The Indian Mujahideen & The Wahhabi Threat

It is quite known that Pakistan moulds its military and national security strategy according to its mood regarding India. In my incessant quest to understand the Pakistani obsessive behaviour towards India, I received information introducing me to a terrorist group (the Indian Mujahideen [IM]) - operating within India - and to some other interesting facts.

"The stated goal of the IM is to 'liberate India' from the influence of Western materialistic culture and further its conversion into an Islamic society." - Rohit Singh in Understanding the Indian Mujahideen

[NB: the aim to purge a nation of the western influence is the same as Al-Qaeda's (and affiliates); Haqqani Network's; Jemaah Islamiyah's; Boko Haram's, Hamas' etc]

The Indian Mujahideen is an offshoot of the SIMI (founded on the 15th of April 1977 by Mohammed Ahmedullah Siddiqi) and, its creation served the purpose of Indianising the Jihad against India - through the IM, Pakistan is able to destabilise its neighbour, from within, whenever it suits the ISI and the military.
In order to carry out its plans, it was capital to train IM members in Pakistan; where 200 of its elements went to get training on how to assemble arms and explosives and to be indoctrinated into believing that they were victims of the Hindus and of the Indian State. After leaving Pakistan, they were "tasked by its masters to spread jihadi tendencies in India, through homegrown militants, aided, abetted and calibrated from across the borders" (idem).

The IM has carried out several terrorist attacks in India (see the list here) and it was involved in the Mumbai 2008 terror attack - having assisted the LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba). While studying their involvement in such attack, the similitude between the IM's and AQ's MO (for instance) is sound: cell members visit the vicinity of their intended target in order to effect a survey prior to the (usually a celebratory) date of the attack; prepare intel, weapons, ammunitions and safe houses.

The Indian Mujahideen abide to Wahhabism (i.e. fundamentalist Islam; synonymous to Salafism). All the IM members have reportedly received education in madrasas (i.e. the Wahhabi Deobandi Schools) sponsored by Saudi Arabia - a Kingdom known for funding the spread of Wahhabism, not only in India but also, throughout the world.
Despite having the classification of "Indian" in their title, IM elements are not loyal to India but to Islam because they were taught that:
1. A Muslim’s first loyalty is to his religion and then to his country,
2. Muslims should recognise only the religious borders of the Ummah and not national borders,
3. A Muslim has a sacred right, and obligation, to go to any country to wage jihad to protect the Muslims of that nation.

If we come to think about it, the IM is no different than the AQ, the AQAP, the AQIM, the Al-Nusra, the Taliban, the LeT, the JeM, Hamas and other Radical Jihadist groups. All these subsidiaries share the same ultimate goal (the Establishment of a Global Caliphate) under the same sponsors and facilitators; who, interestingly enough, are the very same ones that the West has been cuddling for decades, despite the many reports written about them (see example).

We are used to view Iran as a terror State-Sponsor; however the time has come for the globe to view Saudi Arabia as such as well (the only difference is that the first doesn't constitute such a great political dilemma as the second does).
And when we think of these two countries, we have to think of India who buys oil from both of them (although it has sharply decreased its oil trade with Iran due to western-imposed sanctions); being, thus, in a conundrum: how do you tell a country, on whose oil you depend, that it is guilty of disrupting your home and of perilling the security of your citizens? On the other hand, how do you explain your citizens that in order to develop the country, you have to put their head on the block?
India needs to speed up its energetic independence, as part of national security strategy as well.

So what would be the safest political route to help mitigating the problem? India, and others in her position, would have to start sending the appropriate messages to its immediate foes and perturbers - to show strength and might, lest they are perceived as impotent.


  1. Let me just repeat for those of your readers who have not read my comment on FB.
    "Fanatic Muslims consider Hindu dominated India as "an unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests". I may be recalled that all other countries conquered by Islam became 100% converted to Islam within two decades of the Islamic invasion. India is the exception. Undivided India in 1947 was 75% Hindu even after 800 years of brutal Islamic rule. That is jarring for the Islamic fanatics."

    1. Unfinished chapter of Islamic conquests...nice. And how do Indian folks feel about this; what does the public opinion say?
      India, Portugal and Spain are the exception. Islam invaded the Iberian peninsula around the 8th century, tried to convert people by rape and violence and did't manage! It remained Christian although many Christian sell outs helped them invade the peninsula, still they failed their intent and they resent us for it! Al-Qaeda is always saying how it will recoup al-Andaluz (Hamas even has a mall with this name in Gaza)! Pathetic!

  2. They all talk the same talk: damn nuisance! As much as I would like to see them eradicated from the face of the earth, I also know that they are a result of bad politics and political-correctness. I am sorry but it's the truth. And these politicians just keep on doing it!
    India is not different, from the little I know it has socialist tendencies; the reason why it is highly corrupt; and it has been avoiding to take a firmer stance - regarding the Pakis, the Chinese, the Iranians, the Saudis, you name it. These jihadists will continue to take advantage of it be it in India, Europe, America or Africa!
    And do not get me started on the Wahhabis/Salafists and how the West let things get to this point!
    Are we all ready for tomorrow?

    1. Hey Ana :D!

      They do indeed. Never apologise for giving your opinion, girl - I understand what you mean and you are right.
      Yes, taking advantage of political weakness (and other situations) is part of the Jihadist pattern.

      We are all ready for today, yes.

      Ana, thank you ever so much for your input :D.


  3. Articles discussing religious conflicts between Hindus and Muslims are rife; but we have to look at recent events in India: has anyone questioned the increase of rape incidents since the beginning of the year? Who planned it and who is behind them? Max, I know you don't believe in coincidences so you will understand what I'm saying here or at least trying to say. In any case, Hindus are not just leaning against a wall watching these IM guys wreaking havoc in their country, no...they are fighting against them. And I would support groups like the Jats in the battle against IM. It can be done that's what I'm saying cause this can't go on.

    1. Hey Anonymous :D!

      Do you also suspect that these rapes are some sort of terrorist activity? You are not alone. But unfortunately, they are being treated as "regular" criminal offences *nodding*.
      Absolutely, I do understand what you are trying to convey and I really think that that avenue should be pursued.

      Ah, the situation in Uttar Pradesh...I saw something on euronews, yes.
      Are you suggesting that gangs/militias should be used to counter the activities of radical Islamists? Wouldn't that create other sort of problems, in your opinion?
      We must be cautious about that plan.

      Anonymous, thank you so much for your valuable input :D.


  4. I just want to know the ramifications of these IM activities, what do they mean to the West. Is theer a possibility that elements of the IM come to our side of the world, infiltrate and attack from here? Because they can wage jihad from anywhere and they do not recognize national frontiers, right?
    These groups are ambiguously dangerous: they claim to want to fight for the muslims in their country but in reality they want to spread their radical beliefs around the world and convert all of us by force and terror.

    1. Hi Pete :D!

      Good question. IM elements could be used against the West - you know we have much respect and love for Indians, so most of us wouldn't suspect an IM element if he would pass as a Hindu, for example. And it would be bad for India in the future; so the country needs to protect itself (politically and otherwise) in case Pakistan, and others, go that far.

      Yes, you are right.

      Pete, thank you so much for your valuable input :D.


  5. My hope still is in the future, a energetic breakthrough should happen in some 10-20 years and oil for energetic purposes will gradually become less used. So countries dependence on oil will decrease....but in between there will be casualties .... as i said before thats the price that we must pay to maintain our lifestyle...

    all the best Max

    1. Ciao Gallardo :D!

      I hope so too and things seem to be looking good, in that regard.
      Yes and yes - you are right, once again.

      G, thank you so much for your input :D.


  6. Interesting interpretation of POTUS's address last Tuesday. The US will unleash it then? That would be quite a move. I am sure though the Russians have made the same reading, so how is Obama going to do I wonder? Politics hadn't been this interesting since after the 9/11. I don't agree the cold war is back but it is damn close to it and it's exciting. I am placing bets, on whom do you bet, Max? I am looking at the Kurds...they need to be at ease to act as intended. Regarding the it is spilling over South Asia already: look at the Philippines. We need to take action that's for sure.

  7. I don't wanna repeat myself, you all know how I feel about these damn islamists,so I am going to comment on this week's thought: I wish he would, Max! The Russians would be humiliated, Iran would receive a good message and maybe even feel the pinch, Assad would have to move to Moscow with his pretty wife and kids and then the Arabs should be put against the wall by pressing them to put boots on the ground and deal with the AQ guys in Syria. Either way, we are ready willing and able. But does Obama have the guts to do it? Let's see.

    1. Hey Adam :D!

      I agree with you on the Arab league putting boots on the ground...but then, who would they blame for their troubles? The Arabs are using the West as their punching bag and we are letting them. And now that we are closer to energy independence, they seem to be stepping up their game.

      I think he does...

      Adam, thank you so much for your comment, mate :D.


  8. I chuckled a little on the Iranian Oil part. I think you have made a very perfect analysis and I'm going to share with you a very popular secret here for the fact that India is yet to full explore its gas reserves as also to optimally extract from already established reserves , but due to some mysterious reason there are caps being put into the quantity that can be extracted and therein lies the irony. We feel there is over-democratization of the Indian state, as they say too much of good leads to evil or is bad, the same is patent in this country, where, the govt. is simply there in name and there is no more a self pride in being an Indian. It has the potential but the shortsightedness of the rulers over the decades has catapulted into a status of a soft nation, which can't take a clear stand in any International issue, although it has the might of doing so and therein the negative elements of the society has gained upperhand. And the real irony in tackling terrorism here is the so called pseudo-secular govt. just to appease and for votebank politics would go soft upon one community and there would be multiple voices in the govt. itself, which is being fully being taken advantage by the countries adversaries.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      Thank you *bowing*.

      I read an article criticising that exact cap - it is shameful. I so understand where you are coming from when you speak of lack of self-pride in being Indian. The same is happening in Europe - do you think the world is experiencing an identity crisis?

      Exactly: India has the might but doesn't make use of it. It doesn't even play political chess with it and it can, it should.

      It seems like the Indian problem is similar to the socialist-European problem.

      K, thank you ever so much for your outstanding comment :D. Loved it.


    2. Maybe I'm taking a little orthodox view contrary to the modern wave, but I must say one thing that this age of everything superfast from news to food to life has made us more and more demanding and impatient, where we demand a quick-fix of anything and everything and everything is available at hand with little effort and once the cycle gets even a little slower for a moment, we just get intolerant, and that's where I guess is the root cause of this identity crisis all over the world.

      Another interesting view I would love to share is today the governments all over the world has become a lot shady than ever before and there are hardly any visionaries who think about tomorrow but has just become power mongers who just want to hold on to their seats at any cost even if it is at the cost of its own people because I find the more globalized we are becoming the more self-centric we are getting and today there are more groups trying to fight for rights over land than ever before, which perhaps in a modern world should have reduced. People are becoming so pessimistic that they can easily be swayed away these days even with a non-existent or dangerous ray of hope.

    3. Kalyan,

      That is definitely food for thought, my friend.

      I agree on governments being shadier than before. We lack those great visionary politicians of the past...but maybe those didn't have to play the favour game (which is what causes problems in the political arena). Once politics were opened to everybody, corruption increased - because they had to look for people who would finance their campaigns and careers; the result? Defending the interests of those who fund you and the hell with the people, as a consequence.

      Perhaps people are fighting more over land because they need a sense of identity; they need a return to their history and, information is more available out there so historical truths are being more exposed? More food for thought.

      K, always a pleasure, mate :D.

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Abelle :D!

      Not the Muslim part of your country...a Muslim community of your Christian country is causing chaos - it's different. It is all part of their goal to establish a Global Caliphate.

      Abelle, my darling, thank you so much for your input :D.


  10. Olá Max!

    The Wahhabi threat is greater than the IM one. Wahhabi philosophy teaches a radical form of Islam (it rejects modernity, which is associated with the west; it rejects any form of secularism and it basically wants to take us back to medieval times) which would not be a problem if they hadn't this crazy idea that we must all be submitters to Allah. Now, we have been through this crap with the Catholics in the past, we are not going through the same with Muslims, Islamists, Wahhabi, whatever they wish to call themselves.

    But alas, most of the west is in this people's hand through money...even Mr Bill Clinton, from an article I read. Bill Clinton, people! A Top Muslim Brotherhood guy worked in his foundation...what are the ramifications of this?

    Max, brilliant!


    1. Olá Celeste :D!

      You may be very right about Wahhabism being the root of evil.
      Indeed, we have been through it all before. I only wish our politicians wouldn't forget it...out of financial convenience.

      Bill Clinton? Could you send me that article, please?

      Thanks, Celeste. And thank you for your comment as well :D.



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