Dark Ages

“J’avais seize ans. Mon père rentre à la maison hors de lui; il appelle ses fils «que vous êtes digne d’envie, s’écrit-t-il; quels jours heureux et brilliants se lévent sur vous! Maintenant, si vous ne vous créez pas chacun une position indépendante, la faute n’en sera qu’a vous. Toutes les barriers de la naissance et de la pauvreté vont tomber...».
(...) Ce n’était pas seulement en France qu’une révolution commençait, c’était dans toute l’Europe (…)” (Henrik Steffens in A. Sorel, l’Europe et la revolution Française).

“I was 16 years old. My father comes home exhilarated; he calls his children «how I envy you, he cried; fortunate days are ahead! If from this day onwards you don’t make something out of your lives, no one is to blame but yourselves. All the barriers of birth and squalor will crumble down…»
(…) France was not the only country where the revolution rised, it had spread throughout Europe (…)” (Henrik Steffens in A. Sorel, Europe and the French revolution).

During the 18th century Europe witnessed a series of revolutions: industrial, political and social.
The People was no longer willing to endure justice, opportunities, education, health and food just for some, and taxes only for the poor.
This lead to the creation of the democratic system, which ensured us our basic rights: freedom of speech and assembly, the right to vote, equality of rights, etc.

Nowadays, we have free access to any kind of information through newspapers, magazines, books, radio, television and Internet.
However our fundamental rights and freedoms are under threat.
Look around you today, what do you see? Vile, violent, irrational and uncivilised behaviours: youngsters shooting classmates and teachers in schools (only because they can’t deal with pressure); the revival of criminal ideologies, and people blowing themselves up in subways, buses, train stations, residential areas, business sights and airports in the name of God (who nodding says “I didn’t ask for this!”)…No one is safe anymore…
This kind of behaviour leads governments to act “immorally”. How?
1- By implementing censorship: artists are being brazenly silenced; journalistic expression is being gagged; certain cultures became so sensitive that one cannot make the slightest comment on them…
Bien sûre we have experienced censorship before when governments made use of it as a mean of perpetuating their power; but making use of it today is shameless and provocative, for they are intentionally shredding our intellect out of fear and lack of solutions.
2- By creating shocking rules: in the name of tackling terrorism, the police has been empowered to do house searches and tap phones without a warrant, to shoot-to-kill suspects, to ransack people’s private life if they greet the “wrong” ethnic citizen, to keep suspects under police custody without charges…

N.B: I strongly advocate severe treatment (i.e. to be stripped of all rights) to those who conspire to commit mass murder against innocent citizens. Terrorists and alike are void of reason, for instead of using bombs, guns etc, they should make use of the most powerful weapon of them all: the mouth (this way their claims would be more effective).

Excessively empowering the police without constant judicial supervision (for we all know that in every profession there are hungry wolves disguised as lambs) reveals that European governments are losing the point: how to fight against gratuitous violence.
If European citizens allow their governments to create appalling rules, which clash with the Charter of Fundamental Rights, they will be signing their “death sentence”.

Are governments trying to lead us back to the Dark Ages?


  1. Are governments trying to lead us back to the Dark Ages?

    As a matter of fact, probably. Sad, isn't it ? I saw the movie Rendition the other day, where a US Bill authorizes the CIA to remove terrorists - or suspected terrorists - to be questioned abroad in secret locations. I know, it's just a movie... yet, this sound like middle-age torture, doesn't it ?

    Anyway, Europe underwent a lot of Revolution, but the mindset is slower to change. We will, eventually.

    Your most political post so far - like it !

  2. WOW...this is heavy material. I don't know much about political issues here in Europe. I only know about political issues in Indonesia.

    As you know, I'm "blind" about politics, so I can't comment much, but it's a FASCINATING read, showing just how much you know about this topic he he he...

  3. Max, you are so right with this post - I think we are moving to dark ages. We should make a campaign for a better world. What gets me is the Global Warming awareness that is so popular now - and I have nothing against that, but what I see in some scenarios, we are being gauged for it left and right. Organic food is expensive, and the funny thing the cheapest food to grow, because, don't have to use an additional chemicals, extra cost. My point is that I think what you brought up is more important than other issue we have, and if we are better, then the other issues will be resolved and will be resolved more efficiently. The scary part that evil spreads, I was just watching news the other day, and they had some costumes for the Halloween, I wouldn't believe how grotesque some of the costumes were - killer, axe killer, murderers, weapons etc. So what happened to the nice 'Cinderella' costumes. The point is the violence is even displayed in the so called fun times we should have. I would say yes we are moving to Dark Ages, but I also think that we can change. Great post again, I really enjoyed reading it. Anna :)

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  5. I think it is a difficult balancing act for many of the goverments of the post industrial nations.

    Many of them are trying to balance individual rights and freedoms with the protection of their citizens and their political/financial interests.

    Unfortunately, many of the political and/or financial interests of these governments, and the actions taken in secret to protect them, directly conflict with the value systems they preach.

    Is there an easy answer?

    Is there ever?


  6. p.s. interesting artwork on this post.


  7. Max,
    Once again, I love the picture. Although governments may have been designed for the people, they don't serve the people very well. There will always be gaping holes in policies that governments will attempt to cover with lies and or blood. Either way, the people are often in the dark about what really goes on. It behooves the governmnent to keep us in the dark, otherwise they will have a mutiny. Individuals have to be willing to find out what's going on and even then, sometimes our hands are tied.

    Great post.

  8. Hi Max;

    Intriguing article, with the MAXfactor wonderfully blended…

    No democracy is totally free, that would be anarchy not democracy, and as such democracies have responsibilities as well as rights for its citizens.

    I would venture there are some things that we all (or almost all) agree should be censored or forbidden.

    Government control on the media and other rights of citizenry are a rather challenging balance to negotiate. How does one maintain a civil society but still attempt to keep it at an optimal state of health?

    It seems we are reaping what we have sown. Western democracies have engaged in attempts to keep their increasingly diverse societies together (obviously an admirable goal, and just so I am not misunderstood I am a BIG proponent of diversity, you don’t get much more diverse than Vancouver and I love it).

    One of the challenges around this is “tolerance” (which implemented in the proper manner is also an admirable goal). This is where I believe we have “dropped the ball”. To “enhance” tolerance we have capitulated to the dismal belief that there is no such thing as absolute truth.

    The thinking is then that since nobody can claim absolute truth then no position can claim to be better or more accurate than another. This kind of thinking is called post-modernism (the prior dominant thinking in the west was modern thinking which also has its own flaws). In reality almost nobody believes in the post-modern thinking since it cannot work in every day life, we all appeal to absolute truth continuously, yet the charade goes on that all “truths” are equal, they are not…

    When we pretend that there is no absolute truth then who are you to tell anybody else that something is wrong? What right does a nation state have to tell you what is wrong? It is each person themselves that makes these decisions (fortunately there are some restraints in society such as a modicum of social conformity, etc…).

    “Thinkers” such as Kierkegard and Nietzsche (etc) were on the vanguard of this kind of thinking that then became existentialism etc.. Hitler and other racists used this kind of thinking in their racist concepts, the thinking has obviously adapted since then but in the end it is a keystone in a wall of untruth.

    The folly of this is played out today in the behaviors of people (always with the potential for evil). In other words what may have seemed to have been a rather serpentine (do not extract more from that than is plain) and circuitous route to this devolution of morality the actual effect is tangible.

    In other words we are in trouble because of that kind of thinking.

    It seems to me that the citizens of nations are as much to blame as their leaders or perhaps more so, who voted these people in, and if they didn’t vote how did they contribute to peaceful change?

    Government social engineering is not the answer and neither is anarchy.

    There of course is an answer to all of this…

  9. Would any of us be surprised that or if governments might be trying to lead us back to the Dark Ages?

    I'm not. I realize this comment is rather just ... short ... like I am but I'm hurrying today, I was very happy to find your blog via Alexys and look forward to looking around here more when I have time. It looks like we might know some of the same folks around blogland.
    I wish you all the best today.
    Peace, love and understanding.
    ~ RubyShooZ ~

  10. Hey, Max,

    THANKS for adding my blog button on your sidebar he he he...

    Go claim your Sweet Treat here:

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  11. Hi Max, I noticed that I am listed under My Awesome Friends column, thanks, and wow I am honored. Just visiting, and thanks for sharing the ghost story with me, I think you got some cool powers to see things many people are not able to, I takes to be that person too. I also think that if you care more about others you will have ability to see more, more than people who have tunnel vision and all they see and care is themselves. Anna :)


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