A Message to Africa

Source: Afritorial

The Sub-Saharan Africa is slowly raising out of the ashes and, if it plays its cards right, it will have a huge opportunity to join the big boys' club in a few decades.
But first it must have the courage to have a healing debate about the colonisation period (both the positive and negative aspects of it);  it must empower its people (by allocating the necessary resources to education, health care and access to equal opportunities) and it must affirm its true African independence.

Sub-Saharan African nations are rich and their potential is enormous - the seed must be planted now. This fact has been acknowledged not only by the smartest people on earth but mainly by opportunists:

A. USSR: the communists convinced African nations that tribalism was bad for them (the colonisers kept this political system because it helped them to keep order and, because a Chief/King is in a much better position to know the needs of the locals. However, since the tribal system doesn't leave much room for corruption, the Soviets decided that it had to be obliterated). Regrettably, the so-called African political leaders, at the time, failed to realise that the USSR wanted to divide them to conquer - and so they did.
What was the result of the Soviet savvy? The spread of communism throughout Africa and consequently years of ration (due to scarcity of food and goods), re-education camps (where all sorts of atrocities occurred), suppression of freedoms and individualism (enjoyed during the colonisation period, mainly in the Portuguese colonies), persecution of dissidents, depletion of natural resources, widespread corruption and, ultimately, the condemnation of millions of people to spiritual death, mental numbness and physical weakness.

B. China: in its quest to develop itself (at any cost), it reached out to Africa to quench its energetic and mineral thirst. The Chinese did not use the colonisation card (which is beneath them); they used the monetary card instead: the Red Dragons spread billions of dollars around the African continent - they built roads (never mind if they would be filled with potholes after the first rains); they built buildings (never mind if they would collapse after a while); they built airports (never mind if, in return, they would demand timber or minerals - in quantities exceeding the cost of the project); they started businesses (never mind if they didn't give jobs to the locals); they built the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia (to grow its influence in the continent, now that Brazil wants a piece of it as well; and silence the AU members at the UN)...
What was the result of the Chinese savvy? Africans got to have a feeling that they were retaliating against the neglecting West - even though the Red Dragons were sucking them dry.

C. Iran: the Persian Deputy Foreign Minister for Arab & African Affairs, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said "Iran attaches major significance to the expansion of the ties with African nations in the strategic continent and in Muslim states in particular"; and Iran started doing so by using the colonisation card. The Persians approached the African nations, that were strategically interesting to them, and convinced them that Iran could be "this reliable power through which the independence of Africa is preserved" (Ja'dar Qannadbashi) since the West had them under shackles for so long and Russia had led them to utter poverty. However, Iran has not ensured the preservation of Africa's independence; au contraire, it fettered Africa to more corruption, to more violence, to Islamic proselytism and to terrorism.
"Iranian and Hezbollah presence and activity in Africa, like the one in Latin America, goes beyond the legitimate political, economic, social and cultural levels and creeps into the dangerous area of terrorism & subversion; threatening not only outside actors and interests but the very stability of the host countries." - Ely Karmon

Africa is filled with beautiful people with a heart of gold. The time has come to put their welfare first and nefarious foreign interests last.
Trade carefully and those who (whether we like it or not) once helped shape our beloved Africa's past will be the ones helping it to shape its future.

"Dine with a stranger but save your love for your family." - Ethiopian proverb


  1. Without a doubt communism ruined Africa!

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      You know it.

      Anonymous, thank you so much for your input :D.


  2. Ok, Russia messed Africa up (even I heard of the horrific stories of Russian boats sucking - with some sort of aspiration devices - shrimps off Mozambique's coast); China cuts timber and doesn't replant the forests; but what does Iran have to do with Boko Haram and other groups that are attacking African countries? I thought Saudi Arabia was behind them?
    I just wanted to say that NGOs are doing a great work in Africa: they are teaching them new agricultural techniques, they are educating the locals and little by little they are being empowered.
    Free Africa from Poverty!!!!

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      Oh, you heard about it too, eh? It is a sad true story.
      Darling, you thought well - Saudi Arabia is behind many Islamic terrorist activities; but Iran is as well (I might get into this in more depth later on). Have you heard of Hezbollah's presence in Africa and, in particular, in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Hezbollah prepared the way for Iran in Africa y otras cositas más.

      Yes, some NGOs are doing a great job in Africa.

      Celia, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  3. Great post! China also gives a lot of scholarships to African students. In the mind of the Chinese government officials, they are building "guan xi" (relationship power) with Africa. And it appears their plan is working. In the city where I live, there are many African students here on scholarship. I never see American students here, only African, or students from Middle eastern countries. China knows how to make those countries feel indebted to them.

    1. Hi D! :D

      Thank you *bowing*. Yes, China follows the Soviet, East German and Cuban model: The USSR, Cuba and East Germany used to give scholarships to African students (in the 70's and 80's). They all knew how to make those countries feel indebted to them (e.g. Angola's president dos Santos studied in East Germany).

      I heard from an African gentleman who studied in China (more than 20 years ago) that Africans were called the Black Devils (and they couldn't marry Chinese women): does this still happen?

      D, thank you so much for your great comment :D.


    2. I think China is getting used to the idea of inter-racial marriage, but I still don't think most Chinese have ever even seen an African, much less known someone who was married to one. There is still a lot of prejudice. I haven't heard them use the term "black devil", but I know there is definitely a bias. But that being said, there is also a bias against a chinese marrying a caucasian. This country was walled off for so long that they have created a particularly strong national identity, and do not accept much foreign invasion.

    3. D,

      Thank you so much for sharing a different perspective: I appreciate it :D.

      Have a great weekend, darling.

  4. Stop being such an idealist Max. Africa is the next market for armaments and ammunition and every country worth its name will fight for keeping the continent on the boil. Africa can pay for all that with all the riches that they have.

    1. LOL LOL...*nodding*

      Hi Rummy :D!

      Next market? It has been an armament and ammo market for decades now; only now the number of players is increasing: before were the Russians and Americans mainly; now Germany, France, UK, Check Republic, China, Israel, Iran etc etc joined the party openly.

      Now it is not interesting to keep the continent on the boil because Europe, for once, is interested in making Africa its veggies garden, services provider and especially its nuclear feeder (France's nuclear programme depends mostly on Niger). Brazil is interested in natural resources so it will do its best to keep the nations where it invests in peace...the same with others.
      Why do you think Europe and the US are now in such a rush to protect it from the Radical Islamists? Bling bling...

      Rummy, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  5. Olá Max,

    Any Mozambican descendant will tell you the atrocities committed by the communists in the post-revolution period: they tortured and raped dissidents in reeducation camps; you couldn't study what you wanted cause the state would tell you which degree to take according to the "nations's" needs; your property would be seized (nationalized), there was no food so forth and so forth. Many preferred the time when they were colonized by the Portuguese.

    Africa today: it risks being occupied by radical Muslims and that is the truth. Like you so well indicated, the Hezbollah is so deeo rooted in Africa that it hurts. Because of my line of business, I have met some (they are disguised as prosperous businessmen).
    I wish Africa all the luck in the world and I wish they turn to us again!!

    Great job, Max!


    1. Olá Celeste :D!

      So true, my dear. I know many in my family still miss the colonisation period (they say "Ah, we were so happy when the Portuguese were here! These FRELIMO blokes ruined everything!").
      What is more interesting is that when Samora Machel realised what the Soviet model was doing to Moza and wanted to turn to the West: the Russians killed him. This tells us a lot.

      Very well said. Yes, that's what they do (have you heard about their diamonds business in DRC? They were eventually overthrown, but they controlled that business there a few years ago).
      Me too: I want to see Africa thrive.

      Thanks, darling *bowing*.

      Celeste, thank you so so much for your input :D.


  6. There's nothing more tiresome than hearing Africans blasting the colonization period - that pisses me off too! And to think that the liberation parties did very little for the people; to whose partial interests they served only after the west demanded them to do something for the people in exchange of aid money!
    The Chinese and the Iranians/Lebanese need to be put in their place! Did you read what Annan said about Africa?
    As always, your timing is perfect!

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      Wow...I appreciate your directness, girl *bowing*.
      Yes, I read about it: he said secret deals are plundering Africa - it is nice of him to finally say it, because when he was a UN General Secretary he never comment on it (but again, maybe he couldn't...secret UN dealings).


      Ana, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  7. Max, you have me wondering if there is any such thing as an African identity. This is mainly from my observation of east Asian culture: A Chinese would never want to be lumped together with a Japanese, Korean or Vietnamese in the category of generic East Asian.

    1. Hi Looney :D!

      There is actually an African identity. I learned this in my first trip to Zambia. The locals called me their "child" and I said "But I was born in Mozambique" to which they replied "It's Africa, isn't it? We are all Africans regardless the many different languages we speak, the many different chitengues (traditional cloth) we wear. You have Africa running in your veins so you are our children!"...they are all different yet they feel united by the African feeling. It's hard to explain...

      Yes, I have noticed that about the Asian culture (and their history backs it up; so I get it).

      Looney, thank you so so much for your comment :D.


  8. The China part really made my jaws go wide and couldn't help give a hearty chuckle. They are like rabbits in the burrow, whose bluff everyone can see. Anyway coming to the topic, its ironic indeed simple people are so easy to be manipulated and played around for narrow selfish gains and the biggest culprits are the richest and the strongest nations. I would just hope against these opportunists a new order of strong countries crop up who can take on them face to face and call of their bluff in the front of the common man of the African nations, who other than living their lives in joy in gaiety hardly involve in any petty politics, but slowly and surely they are also coming to senses and now daring to go against their tyrant overzealous masters.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      lol I can understand why you gave a hearty chuckle.

      True. And the common Africans are starting to rise up against their tyrant masters. Did you hear about that case, in Tanzania, where the Maasai (especially the women) stood up against the government? Here's a summary of why:

      "In a remote corner of northern Tanzania, Boeing 747 planes land on a private airstrip, trucks with United Arab Emirates (UAE) number plates drive across the plains, and anyone with a cell phone receives an unlikely text message:

      'Dear guest, welcome to UAE.'

      For centuries, the sprawling savannah in the Arusha region of the East African nation was home to the Maasai people, but these days it can feel more like Dubai, one of the states that make up the UAE."

      For more: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-22155538

      One more opportunist to add to the list. But at least the people are fighting and I hope they win.

      K, thank you ever so much for your awesome comment :D.


    2. Well I can only say...'Where there is Oil, all is not there Well'


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