Bitter Sweet

Last Friday I watched a documentary in which they were testing people's behaviour while being rejected by a prospective partner. By the end of it, several people were confessing how vengeful they were after being rejected by a lover.
This triggered a thought: why do people feel the need to be vindictive? Selon moi, revenge is the salt of all sentiments; and it is divided in 3 categories:

  1. Organic: urine and spit. In the documentary, a young lady confessed to have urinated in her best-friend's perfume bottle, because the man she wanted (the one who was unaware of her feelings for him) chose her best-friend (who didn't know either) over her. Her proud confession: "I'm satisfied and feel avenged knowing that the perfume she wears everyday contains 5% of my urine!" - obviously a deranged mind! Another example is when one decides to make somebody pay by spitting on his/her coffee, water, sandwich or pancake; because one believes to have been offended - petty spirits! This type of revenge is partly driven by emotions (for it results in common vulgarity) and by reason (for people plot; making the plan sharp, effective with less chance of being caught).

  2. Vicious: A man leads a down low, double life with a certain woman. Then, for the sake of his family, he decides to break up with her. The woman disagrees: she wants to keep "her" man...! Suddenly, his daughter's puppy is found dead on the lawn, anonymous phone calls are made to his wife, car tires can imagine the picture (it's like watching "Glenn Close" in action)! Example #2: a woman is mad at her sister (older, married and successful) for she, out of concern, advises her to get her life straight and be more like herself. What does she do? Out of spite she lures her brother-in-law into her sheets and then informs her sister that he has raped her. This type is a mix of primary emotions and deviation of character.

  3. Intellectual: This one is the most exquisite of them all. For instance, you are in a party; someone tries to smear your reputation, your remain calm, you smirk, you think...and when you reply (not necessarily by words) that person feels little, stupid, watch him/her sweating, stammering, he/she avoids eye the air the stench of adrenaline is felt: that's when you know that you've put that person in his/her proper place.

Those who, out of the 3 types, choose to use type 1 or/and 2 are bound (sooner or later) to commit any sort of crime and, end up in the Police journal. Although type 3 is not choreographed by emotions, it can be more lethal for it induces to irreparable psychological damages.


  1. VERY VERY interesting!!!

    Urine? That's something new!!! However, I think I once heard somebody threw her dog's poop to the yard of the man's house. The man who rejected her. YIKES!!!

    Revenge is sweet indeed, but it poisons the very person that does it.

  2. Vendeta....

    well i think it takes too much energy, plan a real good vendeta, as for the results and impact that it produces.
    As in physics laws ( eh eh eh) the pair action/ reaction are always present. Since revenge is a mix of feelings explosion need and emotional rupture, it depends on how someone is hable to spend more energy than other, so in its essence its basic.

    And really, the word doesn't appeal to me, i would rather use honor (more distinctive and possibly sometimes to much alike the revenge).

    but who dares to easly give the other side of the face?

  3. ...quando senti quella rabbia secondo tipo di vendetta non l'ho mai provato (non che io non sia mai stata rifiutata da un uomo, ma non ho mai avuto impulsi di vendetta a causa di queste situazioni). ho sputato nel caffè di una persona...subito dopo il gran sollievo per aver sfogato la mia rabbia, mi sono vergognata tantissimo di me stessa :( come ho fatto a cadere così in basso? la vandetta logora, e poi cosa resta? niente di niente.
    si dice che la vendetta è un piatto che va servito freddo, invece per me non è così, è un impulso momentaneo, di rabbia. credo tantissimo nel karma, e questo mi consola quando sento di aver subito un'ingiustizia.

  4. Isn't that the sign in the movie V for Vendetta.

    But most interesting! I think I'll be number 3 :P

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  6. il mio compleanno è il 14 Agosto, compirò 27 anni in irlanda! parto dopodomani quindi ti saluto e auguro buone vacanze anche a te!!(ma quand'è la data del tuo matrimonio?)

    la moda dei lucchetti è nata da un film italiano intitolato "3 metri sopra il cielo", tratto dall'omonimo romanzo. è una storia d'amore tra 2 adolescenti che si giurano amore eterno mettendo il lucchetto come pegno d'amore al ponte milvio a roma. visto che la colonna dove c'erano i lucchetti è crollata ora c'è il sito
    mi faceva sorridere il fatto che hanno messo due lucchetti anche sul pontile sulla passeggiata del lungo lago. le foto sono del mio paese che si affaccia sul lago ceresio, o lago di lugano.
    ciao ciao! buone vacanze!!

  7. Interesting !

    Have you seen the movie "Kill Bill" ? To me, it's the best history of revenge ever. Take your time. Set the plot. And final blow.

    Of course, this is too sophisticated for me. Added to the fact I wouldn't have the patience.

    I'm very Latin when it comes to feeling. I yell, I cry and 20 min. later it's all over. I just can't do proper revenge.

    I also tend to believe "what's come around goes around" so eventually...

  8. I have to admit that I had stooped to more than one of the three on your list. Extremely interesting facts, there Max. Revenge has to be some kind of survival mechanism, no?

  9. Hi Max. I don't know what happened to my poor new website. Guess I should just pay for one, huh ?

    On this topic, I don't suppose people realise that by thinking about and trying to seek revenge, they only end up torturing themselves ? The worst thing is not to have someone hate you. At least they are thinking about you. It's being ignored. Then you know they really don't care and have got on with their lives.

  10. The Lonely Surfer is back !! No affiliate links !!


  11. Thank you so much for your nice comment, Max.

    Wow, this post holds special meaning for me. I recently got out of a relationship, and the guy has been determined to ruin my reputation. He has been posting completely rude and untrue things about me on his blog, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I don't understand how someone could do such a thing. Fortunately, he hasn't pissed in my perfume - at least not that I'm aware of! ;)

    I'm going to subscribe to your feed so I can keep up with all that is going on in your world! :)

  12. Alright, you're in ! ;)

    Just noticed your last name... Is it a common one in Portugal ? Cause a friend of mine in high school had the same last name ;)

  13. Ahh... such nice people. I think I'd be the intellectual. Sometimes you gotta make people feel stupid to make yourself feel good. Is that a good thing to admit to? Hmm... I don't think so. But anyway, great post. The urinate in the perfume thing is completely disgusting but genius.

    ~Epoch [z]

  14. Another post for you, Max ! Called Tristan Louis' research.

    And I finally changed my background !!

  15. Max,

    The whole concept of revenge and vindictiveness is a little scary. To bad people don't come with warning labels. This whole concept is so counter to what I stand for and what my site professes.

    Oh, and in response to your comment on my site about "guys being easy"; if we didn't give in once in while, well take a look at your own post.

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  17. Max;
    Very interesting article as per usual.

    There certainly are a lot of perfumes out there that smell like urine perhaps this is more common than we think!

    I believe that you can smear a person’s reputation but not their character. A reputation is who others think you are but your character is who you truly are, only you can smear your own character. Character is far more important than reputation.

    Revenge is easy… a real tough person forgives…it is far more creative and powerful…


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