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Neutrality is dead. In fact, there is substantial doubt that it ever existed.
Anyone, or any country, telling you that it is neutral is misleading you. Looking at history, all countries (mainly most of the founders of the non-alignment movement) that tried to convinced us that they were non-aligned, or neutral, revealed to be aligned with USSR/Russia. Individuals claiming to be political neutral will usually pick a team and play - and that team will usually have a political agenda (it's inevitable).

China is upset because Japan decided to acquire advanced military equipment. The Red Dragon accused Japan of military expansion. With all due respect, China is shameless. First, China has been (for quite some time) stepping up its military expansion; then it endeavours to occupy the Senkaku Islands - did it frankly expect Japan to just sit tight? No country would allow external forces to threaten its sovereignty and China is threatening the Japanese sovereignty.
To those who side with China on this matter, due to the role Japan played in the WWII, I'd like to point to one detail: the Japanese people and the Japanese Royal Family have heavily paid their dues and made amends. If the world pardoned Germany (who slaughtered millions of people in the most vicious and inhumane fashion) allowing it to build weapons and sell it to nations that sponsor terrorism against the West, why wouldn't we pardon Japan? Double-standards are despicable. This blog supports Japan and its initiative to take its islands back.

The Election Year of any country is a display of political childish behaviour: candidates make empty promises (and the people fall for them), they  blatantly lie and dodge the real issues through distraction manoeuvres. In the Indian case, the manoeuvre is the Devyani Khobragade issue. Shock and awe aside, the fact remains: Ms Khobragade misled the government of the United States of America by stating that her maid would earn a certain amount per month, while working in the US; once there, she changed her maid's salary to match the Indian wages, in violation of US laws.
No diplomat, regardless of its nationality, can be allowed to "lie" to the US government, take employees to America and exploit them with impunity.

If you do not view homosexuality with good eyes, you lost the right to express it. The LGBT Movement wants to force everybody to support their cause and if you don't they will find ways for you to lose your job. The LGBT Movement seeks more rights for gays (and derivatives) while suppressing the rights of heterosexuals.
This Gay Movement also seeks to force every homosexual to expose his/her sexual life, because if they don't then they are not real gays. If Broadcast TV Networks transmit series exploring "sexually undefined" characters, they are personally offending the Movement for no decent gay ever sleeps with heterosexuals.
The LGBT Movement is always trying to hijack the black civil rights movement and expressing their horror at racism in America; when in fact the LGBT Movement is the most racist, anti-Semitic, movement of them all. It's them and the Neo-Feminists: a small bunch of racists who probably receive financial support from countries that murder gays and violate women's rights everyday.

Spain rolled back its Abortion Laws: women will only be allowed to have an abortion when raped or when their health (physical or psychological) is in danger. This is a major victory for Conservatives. Only socialists would pass laws liberalising abortion in times when Europe is aging for lack of babies (thus opening the doors to several kinds of national security issues).
Speaking of rolling back laws: India and Australia went back on their decision regarding homosexual relationships and same-sex marriages. Imagine if other countries decide to follow suit.
What do these three examples teach us? They teach us the impermanence of political affairs. No Movement should not take their "victories" for granted.

The year is ending and the air of change is beginning to blow.
2014 should be replenished with interesting political events.


  1. Like totally: there's no neutrality. I still laugh when Russia comes with that conversation and China too.
    Go Japan!!! That's all I can say about this Senkaku dispute. I read the Wikipedia link and it doesn't make sense cause it says that because China was allegedly the first to mention the Islands in a book in English (?) then China can claim the islands? If I didn't read correctly feel free to correct me.
    I hope the Ducky Dynasty guy gets his job back cause people do not have the right to take the livelihood of guys who only express their opinion. This LGBT group should is always looking for the spotlight and getting artists and others fired gives them some sort of power...until it doesn't.
    Anti-Semitism is everywhere nowadays, it's such a dejá vu.

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      It is not clear that the first mention was either in English or Chinese (I have to consult a historian).
      I agree. I wonder if he has the right to sue the network for a violation of his first amendment rights - perhaps and American could clarify that for us?
      Agreed on Anti-Semitism.

      Ana, thank you so much for your comment, girl :D.


    2. Max, did you hear what Britain said to Guterres?

  2. Good comment on the LGBT movement. They are way out of control, dude; and one of these days it will backlash. I have a cousin who is gay and he always attacks the LGBT people cause he says they actually make it harder for gays who just wanna live their lives in peace. Besides, as Jews we don't like the shit they say about Israel.

    1. Hi Adam :D!

      Thanks. That is an interesting perspective and I agree with your cousin. I hear you, I definitely hear you.

      Adam, thank you ever so much for your comment, mate :D.


  3. China has some nerve. I have been reading about their own military expansion, they are trying to match that US' military power, and now is complaining over Japan...neat. You made a valid argument about Japan and Germany, we were too quick to forgive Germany but many still today trash Japan, why? It makes no sense at all.
    I don't understand the Indian problem, the lady diplomat broke the law and Indians expected her to walk? Strange.
    The LGBT paragraph reminds me of Ducky Dynasty. I don't like his show, I think he's a hick but even a hick has rights to freedom of expression! I don't understand a movement that fights for rights but wants to eliminate the right to free speech, I don't.
    I love the way you brain works, Max. BTW you know how to kick ass at G+ communities!

    1. Hi Michael :D!

      It has.
      The US immigration law for Diplomats and Foreign Government Officials is clear:

      "Diplomatic applicants must meet specific requirements to qualify for a diplomatic (A) visa under immigration law."

      "In addition, the applicant needs to demonstrate that he/she will perform the contracted employment duties. (..) If the employer does not carry the diplomatic rank of Minister or higher or hold a position equivalent to Minister or higher, the employer must demonstrate that he or she will have sufficient funds to provide a fair wage and working conditions, as reflected in the contract."

      If a diplomat misleads the US government then it will be committing fraud, a crime punishable by the law. For more details:


      Agreed on the rights to freedom of speech.
      Why, thank you *bowing*. LOL LOL LOL I love those debate and Mike is a very entertaining leftist lol.

      Michael, thank you so much for your comment, buddy :D.


    2. Yes it's clear, but explain that to vote hunters.
      Hey, Duck Dynasty will be back on; the network went back on their decision and brought Phil Robertson back to the show. Free speech won!

    3. Indeed,

      So, I heard...
      I agree: free speech won.


  4. I do wonder if commenting too much on these items might cost me my job. The thing I usually note is that the LGBT agenda is primarily being driven by modernist theologians. Basically mainline churches and ex-Christian universities like Harvard. On Sunday they argue that the LGBT agenda is a theological imperative required by the gods. Then the same theologians file court cases and argue that the LGBT agenda must be adapted because it is the only way in which separation of church and state can truly be achieved. If there is a limit to hypocrisy, I suppose they will find out where it is.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      LOL LOL if you suspect you might lose your job, don't comment ;).
      Oh really? That is a nice way of spending their Sundays lol *nodding*. I am not sure they will ever find out that limit to hypocrisy...
      The only thing I know is that the LGBT group is starting to get to many people's wits...they are pushing it.

      Looney, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  5. No, there is nothing called neutrality and thank God for that. And there is also nothing called permanent allies. And thank God for that too. LGBT has been over flogged and if everyone backs off, things will simply settle down like other major issues like women's suffrage did in time.

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      Amen. Are you sure? Five little stars +1 would beg to differ (they have been "permanent" allies since forever).
      I am not sure how do you mean: the LGBT has been over flogged or has it been over flogging?
      I am not sure either how this movement can be compared to the Suffragist Movement? Gay men could always vote, whereas anyone with a vagina couldn't...not the same thing; and perhaps I should've added that the LGBT movement also hijacks the "feminist" cause.

      Rummy, thank you so so much for your comment :D.


  6. Olá Max,

    Great reflexions! I focus on the rising anti-Semitism in Europe and Dieudonné's quenelle: it is extraordinary to see black people being anti-Semitic, racists whatever; when they are still treated like garbage in many European countries...do they think they will ever be a PM in Europe? Forget about it! And then we see that Anelka guy doing the same in solidarity to Dieudonné...being anti-Semitic in solidarity?
    What do those two guys have in common? They are converts to Islam! That says it all!


    1. Olá Celeste :D!

      Thank you *bowing*.
      Venting much? :)
      Of course, you are right; it is of poor taste for black people to be anti-Semitic; hell, it is tacky for anyone to be anti-Semitic, racist etc.
      I didn't know Anelka had converted to Islam...wow.

      Celeste, thank you so much for your comment, girl :D. And chill.



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