2013 Forecast: The Accuracy Of Our Brand

This Blog had a very good year.
Our precious readers do not know all members of the Dissecting Society team yet (so far they only know our Contributing Editor and Lenny Hannah [who writes for the Portuguese blog]), however I would like to thank each and everyone who contribute to this blog's success - you are a vital piece in the puzzle.
I would also like to thank our Honorary Dissectors (i.e. those who leave comments and participate with ideas): this blog comes alive because of you; therefore, thank you ever so much for sharing your insights with us. Your thoughts continue to be my favourite book.

In the beginning of 2013, we shared our forecast for the year. I am ever so glad to say that most of the predictions we made were exactly correct:

We can expect a more politically confused Europe
ü European politicians can't find a solution to the problems ailing most of the EU member states (e.g. unemployment; weak economy; growing right wing extremism and anti-Semitism [from both sides of the political aisle]); they continue to finance incitement to hate, racism and ultimately terrorism in the occupied Israeli territories; they don't have a consistent foreign policy strategy and they allowed China, Brazil, India and others to take their place in the international arena; even Russia proved it has more clout than them (i.e. the Ukrainian issue) - we have to admit that it is embarrassing.
At least France's military initiatives, in Africa, and Britain's economic growth (that will cause it to "become the biggest economy in Europe") gave us signs that some in Europe remain with an eye wide open...

The US should start its journey towards the reconquest of its hegemony
ü The US economy picked up with unemployment rates falling and with the government reaching a budget deal. The head of the IMF even said, last week, that the American economic growth will quicken in 2014. The US is also getting closer to energy independence, which will give them international political leverage for generations to come.
Despite the appearances, the US foreign policy strategy will bear fruits (notwithstanding the Saudi efforts to derail America); nevertheless, if I were in position to do so, I would advise the Obama Administration to show more fortitude when it comes to the Israeli Sovereignty, lest the Israeli people continue to believe that their closest ally is stabbing them in the back - as it happened in the past (example).

The Middle-East won't see peace in 2013
ü however al-Assad did not leave power. We were right, though, about the power struggle between Al-Nusra and secular groups (who, by the way, have practically evaporated as the year went by).
Palestine remained stateless. Peace Talks were resumed, however since their inception (and despite all the Israeli concessions, including the release of criminals) the Palestinians have stepped up their terrorist attacks against Israelis (e.g. shooting a child, stabbing a man, rock throwing at vehicles, bombing buses, sniper shootings and rockets fired from Gaza) - once again, Palestine reveals itself a poor partner for peace.
Jordan put in place reforms that seemed to have mitigated the threat hovering over the King's head.

Indeed, this Blog is starting to gain credibility.

+MAX: Dissecting Society wishes you a Happy New Year! 
We are looking forward to seeing you in 2014. 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      They could be, right? But let's see what my mind will capture for next year...things may go a different avenue.

      Rummy, thank you for your comment, my precious Honorary Dissector :D.


  2. Congratulations, Max. You picked an excellent team and now we are all harvesting the fruits of our work. Keep it up, boss :-).

    1. My, my, my...what an honour *bowing*. Ladies & gents, my contributing editor is in the house.

      Hello, Cristina :D!

      Why, thank you. Indeed, we are. I will.

      Cris, thank you ever so much for your visit (unexpected one) and for your kind words :D.


  3. Olá Max, epá estou super orgulhosa!

    You guys did a wonderful job this year! Yes, this site is credible.
    I wish you all a bloody fabulous 2014 and may you continue to be different, see politics differently.

    Tchau e Parabéns!

    1. Olá Celeste :D!

      Obrigada, linda.
      Thank you for your support, C. 2014 will be an interesting year :D.


  4. Regarding the US and growth, keep in mind that if the economy grows at less than the inflation + population growth, then the net GDP per person is decreasing. Leftists would never miss this point if an alleged conservative were president.

    My cynical forecast is that True Speech will continue to be under assault at the same time that Free Speech will continue to prosper. This is something easily derived: There are an infinite number of false opinions for every correct opinion. Since infinity minus one is equal to infinity, we can eliminate True Speech without in any way diminishing Free Speech!

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      For now the data puts the US economy in a good place, so...let's cross our fingers. Our investments need the US economy to keep growing :)

      True Speech, eh? lol *nodding*. I loved this paragraph, I love your cynical forecast: it is so true and there's no margin to be mistaken ;).

      Looney, thank you for your comment, my friend. Here's to us and True Speech :D.


  5. You were/are quite right about the European Union, they are a complete disappointment. It should make us recall Margaret Thatcher's opinion about the whole body, shouldn't it?
    Merry 2014!

    1. Hi Bernard :D!

      Yes, it should.
      Merry 2014, darling!

      Bernie, thank you ever so much for your comment :D. You were missed.


  6. Oh well, your blog is much more than just words and is a one-stop spot for political events happening globally. Keep up your good work and surely the Big Brother will also start keeping a close watch on you (read may hire your services too!), with the pace at which you are hitting the nail and striking jackpot. Wishing very best for the future endeavors.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      Why, thank you, K *bowing*. Thank you for your support :D.
      LOL the Big Brother keeping a close watch on me...that would be interesting ;).

      K, you are one of the best in this world. Thank you for everything and here's to us :D.



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