I'll Be Back!

Dear friends and readers,

The time has come for a much deserved pause. I am putting down the scalpel, taking off the gloves, putting on some music and preparing myself to leave the Life & Society OR for a few weeks.
What a year it has been so far: PHEW! There is nothing that we haven't dissected these past 6 months and I have to thank you all for having added value and fun to the experience: you are the best part of blogging.

Well, I'm off but I'll be back!
And when I do...*smirk*...



  1. Have a nice rest, Max!

  2. Have a well deserved rest Max! And I hope you have fun at the same time. :)

  3. Have a grand time Max. You surely deserve it.

  4. Enjoy your holidays, ma belle!

  5. Will miss you,
    but wish you the most wonderful brake!

  6. Have a pleasant pause and like Renny above said, we will miss you.

  7. Olá Max,

    You do deserve to rest so enjoy your time off and come back to us charged up and ready to shoot ahahahaha.


  8. Hi Max,

    Wishing you all the best on your vacation. Be well, be music, be love!

    Love Cheers!

  9. Have a good trip Max! I'm done with my "vacay" and now I'm back in the blogosphere! :)

  10. Hey Max! I hope you're having a great time. Enjoy sweetie!

    Kisses and hugs.


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