Don't you just love People?

It’s funny how people react to certain situations. I always say that humans are equal, that their similarities surpass their differences; however I must admit that the cultural factor affects pretty much the way people will respond to a particular event.
Today I shall present 3 situations, 3 possible reactions to them by 3 cultures (African, Latin and Anglo-Saxon – for they are the ones I know best):

1- One married man has a mistress. Everybody knows about it except for the wife. However one day she finds out…

- What does the African wife do? She either pretends she doesn’t know, cause after all she is the official one; or she beats the hell out of her husband and throws his stuff out of the house; or she simply invites the “second wife” to live all together in the same perimeter.
- What does the Latin wife do? She either cries, confronts her husband (who denies the whole thing), and when presenting evidence of his infidelity she gets an open hand slap on the mouth for interfering with his freedom (“You better respect me, woman!”), and ends up staying for the kid’s sake and the family’s good name; or she finds herself a lover as well; or she makes a scandal, cries and then files for divorce.
- What does the Anglo-Saxon wife do? Either she coldly files for divorce, taking half of his assets, the kids (if any) and the dog; or she keeps up the appearances provided that she’s supplied with a no-limit credit card.

2- The wife borrows her husband’s car; she drives it and has an accident…

- What does the African husband do? While tying a rope to the car (so it can be towed) he says “I should send you back to your mother’s house! My mom warned me against this, she even said, «why does she need a driving license for? She should stay at home cooking and taking care of the kids!»…She was right, woman, she was right!”.
- What does the Latin husband do? He calls for a tow-vehicle and then says, “I can picture it already; you putting on the mascara or lipstick; or maybe you on the phone with that friend of yours…the one that gets on my nerves! Look here; no more going out for dinner this month, my friend: this baby has to go the garage!”
- What does the Anglo-Saxon husband do? He calls for a tow-vehicle and then says “Oh, dear! Oh, dear me…!”

3- A dinner party is scheduled…

- What does the African do? He arrives 2 hours late, laughing-out-loud with 4 uninvited friends, all carrying crates of beer and a plastic bag with grilled chicken.
- What does the Latin do? He arrives an hour earlier, making the host feel uncomfortable (final preparations still in course); then impatiently, the Latin will ask “Do you want me to help?”.
- What does the Anglo-Saxon do? He arrives exactly on time and still apologises by saying “I’m ever so sorry if I am ever so early!”…

Don’t you just love people?! I simply adore them!!


  1. I just can't forget the TV "Alô Alô" RENE - "you stupid woman....!"

    Well i can figure that latin are very emotional (la movida es mismo asi no?) with its advantages and disadvantages; Imagine: for business it makes them "fragile" as Sting said; But when it comes to trust..... well since emotion usually bring it all up....

  2. HE HE HE HE HE...EXCELLENT post, Max!!!! ME LOVE IT! ;-D

    I liked the African woman who beats the hell out of the hubby and throws his stuff out of the house HA HA HA HA...

  3. you should do a Asian one, I'll find that even more interesting!

  4. Max;
    Is this all from your personal experience?

  5. Hi Max I was just visiting your blog when your comment came thru on my blog! I thought your insights came from a lot of personal interaction and as you said in your comment they do. I find your insights fascinating.

  6. Max,

    You left me a comment about Sitemeter. I use Extreme Tracking. Go to my blog and at the very bottom of the home page is a blue globe click on it and you will see all of the different ways that I can check hits as well as where my readers are located and how they found my blog.

  7. sì decisamente l'italiano medio rientra nella categoria latina, però dipende molto anche dal carattere di ogni singola persona, ho degli amici che si comporterebbero come gli anglosassoni o come gli africani. ma anche all'interno della cultura africana o latina ci sono molte sfumature, l'africa è un continente, una donna tunisina si comporterebbe come una del sud africa?e una portoghese come una italiana?

  8. Haha Those seem to be your typical reactions. I like the the first case in which you touch down on fidelity. The african one was to funny. Nice post.

    Epoch [z]

  9. Man what a great analysis! Your blog is a great read! I'm glad I got the chance to check it out. People watchers are my kind of people...

  10. This is hilarious and... so true !

    Although I'm French (living in Canada, so half-Canadian by now !) I can recognize myself in the Latin way. Depends where your roots are I guess...

    Comparing and analysing culture is one of my favorite passtime. I'll be back !

    Too bad I don't read Portuguese... oh well, I'll try anyway ! :$

  11. Max,
    Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I was very interested in your newest post! I couldn't say that I know these kinds of people, but I like your insight and humor on the topic.
    Hope to read more of your people findings! :D
    -Alex (
    p.s. I would read your other post, but I don't know Portuguese. Oh I love that language...


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