Rwanda, Take a Bow

Rwanda is, presently, an African success story. It is one of the fastest growing economies; it is organised and its development is at sight.
This country is the only country, in the world, whose parliamentary house is comprised mostly by women (56%). Paul Kagame (the Rwandan President) says it is only natural that women have a strong presence in government since “53% of the [Rwandan] population are women”, and plus the most successful business people in the nation are ladies, as well.

Paul Kagame is very interesting. This African leader is intelligent, focused and he serves the people that elected him into office (the proof of it is the rapid development that this nation has been experiencing).
Now, this gentleman is being accused of being authoritarian, a dictator and non-democratic (by foreign Human Rights groups – speaking of which...where were they upon the genocide in Rwanda?); but from what I have heard, and read, his people love him and are quite content with his work.

Democracy, as we all know, is the power of the people for the people (i.e. the provision of access to equal opportunities): Mr. Kagame’s position is the result of the Rwandan people’s power and the obvious development of Rwanda is due to the Will Power of this same people – thus, democracy seems to be implemented in this once torn country.

Paul Kagame is not exempt from criticism, however those who critique him would do a better job if they’d join the band of development and help healing the wounds that are far from being healed.

Image: Seated Worker by Gy├Ârgy Goldmann


  1. Hi! I can't believe how far Rwanda has come since the 1994 genocide.

    As for women in parliament our first female state premier, who was born in Las Vegas Nevada and became a Australian citizen in 2000, didn't come to power until 2009!

    Take Care,

  2. It isn't often encouraging news comes out of Africa. Hopefully there will be more of this type.

  3. Max:

    I do not know anything about Rwanda or its politics. I do, however, have great respect for women, and I believe they should have an equal say in the development and governing of any country. They certainly can't do worse than we men have done. Maybe with an equal vote, the best policies will prevail.

    As to the women currently in the government of the United States,I cannot say anything positive. Hopefully Rwanda women will not look to them for any form of guidance, or wisdom.

    As to democracy, I applaud any country that aspires to adopt a democratic government and a capitalistic economy. Freedom to choose and work is truly the holy grail.

    Max, once again, thanks for allowing me to express my ignorance to the whole world.

    Happy trails.

  4. I don't know anything about this 'coz I don't really follow the news. We don't even subscribe to newspapers nor do I try to read the news on the internet. So this is interesting to read about Rwanda's parliamentary house and the most successful business people there. May God guide all the leaders in the worlddddd 'coz they have tough tasks at hand.

  5. I was not aware of the swing in the pendulum for Rwanda. This is wonderful news ... the deserve all of the success they are having. Thank-you for creating awareness.

  6. I had no idea Rwanda has come so far since the sadly famous genocide. It's good to hear that. I believe Africa has this great potential, but it's hard to unleash it for various external/ internal reasons.

    I'm all for democracy but I also believe it should be adapted by each country. Not to say some should be less democratic than other... but I just hate when former "power" such as the US or France/ UK try to impose their view of the world.

  7. Doesn't matter where it is, i am so happy to hear that there are still some places on this earth that woman influence is existing! That sounds great Max, doesn't it? And it made me proud as well to see that ladies are quite succesful with the business.

  8. Oh Max, I love the new header! Sorry for being here for a while. I was too busy the last two weeks. As I've told you FIL has recovered and it was his birthday yesterday. We threw a party for him and I had to help MIL with everything. It was a great one but really tiring.

    I hope you're having a great weekend sweetie. Me? I'm a little tired but I now have the whole of Sunday to rest.

    Take care. *hugs*

  9. *Sorry for not being here for a while.*

  10. Ciao Dux,

    In Rwanda, the people has decided to rebuild their own country and not to dwell in the past, thus the meaning of democracy, in that nation, is pragmatism!

    Bonne chance...

  11. Hi Max,

    The President of Rwanda is assertive; therefore he deserves the benefit of the doubt when he claims that the country must go through a process (i.e. step by step).
    Furthermore, as long as the People chooses to follow his leader and there's no political prisioners, then the Human Rights watchdog should give Rwandans a chance to grow on the beauty of freedom of expression in its entirety.


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