The Mask of Political Interests

The Portrait's Box by Ridolfo Ghirlandaio

"In politics nothing is contemptible" - Benjamin Disraeli

The United States of America is interested in building stronger ties with India (as part of its strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region). India has, for years, been distrustful of America because of its relationship with Pakistan (Washington, among other things, used to sell weapons to Islamabad; which represented a problem to New Delhi given the tense relationship between the two neighbours) and because leftist elements have always been wary of dealing with a ferocious anti-left expansionary US. Moreover, India wants to avoid being used by the US to counter a ferocious expansionary China and other friends in the Middle East.
However, India has been slowly opening up more to the US: it is engaging in military exercises with it (an engagement that started after the 2004 Tsunami) and it is buying military assets from Washington. Furthermore, a year ago the Indian parliament finally voted in favour of opening its retailing market to US (and other foreign) companies - prior to January 2012 India didn't allow foreign direct investment in retailing.
In January 2012 President Obama admitted, to the public, that the US was conducting drone attacks against Pakistan (which began in 2004).
India, Pakistan is no longer a US priority: let's do business.

"To tax the community for the advantage of a class is not protection: it is plunder" - idem

European countries are set to plunder the rich in order to "protect" the middle-class and the poor (although this "protection" begins to sound more like a "Dawa" = buying the hearts and minds of voters through welfare). The rich should not have to pay the bill of the middle-class - who, in practise, are the ones who mostly incur the kind of debt that leads governments to incur unnecessary debt (this is yet another inconvenient truth). The rich should not endorse right wing parties that reach office and apply socialist policies: wealthy patriots do not mind helping their countries in times of need, but more than 50% of income tax is sheer plunder. Besides, they are telling folks it is only until can they guarantee that (especially if they suffer the same fate as President Sarkozy)?
Speaking of France: the Constitutional Council declared that a 75% income tax is unconstitutional, since it violates the Principle of Fiscal Equality (how ironic). Well, President Hollande, in his New Year Speech, vowed to restructure the law and keep its objective of plundering and annoying the wealthier for symbolic reasons.
Hollande seems to suffer from the Louis XIV syndrome (every morning he must look at himself, in the mirror, and utter "L'état c'est moi!"). Under his tenure, France will have a new national motto: Liberté, Emmerdité, Fraternité!
Portugal, according to an IMF Report, is another country that blatantly breaches the principle of equality. Quick example: public servants work less hours, less years, than those working for the private sector and yet get a pension three times higher in average  - no wonder leftist MPs are against cutting public spending (they are protecting their own pension and benefits in detriment of the rights of those who work in the private sector).
Question: doesn't the above example constitute a violation of the 13th article (Principle of Equality) of the Portuguese Constitution "1. All citizens have the same social dignity and all are the same under the law; 2. No one can be privileged, benefited, prejudiced, deprived of any right or exempt of any duty for reasons of ascendancy, gender, race, language, territory of origin, religion, political or ideological convictions, education, economic situation, social condition or sexual orientation"?
The Portuguese government commissioned the mentioned report (which is highly commendable) but will it have the political fortitude to undertake the recommended reforms?

Sua Cuique each its own mask...


  1. I truly don't understand the political views between the countries.One day they are together, other day they are enemy to each other. Only people don't survive between political is the poor people. Sad part is no matter, how much the country improved poor is still poor.

    1. Hi Sabi :D!

      In politics, when we call an entity a foe it is because that entity did something very grave. If an entity serves everybody's interests then it is a friend.

      Like God and Jesus said: there will always be poor people (because it is part of their Karma).

      Sabi, thank you so much for your comment :D.


  2. Pakistan beheaded an Indian soldier and India should kick Pakistan's butt (it should not have to accept this kind of provocation for what are the families of the dead soldiers feeling? Has Pakistan returned the head of the soldier?).
    Europe is one big socialist mat. And more I say not.

    1. Hi Anonymous :D!

      True, it did; however it is not that easy for India to kick Pakistan's butt because of the many things involved (do not forget that both countries have nuclear weapons). I have not heard that the head had been returned to the demised soldier's family.

      lol thank you for your honesty.

      Anonymous, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  3. Max, Pakistan is playing with fire - in relation to both India and the Islamists. I read earlier today that India issued a warning against her neighbour...I didn't see the US coming out and condemning the Pakistani provocation; therefore I fully understand India for mistrusting America, even though they seem to getting cozy today.
    As for Europe: the stench of socialism is filling up the streets of Europe. Socialism brought governments to their knees (subsidies, grants and benefits systems; government as the main employment provider etc doesn't work) yet people keep on electing socialists...the French blunder is one example of it. I hope America resists - universal health care with care!

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      I understand what you mean.
      LOL lovely thought, girl. Relishing in your words I am...

      I am sure the Republicans will resist.

      Ana, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  4. Pakistan is a basket case. The American establishment will continue all these posturings and keep finding funds for Pakistan which will translate into American dollars spend buying American arms for the Pakistani military. Wheels within wheels Max. India will kick butt not to worry. It has done so many times before and will do so again at a time of its choosing. This was the most humiliating for them and Kargil was another India is prepared for a nuclear confrontation. Most of India will survive but the world will be rid of its hottest trouble spot

    1. Hi Rummy :D!

      I agree with you that business, between the US and Pakistan, will continue. But it is interesting to see the change in behaviour (i.e. public statements and actions) when nations are wooing each other - politics is excessively interesting.
      I do hope India kicks butt. Thank you for the links (will study them carefully). That [nuclear] determination is what worries the world, but again letting Pakistan act out forever should not be an option...and if India can do something about it...

      Rummy, thank you ever so much for your comment :D.


  5. Well policitics is the art of impossible where there are no permanent foes and TEMPORARY all boils down the need of the hour (read the politicians vested interests) and people at large live by it. Its really insane thinking about the fact that the politician for narrow interest will love to overlook the plight of the employees in the private sector just because the big tummy bosses will have larger links as well as election funding machines, who will have their way at the cost and would love to squeeze the blood of the common man as well as its own employees. And as for your Ind-Pak-US story, the governments of these 3 countries at this point are just clueless of where they stand because some where I feel they lack the principle unlike China (although I'm not a big fan of China for the govts retrogade humanitarian records) and are led by the spur of the moment happenings.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      Yes, Dani Dayan said the same last week (in an interview to BBC) "Politics is the art of the impossible". To tell you the truth, not even in life should there be "permanent foes" and instead of friends, humans should cultivate allies - it is much more effective and less disappointing.

      "Its really insane thinking about the fact that the politician for narrow interest will love to overlook the plight of the employees in the private sector just because the big tummy bosses will have larger links as well as election funding machines, who will have their way at the cost and would love to squeeze the blood of the common man as well as its own employees."

      It is insane, yet that is what happens. It is exactly that, unfortunately.

      I agree with you: China has certain principles that many countries lack. When China finally changes its ways, and plays the game by the same will be a force to be reckon with (as it once was).

      Kalyan, thank you ever so much for your comment, mate :D.



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