Israeli Elections: Who Would've Thought?

Israelis went to the polls last Tuesday to elect the government that will defend their national interests for the next four years.
The Likud-Beiteinu coalition (right wing) won the elections and will be invited, by Shimon Peres, to form a government.

Before exploring the nearly imperceptible, yet most interesting, details of this electoral event; I would like to ask the Western political pundits who covered these elections, where do they see a major Leftist victory? The preliminary numbers were: Right Wing: 60; Centre: 19; Left Wing: 29; Far-Left Wing: 4; Arab Wing: 8.
It is highly disingenuous to include not only the Centrist party (Yesh Atid, that makes a point to distance itself from the Left); but also the Arab Wing (whose parties do not even seek to be included in the major "Jewish" coalitions) in the Israeli Leftist Bloc . Face it, the Left lost.

Congratulations to PM Netanyahu for his bitter-sweet victory. Bitter for, due to his ill political choices, he did not win the predicted 42 seats in the Knesset; Sweet because he remains in power and will be able to finish what he started.
What kind of government should he form then? He could form a straight-up rightist government (and I do not agree with those, like Zach Pontz, who said that it is "unlikely that a coalition of purely right-leaning members would be welcomed by the international community" first, because if the international community is more than willing to welcome Hybrid Terrorist Governments in its midst then it has no moral grounds to reject a legitimate right wing Government; and second, because Austria (for example) has a far-right government and the international community is working with it just fine; so let's avoid adding one more double standard to the political arena when it comes to Israel, shall we?); or he could build a cocktail government (i.e. invite either the Centrist or the Labour party; but which one is the most suitable at this moment: Yesh Atid or Avodah? It is a tough decision; however, one thing is certain: given the present conjuncture, I would definitely leave Hatnua out of the picture).

Yesh Atid is adamant in the Haredi conscription (as a way to equalise "the service burden"). In my opinion, if the Levites, in the Torah, fought for the establishment of the tribes in the Promised Land alongside their brothers; their contemporary equivalent can certainly do the same - and then finish their Religious Studies after serving. Yair Lapid's party must negotiate with the religious parties and, reach an understanding.
It is highly positive that Yesh Atid believes in a united Jerusalem - as the capital of the Jewish State - thus, rejecting its partition...[this small detail was conveniently left out by most of the western political experts].

But the most interesting detail of this year's elections was the Arab League's Palestine Division calling upon the "Arabs in Israel" to go to vote in order to "boost their numbers at the polls so that they can strengthen their representation in Israel". Their call only yielded one seat more (in comparison to the previous elections), but it could be viewed as a start.
The Palestine Division, represented by PLO, purposely used the classification "Arabs in Israel" in order to perpetuate the mantra that there is Apartheid in Israel, since the "Arab population" is allegedly deprived of their citizenship.
Ladies and gentlemen, I am obliged to expose the trap into which the Arab League fell: by calling the "Arabs in Israel" to vote to strengthen their representation in the Knesset, they actually admitted that those "Arabs" are, in absolute terms, national citizens of the State of Israel and therefore have the right to participate in the political life of the country. Who would've thought that the Arab League (and the PLO) itself would do Israel a favour and, actually, demolish the International Left's most precious argument?

I wish all the best to PM Netanyahu: may he seize the moment.  

"Where no wise direction is, a people falls; but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety" - Proverbs 11:14


  1. Max, Max, Max...what a delightful surprise! I do love it when you post twice a week.
    Congratulations to PM Netanyahu! I was happy for his victory although I supported Naftali Bennett - Bayit Yehudi had 3 seats in the previous Knesset now it will have 11; this is quite a feat! Sarah Netanyahu should've kept her influence out of the cabinet and shame on Bibi for having followed her advice...8 extra-seats (the followers of Naftali) would've come handy, right?
    Ahahahah, great detail: the Arabs shot their own foot!

    1. Hi Ana :D!

      I am glad you love it and, all I can say for now is that it may become a trend soon.
      You supported Naftali Bennett, really? Didn't know that. Indeed, it was quite a feat. LOL LOL no comments on that, my dear *nodding*.
      They did and you know it!

      Ana, thank you ever so much for your comment :D. Loved it.


  2. I would've preferred to see a leftist government that would push for the peace process but the people have spoken, I suppose. The PLO did refute its own argument...did they noticed it? I used it so many times myself and now...

    1. Hi Celia :D!

      Darling, I don't want to sound pessimistic however the peace process is dormant for now. And it will remain so as long as the Palestinians refuse to change and negotiate - it is that simple.
      Well, I am glad you noticed that they refuted their own argument...
      Now what, darling? Share your thoughts with us :).

      Celia, thank you so much for your comment :D. Always a pleasure.


  3. It would be interesting to see the relations with USA in this period vis-a-vis palestine as the vicory would surely boost a more hawkish line towards palestine which could spell disaster for all the concerned countries. While Israel is a safe ally fro the US, the later again cannot resolve its dichotomy towards the Arab league which makes the situation interesting.

    1. Hi Kalyan :D!

      I think everybody is waiting to see exactly that. President Obama (who already knew who would win the Israeli elections) said, in his inaugural speech, that he was ready to work with any Israeli government - my analysis is that he was stretching his hand to PM Netanyahu; let's see if the latter got the message.

      I am not worried about the Palestinian issue. Israel needs a more hawkish approach concerning Palestinians; because for far too long it gave the world what it wanted, it bent itself to it and it didn't work (mainly because the problem is not with Israel, but with Palestine itself).

      So let's see how it will all play out. This will be an interesting year...

      Kalyan, thank you so much for your comment :D. Loved it.


  4. Olá Max,

    Israel sent a serious message to PM Netanyahu: don't focus too much on Iran, focus on our issues first. Many are saying that those issues are housing, education and other social matters but I also believe that it includes the Palestinian matter (not so much as peace now at all costs, but you have the proper tools take them to the international community and fight for our interests once an for all).
    I sensed a different mood this time: the Palestinians are on for a ride. They are starting to lose ground on the media battlefield and if Israel plays its cards right (do not read: submission to the west) it has good chances to revert what seems to be a cold shoulder from the west...

    We need to discuss this more, but I now lack the time, querida!
    Very good analysis. I hope people read it.


    1. Olá Celeste :D!

      That seems to have been the message indeed. But Iran will not be forgotten, I suspect - did you hear the latest news on Fordow? I agree with you on the Palestinian issue (in every way).

      We will have plenty of time to discuss it, darling; worry not! ;)
      Thank you for your generosity. So far, so good :)

      Celeste, thank you ever so much for your awesome input :D. Loved it.



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