In what consists the feminist cause nowadays?

This is a question that has been pounding inside my head. I look at women, I look at those who call themselves feminists and I'm puzzled! What do they want? What are they really fighting for? What does it mean to be a feminist ces jours lá?
I need answers to these simple questions; because for what I see: feminists are confused and have no real cause!

Feminism started when women decided that they wanted to have a voice in the political world: they wanted to vote! Therefore they were called suffragists (well applied name, plausible cause). Then they wanted to work (another valuable cause, for I advocate that idleness in women is poisonous); then they wanted divorce (cannot comment on this one: too many issues involved); then they wanted abortion, claiming that they have the right to decide what to do with their body (if it´s a question of rights let's discuss the rights of those involved in the pregnancy - including the unborn child); then they wanted equal wages (fair enough if the input of hours is the same); then they fought against sexual harassment (I'm totally in favour because women have the right to do their job without being considered a sexual toy, just by the simple fact that they were born females); then they began to want to behave like men, to compete with men...and that was when they started to be confused!

Men and women are different by nature: they think and act differently, period!
Feminists are so focused on being like their opposite sex, so focused on bringing them down (an illusion, of course!) that they forget to advocate an extremely important cause: make laws to help women who desire to return to workforce after deciding they would stay at home to take care of their children! Mothers are women too: don't they deserve to be defended? Or does feminism mean "Defense of the rights of single-malelike behaviour-14 hour working-men bashing-women"?

One would think that feminism would call upon women to be pride of being so; instead I see them defending the right to belittle themselves by uttering sentences like "We have the right to be porno movie stars!"; "We have the right to be whores!" (as if the majority of prostitutes chose to become one because they thought it to be their right); "We have the right to be beaten up by men, as long as we chose it!", "Choice, choice, choice!!!"...who on earth told you, feminists, that all of your choices and requests for rights were the right ones?

Feminists criticise and put down women who adjust to the "male world", but in my opinion these women hold the true power! They achieve what feminists don't! So tell me: in what does consist the feminist cause nowadays?

Image: The Madonna (detail) by Caravaggio


  1. I TOTALLY get what you mean. :-))) Women have really become confused lately, whether they're career women/mothers or housewives/mothers.

    Confusssiiinnngggg he he he...

  2. Great question Max!

    I can remember when feminists were against prostitution, pornography, strippers, now they are BIG supporters of these things.

    Perhaps they are in favor of everybody being exploited.

    Like you said the suffragettes started with a righteous mission but it seems to have been hijacked by…women.

    Many see equality as being exactly the same, the rights must be the same but by nature we are different.

    It seems that many of the dominant culture forces want to masculinize women and feminize men.

    By the way there seems to be a hyperlink flaw at the bottom of this article.


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