Musical Video: Ludo

I decided to share some Zouk this week.

This genre stems from the Islands of Guadalupe, Martinique & Haiti (for more information, please, click the link above); and it is widely known in Africa and Europe [mainly in France and Portugal] (although it is spreading to Brazil as well).

I will introduce you to Ludo - one of the greatest Zouk artists (his songs are so intense, that one friend of mine told me that one can get pregnant just by listening to them lol). This song is entitled "Soleil" (= Sun) and it is one of my favourites.

Enjoy and fill your life with music and love!


  1. Powerful song and voice Max and great dance steps, would have made a great dancing song at our daughter's wedding.

  2. Hey Bob :D!

    It is powerful indeed.
    LOL you are right: would have been a great dancing sound at your daughter's wedding...I should have suggested earlier *nodding*...

    Bob, thanks for having dropped by :D!


  3. Thanks for filling my life with such wonderful music and love. To me it sounds a bit like reggae music (Bob Marley is my fave) and if course it has its roots in Africa too.

  4. Hey Renny :D!

    You are welcome: I am just glad you liked it!!
    You like Bob Marley? He was awsome!! Great musical legacy!

    Renny, thanks for having dropped by, mate :D!


  5. Many thanks for your nice posting , I like it.


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