Musical Video: "Marrabenta" by MC Roger

During my absence MAX will continue to share the Mozambican culture; and as such, I will share a video where MC Roger (a Mozambican artist) performs the modern Marrabenta: a fusion of the traditional Marrabenta (that has already been discussed Here) and modern beats.

MC Roger, in this song, says that Mozambicans when partying want Marrabenta, when doing their BBQ they want Marrabenta, in weddings they want Marrabenta; he also urges Mozambicans to teach their kids how to dance Marrabenta for it is time for the nation to be proud of its culture; and he calls upon the DJs to play Marrabenta in the clubs, so that they can show their pride in the Mozambican music (as opposed to play Angolan and Cape Verdean music all the time).
He tells everybody to bring their cousins, sisters, aunties, friends and dance the Marrabenta.



  1. I love his accent! This is real dancing music!

    I hope you are on a well deserved vacation Max! Have fun! :)

  2. THANKS for sharing...I'm shaking my bootylicious here HA HA HA HA HA...

    Enjoy your vacation, Max!!!

  3. Love the music! Are you on vacation? Enjoy it sweetie!

  4. Hey, Max. I missed you on here just when I'm able to do my 'rounds'. Looking forward to your next post! ;o)

  5. Thanks for the lovely music!

    Wishing you a great and relaxing break :-)

  6. I came today because I was thinking of you. Hope you doing something fun!

    I'm dancing to the music :$


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