Progressive Kuduro: Buraka Som Sistema

Progressive Kuduro is a fusion of the Angolan Kuduro and the European urban music.
This genre was born in the outskirts of Lisbon (Amadora and Queluz - where the majority of the Angolan community lives), early in the 21st century.

This genre is becoming rather popular not only in Portugal, but across Europe.
The group, to which I will introduce you to, is the original designer of this musical genre; and it is called Buraka Som Sistema.

Buraka Som Sistema won a MTV Europe Music 2008 award, as The Best Portuguese Act. To read more about them, click here.

Now, enjoy Progressive Kuduro: this song is called "Kalemba: Wege Wege"!


  1. I like it!

    I can't say I have heard it before (hasn't made it to North America yet), but I like the genre. At least, it's original and it is music with passion!

  2. Hi,

    What she wants to say is wiggle :-)

    Um abraço aqui de Lisboa,


  3. Oh too bad, I can't listen to it right now. There is probably something wrong with the speakers I can't get it to work. Will have to wait for hubs to check it later. But I like the sound of the title "Kalemba Wege Wege", very unique.

    I wish you a fun week dear. Will be back later for the song. :D

  4. Hey Zhu! :D

    It is a cool genre indeed! It hasn't reach NA yet? Oh my, I hope it does soon: it is insanely contagious!!

  5. Hello José :D!

    Bem-vindo ao MAX!

    I know what you mean LOL...

    Obrigada pelo abraço: sabe bem ter o apoio de Lisboa :D!

    Um abraço

  6. Hey Liza :D!

    Oh, too bad indeed! Sometimes it happens *nodding*!

    Wege is a nice sound! And great for dancing!

    Thank you so much, darling! :D

    Pleaso do!

    Have a fantastic week!


  7. Very cool music again Max, but you know I'm going to be humming the crazy background hook line for the rest of the day,lol.


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