Dear Daniel

My cousin came to me and said "Max, I've read you blog: nice stuff! Can you also write about idiots?", puzzled I asked "Idiots?", he replied "Yes, idiots like me! People in school call me idiot! So, if you can write about love, you can write about me too!"...I hugged him and said "Daniel, you are not an idiot!"...

Daniel is mentally challenged. I dedicate these words to all of those who are like my cousin, and to their families.

People who call idiot, stupid, moron (and names alike) to others out of sport, can be considered totally devoided of intelligence; but people who call those same names to mentally challenged people...those are less than nothing!

I'll be brief in expressing my anger and misbelief in Human Kind...I'll do so in the form of a letter I wrote to my cousin:

"Dear Daniel,

You are not an idiot! You simply think slower...let me tell you something about those people in your school:
  • Their heads contain grey cells as small as chicken poop; your mind is made of celestial music notes
  • Their limbs are potential weapons to commit crime; yours are magical for your hands bake a yummy chocolate cake, your feet walk 5 miles every week and, by the end of the last weekly mile your beautiful smile books my presence in the following week
  • Their hearts pump evil; but yours is full of compassion, and its generosity is as big as the Universe!

Daniel, you're the man: you're grand and your existence is my inspiration!

I love you, man!


  1. GREAT post, Max!!!

    Sometimes I wonder why kids at school have to be THAT cruel??? It saddens me, too.

    And yes, compassion RULES!!! Besides, it doesn't matter too much how much knowledge you have inside you. What matters most is what's in your heart.

  2. I want to share this card.

  3. Eh, often kids reflect their parents' true values. Perhaps it's tragic and sad, but it's true. Things aren't always what they seem to be, and there are always going to be hypocrites in the world.

  4. Max,

    I was coming over here to thank you for your post, and started reading your blog. Great job... and this particular post had me totally tearing up.

  5. ultimamente in italia si parla spesso di questo fenomeno: bullismo (from "bullo", bully). ha fatto scandalo un filmato trovato su youtube nel quale dei ragazzini si filmavano mentre a turno picchiavano un loro coetaneo "diverso". ci si può fare mille ragionamenti sul perchè di questi atteggiamenti, il disagio giovanile, genitori poco attenti, la droga...secondo me è solo l'ignoranza.

  6. First, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm afraid your comment got deleted by accident. What template would you recommend ?
    And I think your post on Daniel is great. I have a friend who has an autistic son and she's been through a lot. She appreciates every little new thing her son does. Things we often take for granted.

  7. Thank you, Max. My son has a learning disability and sometimes it is hard to help him cope with bullies with "chicken poop" brains. Keep up the great posts!

  8. Hi there Max
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blogs and reading them.

    Your thoughts and writings are inspirational. There are so many people out there who are up there in positions of great responsibility who don't possess a modicum of common sense. They cause havoc and care little for people. You are so right in what you have said to Daniel

  9. Tell Daniel a lot of people think being smart is the same as being wise - it isn't.

    Being smart is like having a talent - you get born with or without it. Being wise is something you learn, and earn, through your life experiences.

    A load of smart people never get to be wise because they're so smug about being smart they never bother to try to learn anything about themselves.

    Sounds to me like Daniel is already way wiser than many smart people I know.


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