Why is it...?

Why is it that certain men (I chose to refer to men, however the following examples can easily be applied to women too) don't come forward when they're in love with somebody? Wouldn't it be easier to step up to the person and say "listen...hm...this is kinda hard for me...but...I'm in love with you!". In my opinion only three reasonable things could happen: 1- the object of his affections could answer that the feeling is not reciprocal, that she sees him as a friend; 2- he could find out that she loves him back; 3- she could tell him "I think you're confused!" (believe it or not, it does happen, and I ask: what kind of an answer is this? Please...show some appreciation for the person's courage to step up and talk!)...

Why is it that women take more than 1 hour to choose what to wear before going out? Why must we change clothes 3 times...what's up with that? Women are so pragmatic, so organised, so brilliant...and yet, when it comes to choose a frock: we just can't decide! What a paradox! And I'm not even going to mention the process of selecting a pair of shoes...

Why is that most girls lie to their fathers, tell the truth to their mothers; even though, sooner or later, mums will tell dads whatever the daughters told them? When I was younger, I used to ask myself "I know that dad knows! So, how come is he smiling?"...today I know the answer; the truth is an awful image to all sons and daughters: mums bribe dads with sex!

Why is it that when people get old they always think that in their time things were better than in the present? Have you noticed that old people always say that the present generation is rude and perverted? Most of them forget that their grand-parents said the same about them! So, you know what this means, don't you? It means that we will probably utter the same words by the time we reach 80! Although I like to think that I'll be a really cool grandma, moving with the times...

If you realise that you've come across with any (or all) of the situations described above, then agree with me when I say that regardless their nationality (or race, religion, personal values etc.) human beings behave the same way all over the world (apart from a few cultural nuances). And for this reason, it should be stated that discrimination, prejudice and bigotry are senseless words!


  1. 1) I wish it'll be like that. Simply saying that you like a girl is a wrong thing to do for many guys unless the situation is up to that point. It takes time before one can do that... If it is done at the wrong time, the girl will simply reject him or be freaked out. I did this once and was rejected :P I swore never to do it again until the time was right.

    2)It's in your genes haha. The desire to look pretty in order to attract mates I guess.

    3) No idea. Am a guy, I keep everything to my self. My parents has a need to know basis lol. Unless it is absolutely critical to my future, they do not need to be informed of my current situation.

    4) Lol. Never thought about this :P But haha, interesting for sure.

  2. P.S. 1) Some girls does not have the mental capacity to give the guy a ladder to step down. They'll reject and hurt them outright and that I guess instill a degree of fear that prevents the guys from doing the same thing again haha.

  3. Hmmm...I think I'm more practical when it comes to choosing what to wear. There were occasions when I got confused on what to wear, but normally I could be ready to go out in 10 minutes. No make-up, just powder and lip-gloss and lipstick. Done!

    It takes me longer to pick my clothes here as I'm still confused on what to wear that wouldn't make me feel too cold or hot. I have to check the temp. before I go out and remember that the temp. can shift quickly in a few hours (about 3-5'C). I also have to think of whether we're going to spend a long time indoors or outdoors, so that definitely makes me even more picky here. I hope that once I get the hang of it, it won't take me long to pick what to wear again. After all, right now I have so few clothes, so I can't be too picky he he he he...

    Shoes? Hmm...I've never been the kind of woman who has too many shoes. Let me see. Back in Indo, I had only 3 pairs of formal shoes/sandals so it didn't take me long to choose at all. When it comes to buying shoes, I pick the ones that are most comfortable. However, my problem is SIZE. My feet are small (35/36) so many times the stores only stock one pair of that size and sometimes when I want to buy a pair, they don't have that size.

    Girls lie to their fathers? I've always "used" my Mom as a bridge to Dad. I have never even been too open to my Mom, anyway. I'm far more open to my close friends he he he...so if there're important things I want to tell Dad, I can just tell Mom and Mom'll take care of the rest. :-D

    HE HE HE...Yeah, I get what you mean about that old people always think that their generation was better he he he...

    I understand why you've got yourself fired up in your conclusion paragraph, Max he he he...

  4. You've been taggged for 8 things about you!

  5. Another good one Max! Your observations bring back memories (when will he just hurry up and SAY IT already?!).

  6. I like the way you think and I agree with what you are saying.

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  7. Mmhmm I guess I can agree with you. The first point you made, on not being able to utter 3 simple words to the one you love. I've come to think that it's simply the fear rejection. We humans are social creatures, rejection hurts so we prefer to avoid it (at least, a lot of people anyway).

    The whole thing with the clothes. I haven't got a clue...

    The part with the old people had to be the funniest. It reminds me so much of my grandmother. She's just like that, ah, I love it. I can only shake my head.

    Lovely post hear. Gets the thoughts rolling

    ~Epoch [z]

  8. I was going to say what Epoch[z] said. It is hard to confess your feelings to someone because of fear of rejection. I personally have never told a guy I liked him unless he said it first. I have also been on the other side where I have had to tell a guy I didn't have the same feelings for him that he had for me..it is a very awkward and uncomfortable position to be in. My question is, when a guy tells you he has feelings for you beyond friendship, but you don't feel the same way, why is it so horrible to suggest just being friends? I have been told by many guys that that is one of the last things they want to hear...I just don't get it.

  9. This is exactly why I always say, if you want something, GO FOR IT! The very worst thing that can happen is that you don't get what you want and isn't that better than spending your life wondering what would have happened if you had just tried?


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