10 priceless Portuguese experiences

(Mosteiro dos Jerónimos)

I was tagged by Zhu (Correr Es Mi Destino) to present my 10 priceless Portuguese experiences. Thanks Zhu! Enjoy:

Alentejo: one of the most beautiful Portuguese regions. Its landscape is peaceful – it’s easy to imagine one riding a beautiful black horse across those prairies. The traditional food is delicious; the desserts are a true delight (please allow me to make a suggestion: “trouxas de ovos”: yolk cooked in water and sugar, then prepared in order to look like a mat and then rolled…yummy)!

Lisboa (Lisbon in English): our capital. My favourite places in Lisbon are: Rossio (located in downtown = “Baixa”) which has beautiful XVIII Century buildings; Chiado (located in one of the 7 hills which surround Lisbon’s downtown); Belém (where you can visit “Torre de Belém” and “Mosteiro de Jerónimos”) and Docas de Sto Amaro (by the Tejo river, and it’s the place where clubs vibe all night – yes, I used to spend a lot of time there…in the old days lol).

    (Torre de Belém)

Sintra: Eça de Queirós’ favourite place. Sintra is magical, romantic and it’s the perfect place to take your significant other – since its woods and monuments call for your romantic side. If you ever visit Sintra go to the “Seteais” (picture below) and have tea there (they prepare it very well). I won’t suggest their beaches cause they’re dangerous! It’s not advisable to leave without tasting “Queijadas de Sintra”: yummmyyyy!

(Seteais Palace)

Fátima Sanctuary (+/- a 110km away from Lisbon): I am not Christian, however this place is magical (its aura gives you a real sense of peace) and the Cathedral is gorgeous. I love meditating in its gardens….

“Fios de ovos” (literally: Egg threads): once again yolk cooked in water and sugar, then prepared to look like threads or hair strands (it depends). It is used to decorate cakes. Imagine a chocolate covered with cooked condensed milk and chocolate (we call this mixture “Brigadeiro”) and then the “fios de ovos” placed around it. The contrast between the dark brown and yellow is divine.

Antero de Quental (1845-1891): a philosopher and a poet. His words are very intelligent and reflect a great mind. I love all of his work.

Eça de Queirós (1845-1900): a a great novelist. His critical views of the Portuguese society proved to be correct until today (like then, we flaunt a pseudo-modernity). Of all of his work, my favourite book is “The Maias” (a tragic story of a family whose heir engages in an incestuous relationship with his sister (they were unaware of they blood connection).

Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935): the greatest poet of them all. He was an esoteric and he had the ability to detach himself from himself (he wrote poems under 3 heteronyms: Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro de Campos and Ricardo Reis). Of all of his work the one I love the most is “The Message”, where he praises Portugal and its auspicious past (the Brazilian singer, Chico Buarque, used one of the Message’s poems in one of his songs).

Virgilio Ferreira (1916-1996): a philosopher. His book “A Aparição” (Transl: The Apparition”) really caught my attention (I read it thrice) cause the word “apparition” has different meanings throughout the book.

Sá Carneiro (1890-1916): among other things, a poet. His poems are incredible: they denote a certain despair and lunacy, although brilliantly written.

Now, I tag the following people:

Karen - Singapore

Shan - Australia

Choc Mint Girl - Malaysia



  1. WOW!!! STUNNING pictures, Max! Now I'm drooling (over the eggs and the pictures) he he he...

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Max, but I'm actually from Malaysia..:-)

  3. Wow, the pictures are awesome ! I feel like jumping in a plane to Portugual !

    Well, let's be honest, I always feel like jumping on a plane anyway :D

    I remember in Brazil I kept on eating a sweet pastry with "dulce de leche" (in spanish... can't remember what is it in Portuguese). Do you have it in Portugal as well ? I never saw that in France or anywhere else for that matters and I was wondering if it was a Portuguese stuff.

    And you know what I like too : des accras de morue ! Miam !

    Why am I thinking about food so much... Oh yeah, it's 12:00 ! :D

    Thanks for doing the meme, you really did a great job. I wanna go to all these places now ! :$

  4. Ola Max!

    Wow, you have a cool blog! Thanks for visiting by, now that your comment lead me to this nice blog of yours.. :)

    I've only been to Lisboa, i have to say i love the city. Now I always try to make sure I spend sometime in Lisbon on my way from Luanda to London.

    Next time, i hope I'd have sometime to visit other parts of Portugal, from your description I am very tempted now to visit your country.

    I've made a link of your blog to mine, hope you dont mind.

  5. Sintra...magical and romantic...I wanna be there!! Plus the tea...hehe...

  6. So so sorry about the delay in getting back to you. You know how it is with me these days...

    Thanks for the tag! I'll make a post about boring Perth but trust me, it is absolutely nothing like what you have described.

    There is not much wonderful landscape nor beautiful buildings.

    I might go to Kingspark and take some photos from there but someone's body was dumped there recently so I'm kind avoiding that place lol!

    But all in good time!!

    And WONDERFUL PICS!! Keep it up!!

  7. Hi Max;

    I was transported to your wonderful country and mind while reading your words; I read it three times in order to enjoy the scenery again and again, wonderful insights into Portugal...and you.

    The highlight for me? When you spoke of Fernando Pessoa, I also love “The Message” :)

    When you were into the club scene what was your favorite music?

    Your usual quality job Max!


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