is disgusting and pedophiles should be put down to death! I never understood those who advocate for the rights of these freaks, but again those advocates must be pedophiles too! An answer to your question: I prefer to protect the rights of the child!

  2. For these vermin, the answer is simply to allow the children to lynch them.

  3. This kind of folks make me puke. Their dicks should be cut off.

  4. Like someone commented on your other blog: death penalty for pedophiles!!! They are the scum of the earth and do not deserve to live!

  5. Good question, should the rights of children be trumped by the respect of the rights of pedophiles? Of course NOT. I know that jailing those guys does nothing specially if we are going to release them after a while; castrating them as someone as suggested won't cut it either cause they use objects to abuse children, so after full evidence of their crime those bastards must be put to death, period!
    Max, have a great holiday season and enjoy your well deserved rest.

  6. Have a great break, Max & Cº, you guys deserve it!
    As for pedophiles: kill them all.

  7. Agree with your thoughts Max. Any kind of abuse to me should be dealt with the strongest of punishments, which proves to be a deterrent for it is the impression that people can get away by committing these crimes encourage others too. Somewhere morality should prevail over those abusers before exploiting naive minds for narrow interests.

  8. Well, I have been told soooo many times not to impose my Christian idiot values on people. So I will have to avoid agreeing with all the previous sensible comments lest I be accused of hyper legalistic bigotry.

    My observation is that pedophilia (do we leave out pederasty?) is in the same category as sex slave trafficking: On the surface we are all against these things, but the overall moral framework that the west has been sold by academia and post-Christian clergy requires that our societies pursue policies that encourage these behaviors in every way possible. Unlimited pornography and access of perverts to children? A fundamental human right. Pedophilia? Evil! Unlimited sexual intercourse? A fundamental human right. Sex slave trafficking? Evil! Petrol and Matches? As much as you want. Fire? Banned!

    So I expect the problem to grow worse. Yet I also agree with Max's post and the rest of the comments.


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