Friday, 17 October 2014


Men Writing a Letter - Gabriel Metsu

By Stephen Cheney


                                                             Turn every jewel in the light
                                                             and see where it glitters.
                                                             In my heart is a certain shrine
                                                             filled by your presence;
                                                             there you are a sparkling amulet.
                                                             I can live without life,
                                                             as a rock beneath the dark ruins:
                                                             but who wants unshared oblivion?
                                                             A crystal touched with sunlight
                                                             can glow beyond its borders.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Al-Qaeda 7 Step Plan: The West Complies

Ezbekiyah Street in Cairo - Prosper Marilhat
How different are the several Islamist groups?
Do they ultimately work towards the same goal?
There are no coincidences.
Al-Qaeda (AQ), according to Fouad Hussein (in his 2005 book), has outlined a 7-step plan to establish the Islamic Caliphate:

Friday, 10 October 2014

What to Do when you find yourself under Attack in Shopping Mall or School

Heavenly Love & Earthly Love - Giovanni Baglione

By Stephen Cheney

This short article outlines some important tools for survival, is not meant to cover the 
subject comprehensively.

To protect as many innocents on an attack site as possible, in practical terms a number of fundamentals must be in play. A terrorist or, as may be more commonly expected, an attack by a manic or violent troubled soul, may use explosives or guns. We will focus on a gun attack here. It must be said that there is a vast difference between a random, say mugging, attack in the street and an attack at a target site. Resources that are not possible to have available in the street, may be made readily available on a known target site. Target sites can be Defense facilities, shopping malls, schools etc. As Defense facilities hardly need advice on defense, we will focus on the last two examples of civilian sites: shopping malls, schools, or similar areas, and call them here Site or Sites.