Europe Minorities and Immigration Issues

France decided to expel hundreds of Roma, from its territory.
European politicians are decrying this decision, claiming that Europe had vowed never to persecute minorities ever again. They subtly compare the Roma to the Jewish People. Is this comparison reasonable? Let’s see…
The Roma people, in question, are uneducated people (who, in general, insist on not sending their children to school) that live illegally in France (the French law requires EU foreign citizens to have a work permit if staying in the country for more than 3 months), which means that if they work they do not pay taxes, they do not contribute to social security; unfortunately they are known for not respecting the law (which is something this community needs to work on if they want to integrate themselves in society) and many times they live off government grants (which, once again, means that they do not pay taxes and the country’s resources are being used up by people who did not contribute to social security). France’s solution: send them back to their countries of origin with €300 in their pocket.
The Jewish People were (and still are) highly educated, productive and extremely wealthy European citizens; who abided by the law (meaning that the authorities were respected, taxes and social security were paid, and when they immigrated they legalised themselves). Their monetary power and knowledge were object of envy. Europe’s solution: not to send them back to their land (Palestine) but to "simply" gas them
So, is the comparison reasonable? No, in fact, it is rather ill.

The media, as always (in its manipulative frenzy), seems to have overlooked the fact that France sought to fight a crescent wave of crime perpetrated by the Roma; however it must be said that, many times, France’s solutions to this sort of problem may set dangerous trends. Perilous measures, that border xenophobia, may show fear and lack of a good immigration policy.

Being a member of the EU should not grant countries like Romania and Bulgaria (for example) the right to dump its unwanted citizens on other EU nation’s backyard and then have everybody crying “PERSECUTION!”
Being a member of the EU bears the responsibility of teaching its citizens what it means to belong to the European community: to be able to circulate in it free and legally (i.e. to register themselves, to work, to pay taxes and social security and, mostly, to abide by the law of the host country).
If an individual, or group of individuals, insists upon remaining illegal then nations should have the right to reverse the situation (lest all the patria’s resources are consumed).

European politicians are hypocritical: ask them what their reaction is when Black Africans and Brazilians “invade” Europe...yes, they quickly shout “Send them back!”...if the Roma were a bit darker no European commissioner would show up on TV uttering “But I make it very clear my patience is wearing thin: enough is enough.”

Image: European Union flag (borrowed from Google Images).


  1. Oh...I didn't even know about this problem...but I agree with you about that if you want to live in a new country, you should abide by their laws. Otherwise it's not going to work out well at all for them or the country's future.

  2. Hi Amel :D!

    "Oh...I didn't even know about this problem...but I agree with you about that if you want to live in a new country, you should abide by their laws. Otherwise it's not going to work out well at all for them or the country's future."

    Oh yes, it is the buzz of the moment now. So true, darling, so true.

    Amel, you were missed. Thank you for having dropped by and shared your viewpoint with us.


  3. We have the same problem in America. Here in California, we have so many people illegally living here who are from South America. They are allowed to go to school here for free, and are even given many tax payer benefits, even though they do not pay taxes. Arizona recently tightened their law on this matter, and received a huge public outcry. People have a phobia about racism, so denounce any government acts that might even slightly resemble it. But we simply cannot afford to support this huge population of illegal immigrants!!

  4. Hey D! :D

    Indeed, illegal immigration is a huge problem everywhere and it must be dealt with urgent and properly.
    Of course, even the most ethical immigration policy will be viewed as being racist, xenophobic or fascist because it involves humans and it stirs emotions.

    D, thank you so much for your input :D.


  5. Hmmm. 15,000 Roma in France with 700 being expelled. A 2006 article said we had 108,000 illegal immigrants in the California prison system:

    The French do seem awfully sensitive!

  6. Hey Looney :D!

    The 700 being expelled are the illegal ones, the rest are legal so they can stay.

    "The French do seem awfully sensitive!"

    LOL are they? Well, at least they create legal mechanisms to solve their illegal immigration issues (whether people like it or not).
    What the link you provided says is worrying...but again, the US has a serious illegal immigration problem to solve too (I gather the situation there is harder to solve because there are some people willing to defend illegal immigrants, right?) *nodding*. However, your political system is different from Europe's making it harder to pass some tough yet needed bills, I suppose.

    Looney, thank you so much for the most informative link and for your comment :D!


  7. It's a touchy subject in France and I believe the Roms who cause problem are a small minority. There is also an ongoing trend of mistaking Roms for Gypsy...

  8. This is quite a harsh reality Max...the Jews the more educated and the Romans, the social outcast, why?

    But there is bitter-sweet truth in it...Jews are the more blessed race. They prosper wherever they are. Acc. to my hubby who works as a crew in a cruise ship owned by Royal Caribbean International, these cruise ships are owned by Jews, a big chunk, they are the major stockholders...not only that, they own big banks in the US and anywhere in the world...they prosper? why?

    If you believe in the prophecies in the Bible, the Jews are the chosen people! That's maybe the reason, but that's only my opinion, Max!

    But the reality remains, there exists a problem in France!

  9. Hey Zhu :D!

    Roma and Gypsies are a "problem" everywhere in Europe. You should see the relationship the Portuguese have with them: it borders racism *nodding*.

    However, in this case, I think France did well: if you are illegal you must leave the country. However, if you are are most welcome in any country you decide to go.

    Anyway, my friend, thanks for your comment :D!


  10. Hi Amity :D!

    Yes, the Jews are the Chosen People and yet they have their share of problems (but being God's favourite doesn't confer to one a life free of troubles lol).

    And yes, France has a problem to solve and I believe they are solving it: the law is the law and it must be respected.

    Amity, thank you so much for your fab comment :D!



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